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Dory Funk Jr. – The Road to Tokyo Japan
Dory Funk Jr. on the Road to Tokyo Japan Sumo Hall July 27th 2017 Special Interview from the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida. !BANG! TV Stars appearing with Coach Dory Funk Italy’s Massimilano Zenobio, Austin Pain, Ethan German and Matt Bauer.

Dory Funk Jr. returns to Japan Saturday August 27th at Sumo Hall. Osamu Nishimura will defend the !BANG! TV World Championship in a 5 Man Battle Royal (!BANG! TV World Championship Belt will be presented in the ring to the winner by !BANG! TV General Manager, Yoshio Osumi)

In Tag Team Action, Dory Funk Jr. and Hiro Saito will face Great Kabuki and Masanobu Fuchi.

Special Interview and “Pier Six Brawl” is now featured online at www.dory-funk.com

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