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Jermaine Royster Reporting
Tonight is the night, the G1 Special is upon us and it all takes place in Long Beach, California. Tonight is the first New Japan Special on US Soil and what a card we have tonight.
10-Man Tag Team Match
Marty Scurll, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, Yujiro Takahashi & Bad Luck Fale[Bullet Club] vs Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe, Rocky Romero, Barretta & Will Ospreay[Chaos/ROH]

Marty starts with Ospreay and Marty starts with a side wrist lock that Ospreay counters but Marty gets away by posing. Both men counter each other for another standoff then Marty pokes Ospreay in the eye. Will hits a drop kick then spring boards for a fake but Yujiro gets the tag and pummels him then Fale gets the tag. The Briscoes come in for the double team then they attack Takahashi as Mark hits the bomb on the outside. The Bucks then wrestle with RPG Vice as the Bucks hans out super kicks to both Barretta and Romero, Scurll comes in and splits Mark Briscoes fingers. Yujiro comes in but Romero takes him out as does Nick Jackson but Marty comes in for the save. Ospreay takes out Scurll and the action comes to a hault, Romero gets the tag as does Matt Jackson and Romero hits the Forever clothelines but Fale comes in and he dominates Romero. Barretta tries to intervine but Fale takes out both men with a double clothesline. Fale then takes out Barretta but The Briscoes comes for the save, Fale fights them both off then the Bucks come back in to super kick Jay Briscoe. The Bucks hits the enziguiri combo but as they go for More Bang for Your Buck, Will Ospreay interupts and Romero rolls up Nick Jackson for the win.

Your Winners: RPG Vice, Briscoes & Will Ospreay

8-Man Tag Team Match
Bushi, EVIL, SANADA & Hiromu Takahashi[Los Ingobernables de Japon] vs Valador Jr, TITAN, Dragon Lee & Jushin Thunder Liger[CMLL & NJPW]

Bushi stars with Valador, both men counter each others moves in the beginning then Liger gets the tag. Sanada comes in and both men shakes hands but Evil comes in for the cheap shot, Liger counters both men the Sanada & Evil attack Liger. Sanada tries to unmask Liger then Titan comes in but Sanada gets the butt kick on titan. Evil comes in and scores with a back senton on Liger for a two count, Bushi comes in and scores with an elbow drop. Evil gets Liger in the corner but misses the splash, Liger connects with the Palm strike. Takahashi & Dragon Lee enter the match with chops then a snap dragon suplex from Lee. Valador & Titan hit duel toupees then Lee & Takahashi continue to fight. Titan comes in and and uses his Lucha style moves to take out Hiromu but Takahashi scores with a buckle bomb. Evil comes in to hit a drop kick to Titan for a two count, Hiromu then grabs the ref so Evil & Sanada can take out Titan with steel chairs. Hiromu then hits the TimeBomb to Titan for the win.

Your Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon

NJPW United States Championship Tournament
Round 1
“Hangman” Page[Bullet Club] vs Jay Lethal[ROH]

Paige attacks Lethal as the bell sounds but Lethal hits a drop kick that send Paige to the outside, Lethal gets back in control hitting a drop kick for a one count. Lethal hits chops to Paige in the corner but Paige counters Lethal then blasts him with a knee in the back but Paige hits the shooting star off the apron. Paige hits a lariat then a senton and Lethal is hurt because off his injured ribs, Paige scores with a bridging fall away slam for a two count. Lethal comes back with chops and kicks but Paige tries an abdominal stretch, Lethal then scores with a lariat and a super kick then a discuss fore arm followed by the Lethal Injection. Both men then trade shots then Lethal hits the Lethal Injection again and Lethal gets the win.

Your Winner: Jay Lethal

Singles Match
Zach Sabre Jr vs Jiuce Robinson

Both men trade holds then Juice comes in with right hands then a sweeping neck breaker, Zach then hits an arm breaker then works the arm. Zach then tries to work the other arm but Juice gets the knees up to break the hold. Juice hits a lariat but Zach counters with a double arm bar in mid stance, Juice comes back with a cannonball but Zach comes back with uppercuts for a two count. Zach comes back with a Penalty Kick then works the arm of Juice on the mat, Juice fights back with chops and strikes. Juice hits the big leg lariat, Juice tries again but Zach counters with a cross arm breaker and Juice cant get away. Juice counters with a powerbomb but Zach counters then Juice scores with a waist lock but Zack counters right back into the abdominal stretch. Jiuce tries to counter but Zach holds on for the win.

Your Winner: Zach Sabre Jr

IWGP Tag Team Championship Match
No Disqualification Match
Guerillas of Destiny(c)[Bullet Club] vs War Machine[ROH]

Tonga starts with Rowe and Rowe doesnt flinch then hits a fore arm but Roa comes in with a garbage can taking out Rowe. Hanson comes in and tries a dive but Tonga scores with a grabage can blow to the face. Roa grabs a lid and blast Hanson with a big shot but the GOD comes back with a double team for a two count. GOD then hit a diamond cutter leg drop combo but Hanson comes in for the save. Hanson hits both men with lariats but misses with a bronco buster but Rowe comes back in with a spear. Loa gets blasted with kicks then Tonga helps him to his feet as all four men rise to their feet and begin to fight. GODhit double team moves that leave Rowe dead in the ring and Loa hits a diving head but while Tonga hits a frog splash for a two count. Rowe then counters Tonga slamming him into his brother on the mat, Rowe sets up for the finisher but Chase Owens comes in with a chair shot. GOD grab more chairs then powewr bomb Rowe through the tables for a two count. War Machine then take out Owens then focus on Loa. Rowe then gives Roa two germans and a knee lift that drops the big man, War Machine then hit the Fallout on Roa through a table for the win.

Your Winners: War Machine win the IWGP Tag Team Championships

Singles Match
Naito[Los Ingobernables de Japon] vs Tomohiro Ishii

Naito attacks Ishii but Naito does his signature pose right after then gets to the outside, Naito comes back with kicks and fore arms. Naito continues his attack but Ishii comes right back dropping Naito. Ishii chops Natio on the ropes but Naito tries a chop on his own to no avail, Ishii drops Naito with abig chop then a head butt. Ishii tries a back drop but Naito holds on then scores with a neck breaker. Naito then scores with two basement drop kicks to Ishii then Naito comes back with two knees. Ishii comes back with a back drop then the chop/elbow combo to Naito in the corner. Ishii scores with a powerslam for a two count but Naito hits a neck breaker but then scores with a german suplex bridge for a two count. Naito sets up Ishii and scores with the super frankensteiner for a two count. Naito tries the hammerlock but Ishii gets away, Naito then disrespects Ishii whipping his boots but Ishii spits blood at Naito. Ishii hits a headbutt then a power bomb for a two count, Naito misses the kick but Naito gets nailed by Ishii’s uppercut. Ishii misses his next move then gets rolled up for a two count then Naito hits the DDT off the ropes. Naito hits the missile drop kick to Ishii in the back of the head then a hammer lock side slam for a two count. Naito then tries Destino but Ishii hits a headbutt then Naito hits a fore arm but Ishii hits the sliding lariat for a two count. Naito hits a dragon suplex for a two count then Naito gets clotheslined by Ishii for a two count. Ishii picks up Naito and scores with the Vertical Barinbuster and Ishii get the win.

Your Winner: Tommohiro Ishii

Singles Match
“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega[Bullet Club] vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin
Both men start with a stare down then a tie up which Elgin backs Kenny to the ropes, another tie up then Omega hits strikes but Elgin is not phased. Omega then gets chops in to Elgin but Michael drops Kenny with a shoulder tackle. Eglin fights off Kenny again then Elgin hits a firemans carry press, Elgin then hits the vertical brainbuster for a two count. Omega blocks Elgin with a big boot then tries the Rise of the Terminator but Elgin counters with a big boot. Elgin tries a powerbomb on the outside but Kenny blocks but Elgin catches Kenny then Omega clotheslines Elgin on the outside. Omega tries for a pin attempt but Elgin kicks out at two, Elgin goes with a side headlock then a sleeper hold mid ring. Elgin counters but Omega gets back in control but misses the corner move and Elgin chops Kenny. Elgin swings Omega in the corner but Omega gets the firemans carry and Elgin gets the knees up to block. Elgin then hits a deadlift german then a kick to the back of Omega. omega blocks Elgin and scores with a chop but Elgin hits a powerslam for a two count. Elgin lariats Omega then Omega hits a snap dragon suplex. Omega then hits the Rise of the Terminator then Kenny goes to the top and hits the drop kick for a two count. Elgin tries the suplex but Omega starts chopping Elgin then hits the V-Trigger then a neck breaker. omega goes for another knee lift but Elgin scores with a lariat, Elgin then climbs up top but Omega drops him in the ring. Both men fight on the apron then Elgin hits a belly to back suplex on Omega on the apron. Elgin then gets Omega on the top rope and Elgin hits a top rope power bomb. Elgin then gets up Kenny but Kenny counters with a rollup for a two count. Elgin then picks up Kenny whos is trying to fight back but Elgin drops Kenny with a lariat for a two count. Omega then hits two V-Triggers then a reverse ranna for a two count. Omega hits another V-Trigger then another knee lift then the One Winged Angel for the win.

Your Winner: Kenny Omega

NJPW G1 Special Main Event
IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match
“The American Nightmare” Cody[ROH World Champion][Bullet Club] vs “The RainMaker” Kazuchika Okada(C)[Chaos]

The bell sounds and both men stare at each other while Cody walks ala Ric Flair, Cody wins the wrist lock om Okada then hits a drop toe hold but Okada counters with a wrist lock of his own. Okada hits the chest slap then backs away, Okada then locks up again then hitting a shoulder tackle. Cody hits the basement right hand but Okada tries a RainMaker early and Cody gets away. Cody scores with a back elbow that pains him then Okada counters with an back elbow, the action spills outside and Cody get sent to the outside. Okada hits the big match dive to Cody on the outside floor.
Back in the ring Cody scores with a kick to the face then a flatliner for a one count, Cody continues with strikes in the corner then a Penalty Kick for a two count. Cody scores with a powerslam then Cody steps on the throat of Okada forcing a break after 5. Cody hits a facebuster for a two count then a spring board drop kick for a two count. Cody then goes with a full nelson then Okada fights out of and hits a neck breaker. Okada hits the running fore arms then the DDT that drops Cody then Okada its the kip up. Okada goes up top but Cody rolls out but Okada still connects on the big drop kick in the corner. Cody then tries the hanging DDT but Okada counters hitting his drapping DDT, both men are down. Okada swings Cody back in the ring then Okada goes up top but Cody comes back with an arm drag. Cody comes back with a drop kick for a two count, Okada then counters with a Flapjack. Okada hits the reverse neck breaker then a elbow drop. Cody then counters Okada with a modified Calf Slice but Okada gets to the bottom rope for the break. Cody starts to work the leg of Okada the pummels himwith slpas to the head. Okada gets up and both men trade shots then Okada lays in with elbow shots that drop Cody. Okada blasts away with elbows then a drop kick to the back of Cody that drops him. Okada then hits the Tombstone Pile Driver, Okada tries the RainMaker but Cody spits in his face. Okada hits the RainMaker followed by two more, Kenny Omega comes to the ring with a towel and Brandi Rhodes stops Kenny from throwing it in. Okada then hits another drop kick then Cody counters with a RainMaker of his own for a two count. Cody then throws the towell at Omega in a sign of disrespect, Okada then hits the Crossroads on Cody for a two count. Both men rise up and trade blow, Cody tries CrossRoads again but Okada still manages to get away. Cody gets up first and catches Okada with shots then Cody tries the One Winged Angel but Okada blocks. Okada hits the jumping Tombstone Pile Driver then the RainMaker for the win.

Your Winner:Kazuchika Okada

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