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New Mid Atlantic Champion to be crowned on Sat June 24

ECWA is hitting the road! ONE WEEK after ‘Raising the Bar’ we will return to the Springfield Ice Skating Rink in Springfield, PA for ‘Fire and Ice’! We’ll certainly see all the fallout from ‘Raising the Bar’ and who knows who will actually be making championship defenses! We could be looking at 3 new champions! But there is a huge story playing out for the ECWA faithful that is worth watching.

ECWA Heavyweight Champion Azrieal is ALSO the ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion… and that doesn’t sit well with ECWA officials. They’re impressed with Azrieal’s drive and successful defeat of Sean Carr to win ‘Big Red’. However, over the months of that epic battle the Mid Atlantic was almost an afterthought. Azrieal did NOT make any title defenses as he had bigger fish to fry at the time. But now that he is the Heavyweight Champion he can’t be expected to defend both championships at the same time. At least that’s according to ECWA booker Joe Zanolle… who officially stripped Az of the Mid Atlantic Title at ‘Spring Scramble’.

But Zanolle might have made a big mistake… he never seized the physical championship. And now Azrieal and AJ Pan are extremely angry and upset! They feel he shouldn’t be stripped of the title and should be allowed to defend both titles on any given night! Promising to ‘burn the company to the ground’ after hearing this news right in the center of the ring… Azrieal took the championship with him to New York and defended the championship there against Alex Reynolds, a former ECWA Super 8 participant, at another promotion‘s show! The PCA is DARING Zanolle to come get the title!

This seemingly has startled Zanolle and officials BUT they still say Azrieal is NO LONGER the Mid Atlantic Champion and want him to relinquish the title immediately… but they had decided on it’s fate even if the PCA won’t cooperate.

On June 24 in Springfield, there will be an OVER THE TOP BATTLE ROYAL! Every man in the ECWA locker room is eligible to enter the match. Whomever are the last 2 men left at the end of the Battle Royal will be declared the winners! Those 2 men will then compete later on in the night in a singles match… with the winner being declared the NEW ECWA MID ATLANTIC CHAMPION!

This is incredibly HUGE news!

But there is still a black cloud over this potential monumental development.

Will Azrieal give up the championship? Will they take the title and run again? Will ECWA officials even have a physical championship belt to give the new champion?

We’ll find out soon as ECWA hit’s the road for our summer series of shows!

East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)


Saturday June 24, 2017

Springfield Ice Skating Rink

400 W Sproul Road

Springfield, PA Delaware County 19064

Doors will open: 6 pm

Showtime: 7 pm

All ECWA events are family friendly!

Tickets are available in advance via Pay Pal and WILL BE available at the door:

-To buy now, go to www.ecwaprowrestling.com/about/tickets

-For info and reserved seating please call (609) 220-5598 or emailinfo@ecwaprowrestling.com

-Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for Kids 12 and under



Scheduled card:

ECWA Heavyweight Championship

Azriel vs. Sean Carr

ECWA Tag Team Championship

Extreme Rednecks , Chuck and Kyle Payne vs. the Classics, Eric Martin and Tyler Stone

Triple Threat Womens Match

Gemma Cross vs. Willow Nightingale vs. Tasha Steelz


*The last 2 men left will compete in a singles match later in the evening to determine a NEW ECWA MID ATLANTIC CHAMPION


‘The Boss’ Mike Tartaglia vs. Big Gino

Joe Gacy vs. Chris Wylde



Sean Carr

Chris Wylde

Joe Gacy

Zombiie King

Mike Law

Mr Ooh La La

Dave Reed w/ Miss Allysha

Breaker Morant

Extreme Rednecks

Howie Timberche

Damian Adams

Ty Awesome

J.D. Luscious

Kyle Kristopher

Axel Lennox

Little Daddy C

And MORE!!!!

Here’s all ECWA channels to watch for all the info on all ECWA shows:

ECWA Webpage:


ECWA Twitter:


ECWA Facebook Group Page:


ECWA Facebook Fan Page:


ECWA Network- $4.99 a month with NO COMMITMENT- CANCEL ANYTIME:


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