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Feeling the Impact: A look at this week’s Impact Wrestling.

Hosted by: Jay Shannon

We are back in India for another week of great action.

Let’s get to the action.

The show began with a great video package about Mumbai, India. Looks like a place I’d really like to visit. That moved into a video package about the pending X-Division title match between Sonjay Dutt and Low Ki. Dutt has never won the X-Title but hopes to do that, tonight.

Roll the opening montage (complete with Indian music).

This was Stage 7, near Bollywood. We started with a Battle Royal.

Sony Six Invitational Battle Royal


Suicide was the first man to enter this war. Next out was…Matt Sydal. The bell rang and two stalked each other. Sydal hit a Deep Arm Drag. Universal which Matt turned into a pair of Monkey Flips. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors sent Matt over the ropes. Suicide nailed a Sliding Knee Strike. Spin Kick by Matt as time began to run down.

Enter Davey Richards. The Lone Wolf ripped into both men. Snap Suplex to Matt by Davey. Step Up Hurancanrana by Matt to Davey. We were ready to see the entrance of…

KM. I so dislike this guy. I know a few of his friends and they have told me about the real guy behind the character. Might like that guy but not this bully. Matt dropped KM and Davey with a wild combo. Knife Edge Chops by Suicide. Suicide laid in the ropes. Low Bridge almost eliminated KM.

Welcome to the ring…Swoggle. Suicide was eliminated as the midget waltzed down to the ring. Swoggle tried to chop various people but failed. KM Big Booted Swoggle. Air Bourne by Matt to KM. Swoggle tried to fight Davey as we greeted…

Eddie Edwards. Eddie took himself and Davey out within seconds. They fought to the back as Impact headed to break.

We’re back and it was time for another entrant. Rock Star Spud went right after Swoggle. Swoggle tore into Spud. Spud came back and tossed Swoggle around. Matt fought with KM as the next person came out.

Kongo Kong walked slowly down to the ring. Kong threw Matt over the ropes but didn’t hit hte floor. Kong came back to charge and send Matt out of the match.

Kong set his sights on Spud. Spud freaked out and was sent sailing. Moose came out next. Kong put Swoggle on the apron. Spud slammed Swoggle into the ring post and the little guy hit the floor.

Moose nailed a Headbutt on Kong and Crossbody on KM. Corner Splash to KM by Moose. Kong popped Moose in the face and hit Headbutts. Moose was dumped out of the ring.

The final participant was Mahabali Shera. He got an incredible pop from the crowd. Kong jumped Shera as the fans chanted for their home country hero. Low Bridge and Kong was gone. Impact took another break before the final two men slugged it out.

KM bashed Shera’s neck and upper back. KM with a wild kick and punches. Boot Choke by KM. Eddie and Alisha will fight Davey and Angelina in a Mixed Tag Full Metal Mayhem match at Slammiversary.

KM took down Shera with a Scoop Slam. Springboard Crossbody Splash by KM to pull a two count. KM picked up Shera but Mahabali slipped free and hit a Death Valley Driver. Shera’s father and brother were in the front row.

Shera hit Double Sledges to rock the Bully, KM. Float Over by Shera into a Clothesline. Knee Strike by KM. Back Elbow by Shera but kM clubbed away. Shera caught the Sky High to win the Sony Six Battle Royal.

Your Winner: Mahabali Shera
Impact Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Shera partied with his family, friends and fans. Shera was called back in the ring to receive his trophy. The “Lion of Punjab” danced along with everyone in the arena while clutching his prized possession. Shera looked to be crying. Josh, of course, had to try and disrespect the win by claiming Shera held the tights.

Josh and JB bickeered, backstage. Josh has some serious ink on his arms.

We got a video highlight reel on Sonjay Dutt. Dutt has tried, for many years, to win a title in TNA/Impact. He never has. Dutt hoped his home country would bring him the luck he needed. Dutt talked about his family coming to America, from India, many years ago. Dutt wanted to be an inspiration to so many. Dutt suggested that if he does not win tonight, he’s done.

Matt Morgan pushed One Night Only.

D’Angelo Williams will debut at Slammiversary. Impact showed training highlights.

Speaking of Training, JB and Joseph Park went to a Chinese food place to..train? After lunch, Park wanted to do video study.

LAX were talking about not being able to go to India, due to “priors”. They have now decided to pull the Hardys thing and go to a lot of indie promotions and raise Hell.

E-Singh-3 came out in a white Indian outfit. EC3 sat Cross-Legged in the middle of the ring. EC3 had a translator in the ring with him. The fans were very hostile towards EC3. Ethan said he traced his lineage and learned that many generations back an ancestor was born in India (Calcutta). EC3 knew they were making history. Ethan began to disrespect India and that brought the crowd alive. Ethan was ready to destroy history. Ethan really talked trash about the Indian people. He wanted the guy to translate but he was done with this nastiness. The guy refused, over and over, to translate. Ethan screamed at him but the guy would not go there. Ethan got fed up and decided to punish the poor guy. Ethan pulled off the guy’s belt and whipped him, unmercifully.

“Cowboy” James Storm rushed from the back to protect the guy. Ethan ran for his life as Sotrm stood tall.

Josh was ready for his sparring session. Josh headed to the ring. Josh actually had music.

We saw the silliness that went down in Catering. Swoggle and Spud had issues.

Josh Mathews Training Session:

Josh ran off at the mouth about what he was going to do to JB and Joseph Park, with help from Scott Steiner. Josh brought out some Indian sports guy. Mind you, the guy is not a wrestler. The guy looked like an Indian Grado. The crowd was having fun with this segment. The bell rang and the two circled. Side Headlock by the Indian dude. Hip Toss by Josh. Drop Toe Hold by Josh into a Ride. Deep Arm Drag to Josh. Dropkick rocked Josh. Josh was stunned.

Josh pushed the kid and then backed off. Low Kick by Josh into a Million Dollar Kneelift Josh hit a Swanton and then applied the Steiner Recliner. Tap Out. Josh was surprisingly good.

Josh would not let go until Mahabali Shera came out. Shera tried to take out Josh but Bobby Lashley atacked. Alberto El Patron chased Lashley out of the ring.

Joseph Park played with action figures instead of watching tapes. Park said Steiner’s promos and announcing were terrible but he was tough as all Hell. Park told JB they needed to face up to Steiner. Suddenly, they got a video call from Scott Steiner. Josh admitted he gave Steiner the number.

Trevor Lee vs Braxton Sutter (w/Allie)

The Finish:

Snap Powerslam by Braxton. Lee stumbled back to the corner. Lee hit a Drift Away-like Swinging Neckbreaker.

Your Winner: Braxton Sutter
Impact Score: 1.0

Sienna and Laurel came from the back. Sienna made fun of Allie. Sienna wanted to join with Laurel to battle Allie and Rosemary. Sienna wondered if Rosemary would even show up.

Low Ki got himself ready to fight. He talked harshly towards Sonjay Dutt. Low Ki didn’t want to be responsible for ending Dutt’s career. Low Ki said the eye injury would not stop him from retaining.

Various stars talked about the 15th Anniversary of Slammiversary.

Moose came from the back to address the crowd. Moose talked about defeating E-Li Drake. That quickly brought out Drake and Christopher Adonis. Drake told the Dummies to Shut Up.

Drake explained that Moose was missing the point. Drake insulted Moose as being a man who did not deserve the title that he holds. Drake said Moose has his nose stuck up Bruce Prichard’s backside. Moose made it real eary. Moose issued a challenge to Adonis and Drake.

Double Team on Moose. Moose didn’t seem to have any friends or partners. Moose will reveal his partner, for Slammiversary, next week.

We went back to Park and JB dealing with Scott Steiner on a video call. Scott rambled on as only he can. I tuned out almost all of what Scott said. JB and Park tried to back out of the match but Scott wanted to destroy them both. JB and Park wanted to hang up but were too scared.

Sonjay Dutt vs Low Ki
X-Division Title Match


The two talked serious trash, prior to the bell. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Low Ki with a cheap shot to the blind side. Dutt rolled over the back and hit a ‘Rana.

Low Ki took Dutt to the corner. Low Ki blocked a Hip Toss. Dutt lost his eye patch. Headbutt by Low Ki. Dutt avoided a Dropkick.

Bicycle Kick by Dutt, followed by a Suicide Dive. Low Ki ran Dutt’s back into the barricade. Low Ki threw Dutt up on a ramp. The two traded wild pnches. Low Ki tried for a Fisherman’s Buster but took a Superkick. Low Ki was launched into the ring apron. Moonsault drove Low Ki into the ring apron.

Low Ki dropped Dutt on the ring steps. Impact took a final break.

Dutt broke free from a Reverse Bear Hug. Dutt punched Low Ki in the face. Running Back Elbow by Low Ki. 2 count. Modified Abdominal Stretch by Low Ki.

Bicycle Kicks by Dutt. Dutt hit a wicked Side Russian Leg Sweep off the 2nd rope. 2 count. Dutt kicked Low Ki away and then Dropkicked him. Low Ki avoided a Tornado DDT and hit a variation of the Beautiful Disaster Kick. 2 count.

Low Ki ripped off this jacket. Handspring Enziguri by Low Ki. Dutt blocked the Warrior’s Way. They went up top and battled it out. Dutt with an Honor Roll shot. Superplex by Dutt.

Dutt was getting frustratd at the string of 2 counts. Sunset Flip by Dutt but Low Ki hit a Double Stomp. 2 count, one more time. Dutt seemed injured. Dutt punched away but got put on the top turnbuckle.

Dutt escaped a hold and hit a wild Tornado DDT. Low Ki’s eye was busted open, again. Frog Splash by Dutt. Could be…might be..IT IS!

Your Winner (and NEW X-Divsion Champion): Sonjay Dutt
Impact Score: 4.5

The ring filled up with all kinds of people to help Dutt celebrate.


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