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Jermaine Royster reporting
On tonights episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTv we get the big rematch from the biggest show of the year. We go back to June 11, 2017, Osaka-Jo Hall in Osaka, Japan and one of the big New Japan shows of the year Dominion. In the Main Event we have IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada facing Kenny Omega in the second match of 2017. Thier first meeting at Wrestle Kingdom 11 was highly rated as one of the best matches ever to take place, tonight as the rematch.

June 11, 2017
Osaka Jo-Hall
Osaka, Japan

Dominion 6.11

IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match
“The RainMaker” Kazuchika Okada(c)[Chaos] vs “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega[Bullet Club/The Elite]

Both men take thier time as the bell sounds with a staredown then they lock up which Omega wins then Kenny targets the arm of Okada but Okada scores with a takedown. Okada works the left leg of Omega then Kenny kicks Okada for the break. Another tie up sees Omega winning but Okada goes back to the Hammer lock but Kenny counters with a side headlock then a shoulder block off the ropes. Then both men push each other then counter both mens moves which Okada backs Kenny into the ropes and slaps the chest of Omega. okada then scores with his shoulder block then tries a neck breaker that Omega gets away from then Okada tries a springboard senton which Kenny blocks, both men then try thier finishers but cant get them. Okada hits Kenny with a drop kick but seems to tweak his knee on the way down. Okada then goes with the rear chin lock then a big chop to Kennys chest. Omega then counters Okada with a snap hurricanranna followed by the Rise of the Terminator but Okada slides in and scores with a big boot. Okada then runs the ropes and leaps over the top rope onto Kenny on the outside, again Okada seems to hurt his knee. Omega sees this and hits a basement drop kick to that injured knee followed by a string of moves targeting that knee. Omega hits a spring board drop kick to the knee then Omega goes with a figure four. Okada tries to roll the hold over but Kenny holds on and counters the rollbut Okada does get to the bottom rope. On the outside floor we see Omega hit a knee smash onto Okada on the ring apron then again on the announce table. Omega then sets up Okada in the corner and blasts him with a big chop then goes downstairs kicking the injured knee again. Omega keeps kicking but Okada shows fighting spirit then Okada scores with a drop kick but omega goes back to the injured leg. Okada gets back up and scores with elbows then another off the ropes followed by the running back elbow in the corner. Omega counters the next move but Okada locks on with the Red Ink submission hold. Omega gets to the bottom rope to cause a break in the hold then both men get to the outside floor. Omega tries a springboard move but Okada pushes Omega into the crowd then scores with the big match dive onto Omega in the crowd. Okada brings Omega back in the ring then Okada tries a top rope move but it gets blocked then Okada tries the Tombstone but cant then hits the neck breaker. Okada then climbs back up top but misses the elbow drop then Kenny gets up pump handle back breaker to Okada. Omega then hits a missle dropkick sending him to out to the floor which Omega follows up with a springboard moonsault onto Okada. Kenny sends Okada back in and Kenny goes back to the top rope and Kenny hits a nasty Missile drop kick that blasts Okada in the back of the head for a two count. Omega then hits a deadlift power bomb for a two count. Omega tries the snap dragon suplex then Omega tries his finisher but instead hits the rolling slam but Okada blocks the moonsault. Both men now trade elbow smashes and slaps to the face and Okada drops to a knee. Omega charges at Okada and both men make it to the top rope, Omega then tries a top rope dragon suplex but Okada blocks. Okada then goes to the top rope but Kenny follows again and somehow both men end up on the apron then Okada hits a death valley driver on the apron. Okada then lands a shotgun dropkick that sends Kenny crashing into the steel barricade. Okada then pulls a table from under the ring and sets it up on the outside. Back in the ring Okada goes with more fore arms backing up Omega, both men then try to slam each other onto the table but they both block each other. Omega then tries a spring board move but Okada hits the drop kick in mid air. Okada goes to the top rope and comes down scoring with the diviing elbow. Okada then does the RainMaker pose and when Okada tries the move Kenny backs him into a corner so he cant pull the move off. Both men then make it to the top rope again and Kenny is blasting away with elbows, Kenny then grabs the super plex hold but puts Okada’s leg crossed over then slams him on his back for a two count. Omega then starts to work the head and the neck of Okada now, Omega then misses the V-Trigger then Kenny tries again but Okada catches the knee and delivers two german suplexes then the RainMaker but Kenny somehow kicks out at two. Okada then tries the drop kick again but Kenny hits a power bomb to Okada in mid air switching the momentum. Both men now are extremely fatigued and can hardly stand. Okada hits a big boot but omega blast him with a big chop then scores with a snap dragon suplex. Okada then turns the tide with a counter then hits another dropkick to Kenny who was on the top rope. Omega falls into the table that was set up on the outside, Okada sets Omega on the table then okada goes to the top rope and this time Okada hits the elbow drop to Kenny on the table. Okada gets Kenny back in the ring then goes back to the top rope and hits another missile drop kick to Omega for a two count. The match has now hit the 35 minute mark, Okada scores with a drop kick then another seated missle drop kick to Kenny near the ropes. Okada gets up with Omega but Kenny is so spent he cant stand up he just slaps the chest of Okada. Okada then hits a RainMaker and holds onto the wrist but Okada blasts Omega with another RainMaker. Okada picks up Omega but Kenny tell Red Shoes to check on Omega, then the entire Bullet Club comes to the ring and Cody wants to throw in the towel because Omega has taken so much punishment. The Young Bucks hold Cody off, in the ring Omega blocks a RainMaker then hits a knee lift and a reverse hurricanranna and both men are down. Kenny then goes for the V-Trigger but again Okada counters with a drop kick but then Omega hits another running knee. Kenny then picks up Okada and finally hits his finisher the One Winged Angel but Okada gets his hand on the ropes and the count begins, this is the first time Omega has hit the RainMaker on Okada in a title match. Kenny picks up Okada and while Kenny showboats he gets caught by Okada and he delivers yet another RainMaker but there is now pin because both men are down. Omega then plants Okada then hits another snap dragon suplex but Okada comes right back with another big drop kick. We are past the 50 minute mark, Okada is still hitting elbows then Omega hits a knee lift but both men are spent. Omega then hits a V-Trigger to Omega in the corner then Omega tries the One Winged Angel but Okada counters into the Tombstone Pile Driver. Okada picks up Omega and goes for the RainMaker but Omega is so tired he simply collapsed at Okada’s feet. Okada then tries another Tombstone but Kenny holds on trying to counter, both men trade shots then fall to the mat. Omega then blasts Okada with two big V-Triggers, we are now at the 55 minute mark. Kenny backs up and hits one more V-Trigger then tries the finisher but Okada hits another drop kick sending Kenny to the ropes. Okada then hits the spinning Tombstone but cant get the pin because he is so tired, 3 minutes now remain in the match. Okada hits a bridging german suplex for a two count then Okada picks up Omega then Kenny rolls up the champ but only for a two count. 2 minutes now remain and Kenny is on the ropes as Okada gets to him and tries another RainMaker but omega gets to the ropes. Omega then hits a snap dragon suplex but Okada hits a RainMaker and its now 30 seconds left in the match. Okada is crawling over to pin Okada but the bell sounds right as Okada gets to Omega, the match has ended in a 60 time limit draw.

Your Winner: Time Limit Draw, Kazuchika Okada retains the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

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