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On tonight s episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTv we get more marathon coverage NJPW’s run of shows in 2017 leading up to the G1 Special in Long Beach, California. For this weeks show we go back to May of 2017 and relive the top two matches that months “Wrestling Dontaku 2017″. First we get a battle between Tommohiro Ishii & Kenny Omega and in the Main Event we have IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada taking on Bad Luck Fale of the Bullet Club. Ishii defeated Kenny Omega back in the New Japan Cup earlier in the year and tonight is the return match from that night. Speaking of return matches, Bad Luck Fale who beat Okada in last years G1 Climax is now getting his Championship oppertunity for that.

May 3, 2017
Fukuoka Kokusai Center
Fukuoka, Japan
Wrestling Dontaku 2017

Singles Match
New Japan Cup 2017 Rematch
“Stone Pitbull” Tommohiro Ishii[Chaos] vs “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega[Bullet Club]

Ishii comes fast out of the blocks with a big lariat followed by a german suplex then a jackknife power bomb for a two count, Omega retreats to the outside. Ishii slams Omega off the guardrails then slams him off the apron but as Omega tries a counter Ishii gets a chair but Omega scores with a dropkick. Omega then power bombs Ishii off the edge of the apron then Omega tries to score with the Rise of the Termintator but Ishii counters with a knee lift. Ishhi tries a suplex on the apron as does omega but both fight away, Omega scores with a V-trigger then a dragon suplex for a two count. Omega picks up Ishii and teases the One Winged Angel but Ishhi counters with a lariat dropping both men. Both men trade shots to the chest then Omega drops Ishii with three big chops and a DDT. Omega blasts away on Ishii with kicks to his back, Ishii ends up in the corner and Omega continues to unload with right hands. Omega tries a neck breaker but Ishii tries to hold on but Omega plants him for a two count, Omega then goes to the reverse chin lock. Omega then works the neck of Ishii with elbows shots but Ishii fights back with chops that back Kenny up to the ropes but Omega hits a big boot then a facebuster for a two count. Ishii is now clutching his neck in pain, Omega goes back to the neck with more elbow shots and Ishii is now just taking the blows. Ishii stands up oblivious to the pain and hits a big fore arm to Omega in the corner. Ishii whips Omega into the corner then hits a powerslam off the ropes. Ishii goes for a side suplex but Kenny tries for a block attacking the neck one more but Ishii rocks back and plants Omega on his head. Omega then counters with a rolling slam into the second rope moonsault for a two count. Omega then goes up to the top rope but Ishii gets up and meets Omega with a right hand then Ishii scores with a super brainbuster for a two count. Omega then comes back with a snap frankenstiener that sends Ishii to the outside, Omega then hits a springboard high cross body from the top rope onto Ishii who is standing in the front row of the crowd. Both men make it back in the ring by the count of 18, Kenny omega climbs back to the tope and scores with a missile drop kick then a sit out power bomb for a two count. Omega then points the guns at Ishii but misses the V-trigger as Ishii tries a slam that omega counters and scores with the V-Trigger. Omega then tries the One Winged Angel but Ishii counters with a huge lariat off the ropes. Ishii then headbutts Omega and Omega then gets blasted by the running lariat from Ishii but somehow Omega gets out at two. Ishii then hits the Ushigaroshi neck breaker then the seated lariat and again Omega manages to kick out at two. Ishii picks up Omega and tries the Suplex but Omega counters with the reverse hurricanranna and Ishii is down. Omega rolls over and slaps Ishii in the face but Ishii follows with a larait then Omega counters with a knee and a big lariat of his own for a two count, Omega then hits the vertical neck breaker to Ishii. Omega then hits the V-Trigger then goes for the One Winged Angel but Ishii counters into a reverse ranna of his own for a two count. After another big lariat and an enziguri from Ishii we see both men trading shots in the middle of the ring. Omega then hits two big knees then a brain buster for yet another two count then the One Winged Angel and finally Omega puts away Ishii for the win.

Your Winner: “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega

Wrestling Dontaku Main Event
IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match
“The Underboss” Bad Luck Fale[Bullet Club] vs “The RainMaker” Kazuchika Okada(C)[Chaos]

Both men lock up center ring and Fale just throws Okada off of him, Okada then hits right elbows but Fale takes every shot. Okada swings Fale into the corner then elbows him but Fale just walks towards him and floors him. Okada comes back with a slam then a seated drop kick to Fale. The action then spills outside where Okada gets countered by Fale and is slamed on the outside. Fale then tries to end the match early by hitting the Bad Luck Fall on the outside floor but Okada gets away. Fale then tears off a piece of the barricade and pins Okada next to it then climbs in the ring, Okada would make it back inside. Fale would meet him with kicks then Fale steps on the back of Okada and Kazuchika screams in pain. Fale works the back of Okada some more with hard shots to Okadas back then Fale puts his knee in Okada’s back in the ropes. Afterwards Fale then sits on the back of Okada then Okada comes back with strikes but Fale is so strong he just throws Okada up in the air off of a back drop. Fale then picks up Okada and goes with a Bear Hug, Okada fights back but Fale just drives Okada straight down to the mat for a two count. Fale goes to the corner then sizes up Okada for a splash in the corner but Okada hits a drop kick then a DDT that drops the bigger Fale. Okada nips up and scores with a big boot to Fale in the corner but he then tries a body slam and Fale counters but Okada counters then hits the big body slam to Fale. Okada then clotheslines Fale over the top rope and Okada comes charging at Fale and hits the big boot that sends Fale over the guardrail. Okada then hits his signature flyin high cross body over the rail to Fale. Okada picks up Fale then throws him back in the ring not wanting the count out win. Okada then tries the Tombstone but again Fale is too strong and Fale counters with a running shoulder block off the ropes, Fale then scores with a Samoan drop for a two count. Fale then tries his finisher “The Grenade” but Okada counters with a mule kick to get some space but Okada falls on the back of his head. Both men rise up slowly and Okada scores with elbows to the face but Fale blasts Okada with a fore arm that backs him up, Okada screams at Fale to “Bring it” and Fale gets mule kicked again by Okada sending him to the corner. Okada then picks up the bigger Fale and scores with the reverse neck breaker then hits the top rope elbow drop. Okada then does the RainMaker Pose but Fale sees this and slaps on the Bear Hug again to submit the champ. Fale then rams Okada into the corner then Fale hits the corner splash then the big body splash for a two count, Fale then hits the Grenade but Okada gets out at two. Fale tries the Tombstone Pile driver but Okada gets away and hits the drop kick dropping Fale mid ring. OKada goes back up top and hits a missle drop kick to a seated Fale. Okada picks up Fale and hits the Tombstone Pile driver then tries the RainMaker but Fale hits the Grenade again instead and both men are down. Just now past the 20 minute mark and Okada is rising up to his feet while Fale is ready in the other corner. Fale then blasts Okada with a spear for a two count, Fale then goes for the Bad Luck Fall but Okada slithers away and hits the Drop Kick but Fale counters him again and this time hits the Tombstone Powerbomb onto Okada for a two count. Fale picks up Okada for the Bad Luck Fall but Okada counters again with a hurricanranna and he gets away. Both men vie for a back slide next but Okada counters that into the RainMaker finally hitting the big move. Okada hits the RainMaker once more but doesnt cover Fale, Okada misses the RainMaker but scores on an impressive german suplex to the bigger Fale then blasts him with one more RainMaker and Okada gets the win.

Your Winner: Kazuchika Okada retains the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

After the match is over we see all the Bullet Club member hit the ring to attend to Fale as Omega has his arm raised in victory. After the sponsors hand over the title to Okada we see him grab the microphone and call out Kenny Omega who is at ringside attending to Fale. This shocks the crowd and they cheer, Omega then walks to the ring and both men have some word for each other. Okada then holds up the IWGP Championship Belt in a sign that Okada wants a rematch, the crowd again gets louder and louder as Omega points the guns at Okada then walks away. Omega says that he knows Okada’s reign is coming to an end. Okada then gets on the microphone along with Gedo and Okada sets the date for June 19 at Dominion.

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