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Jermaine Royster Reporting

Tonight on Smackdown Live airing from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio we get two big money matches as AJ Styles fresh off winning the WWE United States Championship for the second time faces Kevin Owens. If that isn’t enough we have a dream match in store tonight as John Cena takes on Shinsuke Nakamura for the very first time with the winner going on to SummerSlam and facing Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship. AJ Styles’s music hits first and Smackdown Live gets underway.

WWE United States Championship ReMatch
Singles Match
Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles©

Both men go right for each other in a tie up which Owens wins with a collar and elbow tie up that AJ tries to get away from but Owens tries a pinfall. AJ then counters Owens with the same hold but Owens dodges the drop kick and sends AJ to the outside then hits a clothesline on the outside. Owens then gets in a kick in the corner for a two count, Styles then scores with a drop kick off the ropes. AJ goes back to work with kicks and strikes then a big knee drop off the ropes for a two count. Both men fight in the corner as AJ gets the drop on Owens with a suplex in the corner but then both men go back to trading chops in the corner. Styles then teases The Phenomenal Fore Arm but Owens gets to the outside but AJ then hits the move onto Owens on the outside. Owens then counters AJ and drops him by the barricade as Owens scores with the Cannonball. As Smackdown Live returns from a commercial break we see Styles on a roll hitting another fore arm that sends Owens to the corner of the ring. Styles then scores with the Fireman’s Carry Neck breaker but Owens kicks out at two. Styles teases the Styles Clash but Owens counters out of the hold. Styles then goes for the Fore Arm but Owens counters with a big Superkick for a two count. Styles then counters Owens with the Calf Crusher in the center of the ring but Owens counters with a head butt and the hold is broken, Styles would then counter with a Pele Kick. Styles would try the Styles Clash again but would settle for the Calf Crusher again but Owens somehow makes it to the bottom rope. Owens scores with another Super Kick in the corner to Styles but then Owens strikes the referee by mistake and the referee goes down. Owens then gets countered by Styles with a rollup and the referee counts the three count and AJ Styles comes away with the win. (Owens’s shoulder was up during the pin but the referee simply counted three)

Your Winner: AJ Styles retains the WWE United States Championship

Backstage we see Kevin Owens throwing a fit as he feels he has been wronged by the referee’s decision. Shane McMahon says Owens will get another Title shot at SummerSlam against Styles but Owens says he wants a competent official, Daniel Bryan quickly fixes the situation as he says Shane McMahon will be the Special Guest Referee.

The Uso’s come to the ring next mocking The New Day’s entrance(Big E’s Voice), The Uso’s freestyle and bash The New Day and steal all of the catch phrases and tell the crowd in Cleveland that its because of The Uso’s that The New Day aren’t here to night.

Singles Match
Sami Zayn vs Aiden English

After a tie up from English we see Aiden scoring with a shoulder tackle off the ropes to Zayn then Sami counters with a wrist lock then a few arm drags and Sami focuses on the left arm but Aiden counters with a roll up and English holds on for the win.

Your Winner: Aiden English

After the match we see the Kaneliss’s(Mike & Maria) again appear just to tell Sami Zayn he has lost yet again.

Smackdown Womens Division
Tag Team Match
Naomi© & Becky Lynch(Fire & GLOW) vs Natalya & Carmella

Natalya starts with Becky and both women trade holds before Becky scores with a big back kick then a double team with Naomi with a big leg drop for a two count. Carmella gets the tag and Naomi attacks the legs but Carmella comes back with a slap then Naomi takes outs Carmella but Natalya gets the tag. Natalya scores with a chin lock then Natalya hits a modified Alabama Slam then goes with the Sharp Shooter but Naomi gets to the bottom rope. Carmella gets the tag then slaps on her finisher The code of silence but Naomi counters into her finisher for the win.

Your Winners: Naomi & Becky Lynch

Singles Match
Rusev vs Chad Gable

Gable moves quickly around the ring but Rusev just shoves the smaller Gable around the ring. Gables scores with a go behind but again Rusev is just too much as he counters and sends Gable to the outside. Gable gets back inside and attacks Rusev and works over the left knee of Rusev trying to wear him down. Rusev then counters and hits a big suplex for a two count. Gable then tries a backslide then scores with a big belly to belly suplex. Gable scores with a bridging german for a two count as well. Gable then goes to the top rope but Rusev misses his attack then Gable hits the top rope Moonsault for a two count. Gable tries another German suplex but Rusev counters with a big kick but Gable still manages to kick out at two. Rusev then kicks the spine looking for The Accolade but Gable counters with the ankle lock and Rusev looks to be fading but Rusev counters with a kick then The Accolade and Rusev picks up the win.

Your Winner: Rusev

Smackdown Live Main Event
Dream Match(Winner to Face Jinder Mahal at Summerslam)
John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Both men look to tie up but Nakamura side steps as Cena moves aside and Nakamura mocks Cena. Both tie up again and Nakamura again mocks Cena, Shinsuke & Cena trade holds as Nakamura urges Cena to bring it then Nakamura scores with a head scissors then good vibrations. Cena then hits a powerbomb for a two count. Both men then start trading shots as Nakamura hits a bicycle kick that staggers Cena then John takes several kicks to the chest from Shinsuke. After a big knee to the chest Nakamura hits the corner knee shot to the mid section for a two count. Cena then blocks the exploder suplex then hits a few suplexes of his own setting up the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Nakamura counters with an arm bar and Cena has to power out but Nakamura counters with a face buster. Nakamura loads up for the Kinshasa but Cena counters with the STF Submission hold and Nakamura counters with another arm bar in the process. Cena gets away then scores with a big clothesline then Nakamura gets away and tries the knee but Cena counters with the Attitude Adjustment for a two count as Nakamura almost loses the match. Cena looks for another AA but Nakamura counters with a guillotine hold but Cena again counters with another AA but then Nakamura counters with an exploder suplex then hits the Kinsasha knee strike and gets the pin over John Cena. Shinsuke Nakamura will now go on to face Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam in Brooklyn for the WWE Championship.

Your Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

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