Posted July 23rd, 2017 by Bill Apter

Rules: You must escape BOTH structures (there are two cages). One you must get out the door. The other you must scale and get over.

The Singh Brothers were able to help the champion and Orton was locked in (the doors where locked). As Randy scaled the Jail Jinder was also on top of the other structure. Finally Jinder fell as the Singh Brothers beat up Randy pulling him down to the floor. Orton made a comeback and began to climb and try to geet the champion down to the floor which he did! They did battle on the outside and beat each other with stick parts of the Prison cage.

As Randy tried to climb up he was stoped by Simir Singh who was outside near the top! Orton punched him and Singh fell through a ringside table from the top — 15 feet!

With Orton and Jinder on the floor Mahal was DDT’d on the floor!

Orton beat the Singh Brothers and Jinder with a steel chair.

As Orton climbed another THE GREAK KHALI came to the ring and shook the structure. He reached up and held a choke on Randy as Jinder climbed out for the win!

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