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NXT Recap
NXT Arena
Orlando, Florida
Air Date: June 14th 2017

Tonight, NXT features a triple-threat elimination match for the Women’s Championship match. A video hyped it as the main event prior to the opening credits. Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show and we see Drew McIntyre make his entrance for the first match. His opponent was already in the ring.

Match 1: Drew McIntyre vs. Rob Ryzin.

McIntyre dominates early, takes Ryzin up and Ryzin goes over his back and lands on his feet. He shoves McIntyre only to get Drew mad and causing him to unleash a series of strikes on Ryzin. He nails Ryzin with a belly-to-belly. Ryzin hangs on to the ropes to try to get away from McIntyre. When Drew goes to get him, Ryzin takes out McIntyre’s knee. He nails a superkick to the face and goes for the pin but McIntyre kicks out at one.

Drew comes back with a running forearm in the corner and a forearm off the ropes. Ryzin recovers and tries to slap Drew who gets upset again. Drew hits his running Claymore kick for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

We are introduced to the announce table for the first time tonight on camera. Phillips, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness show a flashback video from two weeks ago when Ember Moon was cleared to compete again. Next week, its announced that Ember Moon will face Peyton Royce. A graphic hypes the main event for later in the show. We head to break.

We are back to a video profile of Alester Black. The Authors of Pain and Paul Ellering make their entrance for the next match. Their opponents are already in the ring.

Match 2: Authors of Pain (with Paul Ellering) vs. Unknown Team in a non-title match

Akam starts the match as Rezar drops to the floor to talk to Ellering. Akam takes the match handicap style and quickly squashes the team.

Winner: Authors of Pain.

Rezar grabs one of the opponents as he leaves the area and the AOP perform the Super Collider.

Ellering takes the mic and runs through every team they have beaten as they right the first chapter in their Book of Dominance. He calls out Heavy Machinery and says they wont be a footnote. Machinery comes out and stands toe-to-toe with the AOP but Ellering thinks better of a confrontation and leads them away.

A second video flashback is shown involving the verbal confrontation between Bobby Roode and Roderick Strong. A tweet from Strong is shown in response that says Strong has seen a hundred Roodes but Roode has not seen one of him.

A graphic hypes the main event and that the Velveteen Dream is up next. As we go to break.

A Sonya Deville, formerly known as Daria Berenato, biographic video was shown. She will be in action next week.

The Velveteen Dream makes his entrance. His opponent is already in the ring.

Match 3: Velveteen Dream vs. Raul Mendoza

There was some nice back and forth action early as Dream took down Mendoza with a shoulder block. Mendoa fired back with some offense of his own, including a massive kick to the jaw.

Dream came right back though and dropped Mendoza, chest-first, to the mat. Dream took off his headband and whipped Mendoza with it. Mendoza tried another brief comeback and sped things up big time with some nice agility around the ring.

Dream hit a flapjack to take control and did a cartwheel slam. Dream finishes things off with a top-rope elbow drop for the three count.

Winner: Velveteen Dream

A flashback video is shown of the confrontation last week between former friends, Hideo Itami and Kassius Ohno. We go to the back where Ohno is being interviewed about the state of his friendship with Itami. Ohno says he doesn’t know the state of the friendship but thinks Itami is frustrated and needs to get over it. Ohno believes he will lead by example when he takes on Aleister Black next week. The show goes to break

We return to get a rundown of the matches announced for next week. Nikki Cross makes her entrance beating her music and lighting and she flies to the ring followed by Ruby Riot and Asuka.

Match 4: Three-Way Women’s Championship Elimination Match:
Asuka (Champion) vs. Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross

Cross starts the action by throwing Riot into Asuka. Riot ducks a kick from Asuka and catches her with a dropkick of her own. Cross was waiting and nailed Riot with a dropkick off the ropes. Asuka comes right back and catches Cross with a dropkick of her own. Cross and Riot work together to drive Asuka from the ring as the show goes to break.

Back from break and Asuka is trying to eliminate Riot but can’t hold a a pin. She nails Riot with a hip attack and charges Riot in the corner but eats a a boot and a head scissors causing her to roll to the outside. Cross comes back to lock a sleeper on Riot but Ruby is able to break loose.

Asuka hit Riot with an overhead suplex but Riot came back with a diving’rana and nailed cross with an arm-wringer kick to the face. Riot went for the pin and Asuka came in to break it up with a kick but Riot caught it. Asuka recovered and hit Riot with a knee to the face. Asuka then hit the ropes for a running strike when Cross grabbed her and pulled her to the floor. Riot takes both women out with a dropkick off the apron.

Cross tried to eliminate Cross but was knocked off the turnbuckle by Asuka. Asuka missed Cross with a missile dropkick and Cross connects with a fisherwoman’s suplex causing Asuka to roll to the outside. Riot was able to catch Cross with a suplex from behind but couldn’t hold the pin. Asuka came in and tried to take out Riot but she was able to fight her off. Cross was there to catch her off guard though as she hit her with a whiplash neckbreaker for the three count.

Nikki Cross eliminates Ruby Riot as the show goes to break

After the break, the two women battled toe –to-toe with Asuka getting an advantage with a head kick but is not able to put heraway. Cross comes back and rakes Asuka across the eyes but Asuka is able to hit Cross with a hip attack off the apron.

They brawled up the ramp and all the way through the back. When the referee lost sight of them, he called the match a no –contest.

Winner: No Contest

They continued to brawl all over backstage and came back through the curtain to the arena floor. They slammed each other into the announce table and wound up fighting in the sound area with officials yelling at them to stop. They ended up on top of a table where Cross attempted a cross-body on Asuka sending both women crashing through a table below.

The show ended with both women receiving attention for their injuries

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