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Jermaine Royster Reporting

On tonight’s episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXStv we get two big matches from Dominion 2017 live from Osaka Jo-Hall. Kushida challenges Hiromu Takahashi for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship then in the Main Event we have a Lumberjack Death Match as the challenger Hirooki Goto battles the NEVER Openweight Champion & leader of Suzuki-Gun Minoru Suzuki.

Dominion 6.11
Osaka-Jo Hall
Osaka, Japan

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match
Kushida[NJPW Regular Army] vs Hiromu Takahashi©[Los Ingobernables de Japon]

Kushida salutes Jyushin Liger as well as Masahiro Chono on commentary, both men then charge each other at the bell. After trading fore arms back an d forth for a few minutes Takahashi gains ground by the ropes but gets to the outside. Kushida follows and both men trade shots again on the outside this time both men show fatigue. Kushida scores with chops back in the ring as does Hiromu then Takahashi cannonballs Kushida into the ropes scoring the first big blow of the match. Hiromu hits a corner lariat followed by a seated drop kick for a two count. Takahashi kicks Kushida as he fights back but Kushida gets dropped again. Hiromu slaps on a seated headlock but as Kushida fights back Hiromu scores with a sit out power bomb for a two count. Both men again trade shots then Kushida counters then Hiromu tries the apron power bomb but Kushida counters with an arm bar then sends Hiromu into the steel barricade. Kushida grabs a chair and hears some boos but he sits Hiromu in the chair then blasts him with a kick. Kushida throws Takahashi into the ring scores with a dropkick then attacks the arm of Takahashi with another kick by the ropes. Hiromu then counters Kushida off the ropes with a German suplex for a two count. Takahashi then hits the Time bomb but Kushida kicks out at two, Hiromu then attacks in the corner but Kushida counters with a kick then goes to the top rope but Hiromu counters putting Kushida on his shoulders. Kushida then counters hitting a super arm bar off the ropes, Kushida then tries the Hover Board lock but Takahashi holds on to block and deliver a right hand then a big lariat. Both men are down as the crowd chants for Kushida but he is laying face down in the corner. Takahashi picks up Kushida and both men fight on the apron, Kushida teases a power bomb but hits a kick then Takahashi scores with the over the rope power bomb and Kushida is down. Takahashi throws Kushida into the ring then picks him up and hits the buckle bomb. Takahashi then tries the Time Bomb but Kushida scores with a roll up for a two count. Takahashi then gets Kushida on the top rope but Kushida elbows his way free then Kushida hits a Super Time Bomb onto Takahashi in the corner. Kushida gets up first then both men drop to their knees and trade chops to the chest. Kushida gets blasted with a right hand as does Takahashi and again both men are down mid ring, Kushida gets up and just blasts away at Hiromu with kicks to his face then Kushida scores with the Hover Board Lock and Takahashi taps out.

Your Winner: Kushida wins back the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

After the match while Kushida is giving his speech he gets spewed by mist as Bushi of Los ingobernables storms in and challenges the champion.

NEVER Openweight Championship(Lumberjack Death Match)
Singles Match
Hirooki Goto[Chaos] vs Minoru Suzuki©[Suzuki-Gun]
*Suzuki-Gun & Chaos are Lumberjacks*

Both men tie up but but Goto scores a break on the ropes as Suzuki comes back for more scoring with a hammerlock. The action again gets to the rope as Suzuki gets in a few shots in the ropes, both men then trade shots as Goto scores with a shoulder block off the ropes. Suzuki gets back in with knee strikes then sends Goto to the outside as Suzuki-Gun throws him back inside. Both men go back to trading shots mid ring the Goto almost goes to the outside but Suzuki scores with the cross arm breaker over the top rope. Suzuki-Gun then attacks Goto on the outside as Suzuki follows and hits a knee lift to Goto. Minoru then slams the steel barricade onto Goto on the outside. As Goto gets thrown back in Minoru catches him with another cross arm breaker then follows with kicks to the back. Minoru works the arm of Goto with another arm bar then Suzuki Gun attacks Goto on the outside. Minoru scores with rights and lefts but Jushin Liger gets pissed as Goto is simply getting blasted by Minoru with a steel chair. The action gets back in the ring and Suzuki scores with swift kicks but Goto hits a big Lariat that drops Minoru. Goto hits the kick in the corner then hits the top rope elbow for a two count. Suzuki hits a boot in the corner then a Punt kick off the ropes to Goto but Hirooki holds on and counters with a lariat. Both men trade fore arm shots in the ring and Suzuki unloads a powerful shot that nearly drops Goto. Goto fights back but he gets dropped by Suzuki with a big elbow to the face and Suzuki then gets countered and Goto hits Ishigaroshi. Goto then tries the Shouten but Suzuki is gets away and both Chaos & Suzuki-Gun attack each other in the ring. Yoshi Hashi then hits a big toupee onto Suzuki-Gun on the outside. In the ring Suzuki scores with a Sleeper Hold after two counters by Goto and Hirooki is slumping but then picks up Minoru and after a few counters Goto scores with the GTR then the Shouten for a two count. Goto then fires right fore arms to Suzuki but Taichi comes in with a steel chair and whacks Goto with its and Suzuki scores with a drop kick then the Gotch Style Pile Driver for the win.

Your Winner: Minoru Suzuki retains the NEVER Openweight Championship

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