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Jermaine Royster Reporting

Tonight on New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTV we get exclusive coverage of the G1 Special in Long Beach, California night 2. Tonight was the conclusion of the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Tournament

SemiFinal Match
Jay Lethal[ROH] vs “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega[Bullet Club/The Elite]

Both men circle the ring before tying up but Omega blasts Lethal in the ribs then a boot sending him to the outside. Omega drives Lethal onto the ring apron attacking the injured ribs of Jay Lethal. omega continues the action by throwing Lethal back inside the ring but misses the swan dive and Lethal attacks. Omega teases the finsher then Lethal hits a super kick followed buy straight shots then Lethal hits the Lethal injection but Omega falls to the outside. Jay sees red and scores with two suicide dives then a elbow drop from the top for a two count. Lethal then tries a figure four leg lock but Omega gets to the bottom rope. Lethal then attacks the leg of Omega while on the ropes. Lethal hits a knee breaker for a two count then goes back to the left leg of Kenny Omega, Lethal then hits a Dragon screw but Omega comes back with a back stabber. Omega strikes the ribs of Lethal again and again with fore arms, Omega covers Lethal and he barely kicks out at two. Lethal hits a right hand then two chops to Omega but Kenny scores with a knee lift to Lethals ribs. Omega then stretches the back of Lethal focusing on the injured ribs but lethal soon gets away. Omega continues to blast away with chops to Lethals chest but the Lethal returns the favor. Omega then gets countered by Lethal hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb and both men are down, Lethal hits a high enziguri but omega counters with a snap dragon suplex. Omega then hits the cross legged neck breaker but Lethal counters then Omega counters with a V-Trigger for a two count. Omega gets up bit Lethal rolls up Kenny for a one count then Kenny hits the deadlift Dr. Bomb for a two count. Omega hits another V-Trigger then Lethal counters the One Winged Angel but cant score a move so Kenny just lifts up Lethal and drops him with the One Winged Angel for the win.

Your Winner: Kenny Omega advances to the finals of the IWGP US Championship Tournament

SemiFinal Match
Zack Sabre Jr.[Suzuki-Gun] vs Tommohiro Ishii[Chaos]

Sabre starts off trying to strike Ishii toe to toe which doesnt work as Ishii drops ZSJ with one punch. Zach again tries to use fore arms but Ishhi just headbutts Sabre to the corner where Zach gets chopped repeatedly. Zach then snaps the left arm of Ishii then he quickly wraps up Ishii in an arm bar. Zach uses his scientific holds targeting the arm and hips of Ishii, Ishii again head buts Zach to back him away. Ishii runs in with a clotheline then a tackle taking down Sabre Jr. Ishii gets Zach on the top rop but Zach counters with a wrist lock on the top rope but Ishii turns that into an avalanche brainbuster of the top rope. Sabre then comes back with a northen lights suplex followed by an arm bar but Ishii gets to the bottom rope for the break. Sabre goes back with a arm bar but Ishii counters with a belly to back suplex taking down ZSJ. Sabre then rolls up Ishii for a two count then goes back to the injured arm of Ishii but Tommohiro goes back to the headbut, Sabre then counters the sliding lariat with a triangle choke and Ishii is in trouble but somehow gets his legs on the ropes. ZSJ attacks that injured arm with kicks but Ishii bashes Zach with a big right hand that drops Sabre Jr. but Zach catches Ishii again with a submission but Ishii hits a big lariat and follows with the vertical brainbuster and Ishii gets the win.

Your Winner: Tommohiro Ishii wins and advances to the finals to face Kenny Omega later tonight.

IWGP Jr Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match
RPG Vice[Chaos] vs The Young Bucks(c)[Bullet Club/The Elite]

Matt starts with Romero and after a tie up and headlock by Romero both men counter each otheres moves that ends in Matt locking on the scorpion death lock. All four men then start battling in the ring with all four men now countering each other then climaxing in a stalemate. The Bucks then attack but RPG Vice counter with clotheslines then deul belly to belly from RPG Vice. The Bucks then comes back with super kicks to RPG and Baretta & Romero go to the outside. Nick Jackson then hits the big spring board moonsault taking out Baretta & Romero, Nick then hits a running knee to Romero then a double team from the Bucks. Nick hits another step up knee to Romero then Nick tries a top rope move thats countered by Romero but Baretta gets powerbombed on the ramp by Matt Jackson. Nick hits the running apron kick to Romero then Matt holds up Rocky so Nick can hit the swanton bomb onto Romero on the outside. Nick attacks Romero in the ring then tags in Matt and he pounds on Romero in the corner. Matt then goes with a chin lock on Rocky Romero as Baretta is still down on the outside. The Bucks then tease the Meltzer Driver but Romero counters but runs into a double super kick but still takes out both Bucks with a clothesline, Baretta comes back in and hits a step kick to Nick in the corner. Barretta hits the Tornado DDT to Matt Jackson after sending Nick Jackson to the outside. The Bucks then hit the Buckle Bomb combo to Baretta and Romero get power bombed into his partner Baretta for a two count. Romero then comes back at both Bucks hitting a double hurricanranna but The Bucks hit another double superkick to both Baretta & Romero. The Bucks then hit More bang for your Buck on Baretta for a two count. Matt gets rolled up by Baretta for a two count then Matt goes back to the scorpion death lock but Rocky takes out Nick Jackson on the apron. Nick then hits the senton on Baretta as Matt has the scorpion death lock still on. Rocky comes in and hits a spring board drop kick to break the hold. Nick comes back in but Rocky blasts him and hits a fore arm of the Buck but the Bucks take out Romero. Nick hits another knee on Baretta in the corner then Baretta counters with a big jumping pile driver on the apron, Baretta then hits a gotch style piledriver to Matt for a two count. Baretta cant pick up Nick because of his injured back so Nick gets countered by both Romero and Baretta with deul high knees. Romero then trade shots with Matt Jackson mid ring, Rocky hits a jumping knee then a reverse cutter and a suicide dive Matt catches Rocky and Nick Jackson comes off the top and the Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver on the outside. Baretta comes in and just slaps both Bucks and he gets pummeled by super kicks then a Meltzer Driver and the Bucks get the win.

Your Winners: The Young Bucks retain the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championships

NJPW G1 Special Main Event
IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match
“Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii[Chaos] vs “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega[Bullet Club/The Elite]

Both men lock up and Ishii uses his strength with a side headlock that brings Omega to his knees, both men then trade shoulder blocks then fore arms until Ishii scores with a knockdown. Omega uses his speed and tries a knee lift but Ishii counters but omega hits a big boot instead. Omega then hits a snap mare and punt kicks him in the back then another one for good measure. Ishii screams for another shot and Omega comes off the ropes and blasts the back of Ishii with two big kicks. Ishii pops up after the third but omega rakes the eyes of Ishii but Ishii comes back with a suplex on Omega. The action spills to the outside as Omega gets chopped repeatedly by Ishii and the action goes to the outside crowd. Ishii just pounds away on Omega in the crowd then the action comes back to the ring. Omega tries to fight back with a big chop but Ishii returns the favor but omega counters and hits a suplex to Ishii on the outside. Omega gets back in the ring and Omega goes for the Rise of the Terminator but Ishii comes back in the ring and blasts omega with a big shoulder tackle. Ishii comes back with more chops to Kenny in the corner mixed in with a head butt or two. Ishii then returns the favor by kicking Kenny in the back but then Omega asks Ishii for more and both men just chop each other in a test of strength. Ishii then chops Omega to the outside apron then brings him in and againg Ishii invites Omega to take his best shot as Ishii would hit a powerslam for a two count. Omega comes back with a combo/fore arm combo then Omega hits a big DDT dropping Ishii. Omega then hits an Axe Bomber then Omega comes back with a second rpe moonsault for a two count. Omega then atacks the left leg then hits a face buster. Kenny then does hit the Rise of the Terminator suicide dive, Omega clutches his knee as he falls on the outside. The Bucks on the outside grab a table and set it up on the outside. Omega hops up as to says he really isnt hurt then hits a missile drop kick taking out Ishii, Omega sets up Ishii in the corner and gives off chops and right hands then Omega hits the Frankemnsteiner. Ishii crawls to the apron and omega hits a boot then another as Ishii is staggering then Omega tries to suplex Ishii onto the table. Ishii bites the ropes so that Omega cant pull off the move but Omega does hit the Dragon Suplex to Ishii through the table on the outside. Omega then signals for the V-Trigger then he rams two V-Triggers to Ishii but Ishii grabs the leg of Omega and blasts him with a chop for a two count. Ishii then counters Omega’s finisher into a DDT then big clothesline off the ropes. Omega gets up but Ishii hits the running corner Lariat onto Omega in the corner, Ishii sets up Omega on the top rope and lands the Avalanche Brainbuster for a very close two count. Kenny blocks the lariat and both men trade chops again mid ring until Omega hits a V-Trigger then he goes for another but Ishii takes him out with a clothesline. Ishii gets countered by Omega for a two count then hits a snap dragon suplex but Ishii hits a knee lift then the sliding lariat. Omega then gets planted by Ishii by Omega’s own finishing move for a two count. Ishii signals for the end and he picks up Omega but Kenny comes back with a knee lift then both men trade shots again and Kenny hits an open slap that drops Ishii. Kenny then hits the cross legged neck breaker then Omega hits the V-Trigger then the Snap Dragon but Ishii kicks out at one. Omega then picks up Ishii and scores with the One Winged Angel for the big win.

Your Winner: Kenny Omega wins the IWGP US Title

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