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205 Live Recap
AT&T Center
San Antonio, Texas
Air Date: July 11th, 2017

205 Live! Begins tonight with an Akira Tozawa and a Titus Oneil press conference. Oneil is trying to help his client secure a rematch with Neville for the Cruiserweight championship. Titus references the fact Tozawa gave him the help he needed pinning Neville in the Cruiserweight tag match Monday on Raw. Titus seemed confident in the prospect of a rematch.

Ariya Daivari interrupts Oneil and hangs up on him. Daivari is upset that Tozawa has risen up the ranks so fast and informs him that he has set up a match for them later in the show.

The opening credits roll and we are joined by the commentary team of Vic Joseph and Corey Graves who announce the main event for later in the show-an “I Quit” match between Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander.

Our first match participants come to the ring as Akira Tozawa and Ariya Daivari will kick off the action.

Match 1: Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari

This match was laid out well as it was Daivari with punches and kicks early showing his hatred for Tozawa. Tozawa tried to fight back a couple of times only to be grounded by Daivari with some well-placed knees to the spine and a rear chin lock on the mat.

The crowd began chanting for Tozawa which fired him up and he began to come back in the match. He goes to the apron to fly on Daivari but Neville trips him up and causing the DQ.

Winner: Akira Tozawa.

Neville, like a man possessed, proceeded to run Tozawa twice into the barricade and lock him in the Rings of Saturn before referees came in and made Neville break the hold.

We switch gears in segment two as Joseph sets up a recap of the recent happenings in the ongoing feud between Drew Gulak and Mustafa Ali. A video clip showed the match between Ali and Gulak two weeks ago where Gulak attempted to fly and missed his target leading to his defeat.

Gulak sends a taped interview to 205 Live in which he apologies to the fans and his family for getting up on the top rope and going against his campaign. He is still convinced, however, that the No-Fly Zone is the right direction for the brand. So, he challenged Ali to a two-out-of three falls match.

The show went to commercial break here.

We come back from break only to have Vic Joseph try to get Corey Graves to give up the secret about Kurt Angle. When Graves refused, they threw it to a video package of the history between Rich Swann and TJP, including their recent match that saw Swann come out victorious.

Swann comes to the ring to face his waiting opponent.

Match 2: Rich Swann vs. Mario Connors.

Before the bell, TJP came out and stood at the commentary table presumably to scout the match.

Connors was very impressive here. Early in the match, the two men went hold, counter-hold until Swann took control with a stomp to the chest. Connors kicked free though as it only led to a two-count. Swann tried to follow with a cannonball only to get caught with a dropkick.

As the match wore on, Connors continued to look impressive. Swann and Connors started brawling only to have Connors nail a tornado DDT for a near-fall!! Swann recovered and nailed a lariat which gave him back the upper-hand. Swann knocked Connors for a loop with a spinning roundhouse kick. He ended things with the Phoenix Splash.

Winner: Rich Swann.

After the match, TJP said it was a good match but wonders if Swann was happy with his performance. TJP continued saying a win is a win but he expected better from the man that beat him last week. TJP proposed a little, “ Beat the Clock Match with TJP himself facing Connors. Connors accepted.

TJP had them put Swann’s time on the Tron, it was 3:49

Match 3: TJP vs.Mario Connors.

TJP tripped Connors then acted as though he was going for the knee-bar. TJP got cocky and Connors rolled him up for a two. TJP ended things with a Detonation Kick for the win.

Winner TJP

They cut to backstage where Cedric Alexander was stretching as the show went to break.

We come back to Gallagher’s theme music. Brian Kendrick strolls out in his Gallagher getup again. Kendrick rehashed part of an old promo where he called Gallagher a clown and a third-rate, William Regal. He continued by talking about how he sacrificed a lot to get back to WWE. He said he had to work to earn respect while Gallagher has worked to earn nothing. He was upset that people would rather cheer for a “clown” then for Kendrick.

The “clown” comment brought out the real Gallagher to defend himself. Gallagher said he has been fighting since he was 16. He said he may be a third-rate William Regal but a first-rate Jack Gallagher and if Kendrick questioned his work ethic again, Gallagher would “knock his bloody head off.

Gallagher took down Gallagher as the two men started brawling. Gallagher knocked Kendrick to the floor with a headbutt prompting Brian to grab an umbrella and go and attack Gallagher. The attack looked brutal as the refs came in to break it up.

Noam Dar and Alicia Fox were shown backstage preparing for their match as we go to commercial.

Back in the arena the entrances are made for the “I Quit” match.

Match 4: Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar (with Alicia Fox “I Quit!” match.

Alexander’s speed and agility won the early portion of the match as he evaded much of Dar’s offense. Alexander hit Dar with a dropkick that sent him staggering to ringside. Alexander took the fight to the floor running Dar to the barricade. Cedric punished Dar but Dar didn’t quit. Cedric went for a move off the steps but Dar evaded it and tripped Cedric taking control of the contest. The ref asked if Alexander quit but he said no…

Dar went to work on Alexander’s left arm and locked him into a modified “Rings of Saturn” but Cedric didn’t quit. Dar tried to trap Alexander’s hand in the turnbuckle but Cedric was able to escape grabbed Dar’s hand and tried to injure it himself. Dar raked Alexander across the eyes without quitting.

Alexander next tried to suplex Dar to the apron but Dar fought it off. An Alexander kick sent Dar to the floor anyway. Alexander went for a moonsault that was avoided and Dar answered with a swift kick to Alexander’s knee. Dar trapped Cedric’s arm and slammed his knee into the entrance ramp to take control.

Dar locked in Tequila Sunrise but Alexander didn’t quit. Alexander hit a back elbow to take back control of the match. Alexander hit Dar with a Flatliner on the ramp. That knocked him out and Dar could not quit. Dar recovered and Cedric hit a Tope Con Hilo. Feeling it slip away, Dar threw Alexander over the announce table and brought a chair intothe ring.

Alexander was able to recover and hit a flying clothesline followed by his springboard clothesline. Alexander appeared to have him here but Dar hit a kick to the knee. Dar went to set up the chair and tried for a back-toss. Alexander hit Dar with an enziguri. Alexander trapped Dar’s hand in the chair and called for Dar to quit. When Dar wouldn’t’ he stomped the chair every time Noam said no. When he gave him one “ last chance” Dar slapped Alexander so Cedric stomped the chair repeatedly until Dar finally quit.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

As Alexander went on to celebrate his win, Fox tried to console Dar in the ring. Once Dar recovered, he told Fox that he not only quit the match but her too. Fox looked shocked as Dar told her he is a user. He used her to get what he wanted and now doesn’t need her anymore. Fox was left crying in the corner to close the show.

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