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Did you know that the oldest form of wrestling dates back 15,000 years and is shown in cave drawings in France. There are also examples in French and Babylonian imagery and they are using some of the holds that we see in wrestling in 2017! So next time someone tells you off for obsessing over wrestling, tell them that you are doing some historical research!

Wrestling is a huge sensation with a massive fan base attracting thousands of fans to arenas to watch the matches, and millions more tuning in live. For those that cannot quite stretch to going in person, why not get a bit of a kick and a buzz by checking out online casino games? Not quite the same thing, but they will be sure to keep you entertained and you could even win some pretty big jackpots! What is not to love?

Well, back to wrestling, it is a sport that’s popularity has blossomed in recent years, spawning a huge range of stars! But who is looking promising for 2017 so far to me? Here’s my top three …

  1. 1. Kazuchika Okada

Hailing from Japan, Okada is experiencing one of the best years of his wrestling career having won almost every match of 2017. He is well known for his mixed-up style and his mix of grounded brutality, and his unreal level of speed and athletic prowess makes him an incredible wrestler to watch. There is no doubt in my mind that at the moment, he is the best pro wrestler in the world and someone who has truly mastered the art of the sport that so few manage to do.

  1. 2. Keith Lee

A surprise entrant onto the 2017 scene, Lee is running for the accolade of the top independent in wrestling. At the start of the year, he left the Ring of Honor and was still relatively unknown outside of Texas. But within a matter of months he went on to become a household name drawing in big crowds for every bout. Billed as the top star not signed to a WWE contract, it is clear that he has a bright future ahead of him- we are looking forward to the rest of 2017!

  1. 3. Hiromu Takahashi

Known as “The Ticking Timebomb”, he is famous for his notoriously risky and daredevil style and has a penchant for doing hurricanranas over the rope and into the ring outside! He is a highly volatile and unpredictable fighter and for that reason, we should not be fans, but we cannot help it! He sure puts on one of the best shows ever and is heading for a spectacular 2017.

These are our guys to look out for in 2017, whether you are watching live, going in person, betting in an online casino between bouts, or just thinking of getting into wrestling.

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