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Sienna faced Rosemary in a Last Knockout Standing Match. Also, Alberto El Patron had a huge Gauntlet Match.

Speaking of Knockouts, I want to send out congratulations to Christina von Eerie. She recently got married. Much happiness to you both.
Grado was ready to “Pop the Question” and Joseph Park got his little buddy ready.

We started with a flashback video of the LAX vs Familia El Patron.

E-Li Drake, Ethan Carter III and Chris Adonis vs Moose, Eddie Edwards and Naomichi Marufuji
Six Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

Moose got the Hot Tag from Eddie. Moose tore into Ethan and went for the Hesitation Corner Dropkick. Drake and Adonis attacked Moose to prevent it. Moose Shoulder Blocked both Drake and Adonis. It quickly broke down into a complete mosh pit. Ethan tried to clock Moose with the Grand Championship belt. He missed so he decided to kick Moose in the nethers. The ref didn’t see a thing, thanks to all the insanity around him. Ethan then took out Moose with the Reverse Vertebreaker.

Your Winners: Ethan Carter III, E-Li Drake and Chris Adonis
Impact Rating: 2.5 out of a possible 5

McKenzie interviewed a big guy, backstage. He let the audience know he was on Stand By to work a match. Ok.

After the break, it was time to review everything that happened, last week. Alberto El Patron will face the entire LAX organization in a Gauntlet Match, later on.

From there, we get a look back at the issue between Bobby Lashley and Matt Sydal. Bobby came to the ring and said no one would pass him to go after a title. Bobby ordered Bruce Prichard to come out and grant him the title shot at Destination X. Bruce and Tyrus strolled out and Prichard wasn’t in a good mood. He started to tell off Bobby but Matt Sydal rushed past the duo and got up in Bobby’s face. Bobby pushed Matt and the fight was on. Matt rocked Lashley by flying off the top. Matt rolled out of the ring, clutching his ribs.

We got preview interviews with Davey Richards and Taiji Ishimori, which led to…

Davey Richards vs Taiji Ishimori
Super X Cup Tournament, Opening Round Match

The Finish:

Davey stunned the Japanese superstar with a Punt and then headed up top. He took a little too long and Taiji avoided the Double Stomp. Taiji reversed a Tombstone into a Front Drop Flapjack. Taiji used a Punt to set up the 450 Splash and advance.

Your Winner: Taiji Ishimori
Impact Ranking: 3.5
I want to send a special shout out to my little sister, Jo, and my nephew, Robbie. Jo and I haven’t seen each other in many years. It was my first time meeting Robbie. Thanks to them both for making my homecoming just a little more special.

Bruce announced that Matt Sydal and Bobby Lashley will face off at Destination X. The winner will get the World Champion.

Sienna vs Rosemary
Last Knockout Standing Match for the Knockout Title.

The Finish:

Rosemary drove Sienna into a chair with the Red Wedding. KM rushed in to help his cousin to her feet. Rosemary blasted Sienna with a chair and headed up top. KM got up on the apron to distract the challenger. Rosie Misted KM but Sienna sent Rosemary off the top and through a table, on the floor. Both women are down but Sienna slid out under the bottom rope and ended up on her feet.

Your Winner: Sienna
Impact Ranking: 2.5

Joseph Park continued his inspirational chatting with Grado. Hey, ol’ Grado just might have a shot. I have started seeing a beautiful young lady, my Miss Taylor.

Ethan Carter III was interviewed and he explained his new finisher is the E-C-D! He gets a shot at Moose’s Grand Championship, next week.

Alberto El Patron and family were interviewed. Alberto wanted to dismantle LAX, one person at ta time.

Trevor Lee came out to push his phony championship reign. Lee claimed he looked all over the world to find the best that Mexico has to offer…

Trevor Lee vs Octagoncito

Lee insulted Ockty by fighting from his knees. Octagoncito sends Lee sailing out of the ring. Lee didn’t want to be humiliated so he took the count out loss.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Octagoncito
Impact Ranking: 1.0

We are at the Super Secret LAX Clubhouse. Konnan is ready for the Gauntlet. Homicide will go first and Konnan knew about a lot of injuries that Alberto has suffered. Strategy time.

Grado and Park make their way to the ring. Grado is in a Neon Orange Tux, complete with reversed baseball cap and fanny pack. What woman wouldn’t fall instantly for him? Laurel came down to the ring, despite Sienna trying to stop her. Grado almost got an answer to his question but Kongo Kong, Braxton Sutter and Allie all got involved. Laurel ended up taking Kong to the back before she could answer.

Alberto El Patron vs LAX
Gauntlet Match

#1–vs Homicide

Alberto rushed out of the crowd to surprise Homicide. Snap Suplex and Frog Splash for an almost instant 3 count.

#2–vs Ortiz

This match ran a little longer. It even bridged a commercial break. Ortiz wanted a Superplex but ended up knocked down into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Double Stomp

#3–vs Santana

Alberto threw Diamonte over the top rope after she flew off the top. He also neutralized Koonan. Tornado DDt led to the Cross Armbreaker. The rest of LAX rushed in to protect their teammate.

Your Winner (by Disqualifcation): Alberto El Patron
Impact Ranking: 3.0

After the match, LAX used bandanas to tie up Alberto. They beat on him until Dos Caras and El (Otro) Hijo de Dos Caras rushed down to protect Alberto. They get decimated but the Veterans of War return to the Impact Zone to save the day.

Good Night, Miss Taylor, wherever you are.


–Jay Shannon

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