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New Episode Press Release

Kevin Sullivan is an American professional wrestler and booker, perhaps best known for his role in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as “The Taskmaster” and leader of the “Dungeon of Doom” and the Booker of WCW during the Monday Night Wars.

Kevin discusses his time in Championship Wrestling from Florida, Jim Crockett Promotions/World Championship Wrestling, and much more! Listen as Kevin talks about starting out in Boston, his classic feuds at the “Cow Palace” and what life was like during the “territory days”.

David also talks about the sensation known as Kenny Omega and Shinsuke Nakamura!

And don’t miss Penzer’s “HUGE CONFESSION” he finally reveals after nearly 30 years!

Penzer: “How did you break into the wrestling business”?

Sullivan: “I was going to wrestle in college at BU; and wrestling was big in Boston/New England, and I wrestled in high school for the Boston YMC Union, not the YMCA.”

Penzer: Asks Sullivan who he thinks was the best in the Pensacola Territory?

Sullivan: “In Pensacola Florida, there are two legends from that area: Cowboy Bob Kelly and the big one was Ken Lucas! Jack Brisco said that Ken Lucas was one of the five best opponents he’s ever had!”

Penzer: What did you learn about booking from Vince Sr.?

“One day I got to TV early, and I went into this room, and there was a book laying there. It was Sr. booking notes. I flip through to the end of the year; and I saw he booked the main event for MSG. The card was booked a year in advanced!” “He just knew what his people wanted!”

Penzer: Who did Eddie Graham try to convince Vince Sr. to take Bob Backlund’s spot?

Sullivan: “You go with the other guy, the other guy talks better”, Eddie told Vince,  “plus his father is a war hero”, and Vince Sr. said I’ll get my guy (Backlund) over. The guy who Graham was trying to convince Sr to take Backlund’s spot was….

Penzer and Sullivan discuss these topics so much more on this week’s episode of “SITTING RINGSIDE” with David Penzer!

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