Posted July 30th, 2017 by 1Wrestling News Team

TGP G1 Climax 07.30.17: Chaos and Disorder

By Michael Melchor

Last round, EVIL met a man who truly may be that in the form of Minoru Suzuki and came away victorious, surprising some who have followed the former Takaaki Watanabe. EVIL has been in the sport a scant six years, two of those spent as a young boy before being sent on excursion to the United States, where he had an unspectacular run in Ring of Honor. Watanabe returned home, tired of the criticisms of underperforming. Of all the members of Los Ingobernobles de Japon, he may have been the most susceptible to Tetsuya Naito’s persuasion. The two had the same criticisms in common and began lashing out at the wrestling world in frustration. This change in attitude has seen EVIL not only rise in the ranks, but has had a great effect on his ring skills to the point he now sits tied for second in Block B.

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