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205 Live Recap
Nutter Center
Dayton, Ohio
Air Date: June 20th, 2017
Tonight’s 205 Live started with Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann talking backstage about Swann’s match later againsdet Neville, when Titus O’Neal showed up wanting to make a pitch to Tozawa to join the Titus brand.  He does comment to Swann that he has enough charisma to join the brand but he sends Swann away.
Titus tries to make a pitch to Tozawa but gets no response.  Titus sweetens the deal but Tozawa still ignores him.  Titus asks for a week to put together another proposal.  The opening credits roll.
Corey Graves and new play-by-play guy, Vic Joseph welcome us to the show.  They rundown Swann vs. Neville and Mustafa Ali versus Drew Gulak for later in the show as Jack Gallagher makes his entrance.
A flashback video is played from last week.  Austin Aries was in the ring telling everyone he would not be medically cleared for awhile due to various medical issues when he was confronted by Tony Nese.  Nese got in Aries face leading Jack Gallagher to come out and make the save leading to tonight’s opening contest.
Match 1: Jack Gallagher vs. Tony Nese.
Nese gets in Gallagher’s face and whips him to the buckle leading Gallagher to perform his headstand in the corner.  Gallagher is able to roll himself into a tight ball on the canvas and take Nese down with an arm drag.  Nese takes control with a hard clothesline to the bck of th neck.
Nese works over Gallagher with strikes and takes him up for a vertical suplex only to have Gallagher slip the move.  Gallagher follows up with a head butt tht took both men to the canvas.
Nese is up first and pounds Gallagher in the corner.  He charges in but Jack is able to sidestep and Nese hits the post.  Gallagher attempted to follow up but was stopped by the referee who was attempting to save Nese from injury.  As Gallagher was talking to the ref, Nese throws Gallagher to the buckle an nails him with the running knee for the three count.
Winner: Tony Nese
We head to the back where Noam Dar is Facetiming Alicia Fox trying to get her to move forward when Cedric Alexander shows up and tells them he has been saying that for weeks.  Alicia is upset and tells him its not over until she says its over.  Dar tells Alexander that he best leave 205 Live otherwise his life would be miserable.  For example his bag may end up at the bottom of a river.  Dar then discovers that Alexander has his bag and Dar actually put Ariyah Daivari’s bag in the river.  When Daivari shows up looking for his bag, Daivari quietly sneaks from the scene as the show takes a break.
We return from the break with a video recap of the history of Drew Gulak’s “No Fly Zone”  crusade and his apparent obsession with making Mustafa Ali the focus of the movement.  This sets up the rematch between the two.
Match 2: Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali
Gulak comes out with a “No Fly Zone” sign and Ali nails him with a baseball slide dropkick.  Ali opens up the offense using, as we all might expect, high-flying moves to take control over Gulak.  This works fantastically until Ali goes to the top rope only to be shoved off and to the floor.
Gulak takes control and  goes right to work with his ground-based offense.  Gulak hooks an abdominal stretch followed by a body slam for a two count.  Undeterred, Gulak goes to work on the arm of Ali.  He tried to end things with a hammerlock slam but only got a count of two.  Gulak whips Ali to the ropes but Mustafa came flying off with a clothesline to regain offensive control.
Ali hits his running neckbreaker and goes to the ropes.  He tried what looked to be a senton splash on Gulak but Gulak was able to recover and back up enough to catch Ali’s ankles as he came off the ropes.  Just when it looked liked Gulak was going to roll him up, Ali reversed the move and rolled up Gulak for the three count.
Winner Mustafa Ali
Backstage, Aries throws a towel to Gallagher and consoles him on the tough loss to Nese.  Aries points out to Jack that Neville, TJP, and Nese are always watching each other’s backs and have a good thing going.  He suggeststhey take a page from their playbook, possibly teasing a third ally for them.
In another part of the backstage area, TJP finds Rich Swann and wants to have a chat.  TJP is still upset because he feels that Swann got in to his head last week before his match with Neville.  Still, he challenges Swann to take care of business as the show goes to commercial.
We return to the arena in time to see Tozawa come out and take his vip spot right at ringside complete with velvet rope courtesy of the Titus Brand.  Neville and Swann make their entrances.
Match 3: WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Neville vs. Rich Swann in a non-title bout.
A chase ensues around the ring before Nevile grabs a headlock.  Swann breaks out andhits Neville with a dropkick.  Swann grabs a brief headlock of his own before he takes out Neville with a headscissors and another dropkick.  Swann tries to fly on Neville but gets cut off by a hard thrust by the champion.
Neville tries to carry Swann to the top rope rope but Swann pushes away from Neville the nails him with a kick to the head knocking him to the floor.  Swann flies on Neville taking him out.
Back in the ring, Swann goes for rolling thunder to polish off Neville but the KOC gets the knees up.  Neville, seeing himself in firm control, takes Swann to the floor and starts throwing him around.  They get back to the ring and Swann starts to fire back. Neville tries to stop momentum by going to the floor.  Swann decides to go after him and gets dropped across the announce table.
Neville tries to fly on Swann but Swann just collapses.  Neville goes to get him and Swann hits a superkick and opens up the offense on Neville a cover yields only a two-count.  Swann continued to pour it on with a kick to the head, a clothesline, and a sit-down powerbomb.  Swann goes for the cover but only gets a two-count.
Swann decided here to try to end it with the Phoenix Splash but he missed as Neville rolled out of the way.  This allowed Neville to recover and lock in the Rings of Saturn for the submission win.
Winner: Nevelle.
Nevelle tried to intimidate Tozawa at ringside by raising the belt in front og him but Akira seemed unimpressed and focused to close the show.

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