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Jermaine Royster Reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Smoothie King Centre in New Orleans, Louisiana and this is the go home edition of Smackdown Live as Money in the Bank is this Sunday night. Tonight’s Main Event is a six man tag team match were all six Money in the Bank participants will face each other. Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura & AJ Styles will face Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler & Baron Corbin. Natalya & Charlotte Flair will square off as well as Smackdown Live Womens Champion Naomi facing Tamina. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal will have a face to face meeting with Randy Orton before thier Championship match on Sunday Night & the New Day will join forces with Breezango in eight man tag action against The Uso’s & The Colons. The show begins with Big E introducing the New Day and theyre brought to the ring by a marching band. Kofi says they had to make a grand entrance because they are in the home of the next WrestleMania. Woods says New Day will take the Smackdown Live Tag Titles then The Uso’s come out to differ. The Uso’s are interupted by the Fashion Police and they call The Uso’s “Gross”, then The Colons come out and trash the Fashion Police.

Eight-Man Tag Team March
The Uso’s & The Colons vs The New Day & The Fashion Police

Kofi starts with Epico and Epico scores on a low blow but Kofi uses atheletisism and scores with an elbow off the ropes. Woods gets the tag and he scores a two count on Epico then Fandango gets the tag. Epico lays in a few chops to Fandango then Fandango returns the favor then dances while Epico tries a rollup. Breeze gets the tag and he fets sent into the opposite corner and Jay Uso comes in and lays in with right hands to Breeze, Primo gets the tag but Breeze scores with a kick and drops Primo. Woods comes back in and hits a drop kick to Primo on the ropes then blasts him in the corner with chops. Primo then counters Woods but Xavier counters back with a clothesline. All eight men enter the ring but The Usos & Colons get clotheslined over the top rope. Breeze then gets attacked by Jay Uso in the ring and Breeze gets bounced from corner to corner. Jay goes with a leg lock then Epico comes back in for more damage, Breeze fights away Primo gets the tag Breeze gets stretched out again. Breeze fights out but Epico gets him back in the ropes then hits a leg drop. Jay Uso comes back in and hits a body splash then attacks Breeze in the corner again for a two count. Jay then goes with an arm bar to Breeze then a rear chin lock, Breeze gets away but Epico stops the tag. Epico hits a vertical stalling suplex for a two count then follows with a chin lock. Breeze fights away but again Epico stops Breeze from making the tag, Breeze then takes out both Colons then tags in Woods. Woods hits a suicide dive taking out The Colons then Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise to Jimmy for a two count. Woods then comes off the top rope with a knee down onto Primo whos being held by Kofi, Woods gets the three count and the win.

Your Winners: The New Day & Breezango

Mojo Rawley is being interviewed backstage and he is surprised by the return of his tag partner, Zach Ryder.

Womens Division
Singles Match
Smackdown Live Womens Champion Naomi vs Tamina

Before the match begins we see Lana making her way down to the ring, the match starts and Naomi starts off with shots in the corner on Tamina. Tamina headbuts Naomi to back her off then attacks the neck of Naomi with a chin lock. Naomi tries to kick Tamina to fight off a bear hug but Tamina simply drops the smaller Naomi. After a huge swing into the turn buckles we see Tamnia going with another chin lock then a short arm clothesline. Tamina again goes back to the chin lock and Naomi fights up then counters Tamina with a kick but Tamina scores with a samoan drop for a two count. Tamina goes up to the top rope but Naomi scores with another kick and Naomi scores with her splt legged moonsault for the win.

Your Winner: Naomi
After the match wee see Lana coming into the ring and she blindsides Naomi with a sort of Exploder Powerbomb and the champ is down. Lana stands up holding Naomi’s title the crowd is stunned.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal makes his way to the ring alomgside the Singh Brothers and Jinder grabs the microphone and tells the crowd to show respect for the WWE Champion. Jinder says this Sunday he will beat Randy Orton in his hometown of St. Louis and he will beat him in front of his father “Cowboy” Bob Orton. Mahal says Randy has been hiding ever since he beat him for the championship then he speaks in his native language to the crowd. We hear Randy Orton’s music and the Singh Brothers head out of the rin to meet him head on, Randy appears behind Jinder and serves him an RKO. Orton does his signature pose then escapes through the crowd as the Singh Brothers attend to Mahal in the ring.

Womens Division
Singles Match
Charlotte Flair vs Natalya

Charlotte takes down Ntalya but both women trade counters the rollups then a stalemate. Natalya kicks downstairs but Charlotte counters getting a headlock but then Natalya gets a slam dropping Charlotte. During the commercial break Natalya scores with a big move sending Charlotte over the top rope, then going with an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring. Charlotte tries a counter in the corner but Natalya catches her with a clothesline then sets up Charlotte in a surf board stretch. Charlotte comes back with fore arms then tries a back slide for a two count. Charlotte scores with chops dropping Natalya then Charlotte struts like her dad, Charlotte then lands the moonsault off the top rope for a two count. Charlotte tries again but this time Natalya counters into a sitout power bomb for a two count. Natalya tries the sharp shooter but Charlotte gets away and hits the big boot. Natalya tries a rollup for a two count but then Charlotte scores with the Natural Selection and she gets the three count.

Your Winner: Charlotte Flair

Next up we have anothe redition of the Fashion Files with Breeze & Fandango, Breeze is shown laying on the floor after being attacked by two monsters. Breeze says they have ugly hair and dry skin, Fandango draws a description which is two stick figures. The tandem take off in search of the suspects.

Smackdown Live Main Event
Six-Man Tag Team Match
Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler & Baron Corbin vs Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles & Sami Zayn

Nakamura starts with Ziggler and Ziggler looks to work the arm of Nakamura early but Nakamura counters with a snap mare followed by a knee smash. Ziggler follows with a big uppercut then kick that drops Shinsuke. Owens gets the tag and kicks Nakamura then tags in Corbin for the double team. Baron blasts away at Shinsuke in the corner then he tags in Ziggler, Dolph then slaps on a chin lock and trash talks Shinsuke while doing it. Shinsuke would get away and tag in AJ Styles and AJ clears the ring then hits a big fore arm to Dolph followed by a gut butster then a firemans carry neck breaker. Owens then comes in but so does Sami Zayn, Zayn scores on a suicide dive but in the ring AJ gets countered by Dolph then gets dropped with a DDT. Zayn comes in as does Corbin and Baron scores with the Deep Six to Zayn for a two count. Ziggler is now in with Zayn and Dolph is in control before tagging in Kevin Owens, Owens kicks at Zayn in the corner tries the senton but Zayn gets his knees up. Zayn tries to make the tag but Owens scores with a DDT for a two count. Baron Corbin comes back in and he again gets Zayn in a corner and just pounds away, Zayn tries to fight back but Corbin is much to fast. Owens gets the tag and he tries a slam but Sami counters into the Blue Thunder Bomb but Corbin takes out Sami as he tries for the tag. Zayn would counter Corbin with a big clothesline then gets Corbin to the outside, Sami again tries to make the tag but Ziggler & Owens take out Nakamura & Styles on the apron. then wee see AJ Styles trying a Phenomenal Fore Arm but Corbin counters him but doesnt see Sami Zayn who blast Corbin with the Helluva Kick. Sami covers Corbin and gets the win for his team.

Your Winners: Sami Zayn, AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match we see Ziggler & Kevin Owens grab a ladder and they each attack Nakamura, Styles & Zayn. Corbin then attacks Owens & Ziggler then he climbs the ladder but Nakamura comes back in the ring and knocks over the ladder with Corbin on it. Nakamura then sets up the ladder, climbs it and unhooks the Money in the Bank briefcase and the crowds approves as Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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