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Feeling the Impact: An in-depth look at this week’s Impact Wrestling.

Hosted by: Jay and Lottie Shannon

We are well on our way to Slammiversary. Before we get there, we get to ride along for a road trip…to India!

Bruce Prichard told JB and Josh that they have been acting like Jackasses. Bruce warned that if either of them threw punches, before Slammiversary, they would both be fired.

We got a neat video package about Impact’s time in India. I so miss doing the travel thing. I still have so many fantastic memories of Poland, from back in 2012.

Roll the opening montage, complete with new Indian-based theme music.

Impact was live from Mumbai, India. Alberto El Patron was the first star to come out in the Stage 7 Arena. Alberto got the crowd so popped. El Patron promised the fans to give them his best and kick some behind. Alberto mentioned one more title that he wanted to add to his resume, the Impact World Title. Alberto wanted to be the Undisputed World Champion.

Bobby Lashley walked out onto the ramp.These two will meet at Slammiversary. Bobby was tired of hearng how tough Alberto claims he is. Bobby wanted to smarten up El Patron. Bobby mentioned his own world travels The fans spoke for Alberto. Bobby feels that the match against El Patron would be his easiest match in history. Bobby stated he would take the Global title and send El Patron back to wherever he came from.

Bruce Prichard then strolled from the back. He has his own theme music? Bruce decided to make both men defend their titles, in India. Bruce told Bobby and Alberto that this would be Blind Title Matches. In other words, neither man would know who they would be facing until the challengers came from the locker room.

Bruce chatted with two masked men, backstage. They were the Mumbai Cats. They wanted Bobby and Alberto. “Not going to happen”. I have a feeling that one of them just might have been EC3.

Caleb Konley vs Low Ki
X-Division Title Match

No Pope at the announce desk. Sad face. Lottie really gets a kick out of Low Ki’s Crazy 88s outfit but still wonders how he can move like he does in it.


They locked up but broke. Low Ki kicked away. Caleb retreated as Low Ki took Konley to school. Caleb with a Leg Sweep to get a two count. Side Headlock by Caleb. Corner Splash and Corner Mount Punches by Low Ki. Uppercut by the champ. The ref checked on Caleb.

Seated Abdominal Stretch by Low Ki. Caleb got out and exploded on Low Ki. Low Ki blocked a Corner Attack. Low Ki charged and hit the ropes. Suicide Dive by Caleb. Low Ki’s face was bleeding. It was around the eye. Caleb headed up top and flew. 1-2-Kick Out.

That eye injury was bad. Knife Edge Chop by Caleb. 2 count. The ref kept checking on Low Ki’s eye. Low Ki held the ropes to avoid a Suplex. Shotgun Dropkick by Low Ki. Low Ki headed up top for the Warrior’s Way, in the ropes.

Your Winner: Low Ki
Impact Score: 2.75 out of a possible 5

We both think that match may have been changed, on the fly, due to the injury.

Sonjay Dutt came out, speaking Hindi. The fans loved it. He confronted Low Ki. Dutt talked about what Low Ki did to Dutt’s eye, a few weeks back. Dutt asked for a title match. Dutt wanted it, next week. Low Ki eagerly accepted the match! Oh, Heck Yeah! That just might get Lottie her very first 5-Star Match!

‘Swoggle discussed why he attacked Rock Star Spud. This was one of the few times that the midget has spoken on TV. ‘Swoggle now wants revenge on Spud.

“Lone Wolf” Davey Richards vs Ficas Kumar

Sunset Flip on Davey but Richards would not go over. Double Stomp by Davey. Davey was ticked off that Angelina wasn’t with him. Dropkick sent Davey out to the floor. Davey side stepped a Suicide Dive. Davey screamed for Eddie Edwards.

Davey put the local kid on the ropes. Kumar knocked Davey off the ropes. Kumar missed the Moonsault. Creeping Death Kick into the Ankle Lock. Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Davey Ricahrds

Impact Score: 1.25

EC3 walked from the back. Ethan had a belt in his hand. Kumar was still in the ring and he got whipped with the belt.

James Storm’s music then hit and the Cowboy walked out and chased EC3 out of the ring. Strap Match at Slammiversary?

E-Li Drake confronted Bruce Prichard about last week’s Grand Championship Match. Drake knew Bruce had a problem with . Chris Adonis came in and calmed down his buddy. Chris asked for the titles shots for himself and Drake. Bruce said he would think about it.

We want to send out our deepest sympathies to the family, friends and fans of Canadian grappler “Rotten” Ron Starr. We got notice, from Smith Hart, that Starr had passed away, earlier this week. Starr was a long time tag partner to Wayne “Honky Tonk Man” Ferris and a fixture in Stampede for many years. Rest well.

Impact ran a video package about the Hall of Fame. Who would go in, this year? James Storm mentioned being mentored by Curt Hennig, a Hall of Famer in his own right.

Next week, Josh Mathews will do a sparing session. Also, Sonjay Dutt will challenge Low Ki.

‘Swoggle chased Rock Star Spud through the crowd. This is one of the sillier feuds in recent history. The crowd really hated Spud. Spud ran away from his arch-nemesis.

We got a video profile of Mahabali Shera. We got to see some of Shera’s family.

Joseph Park came to see Jeremy Borash, earlier in the week. JB was watching video when Park showed up. Park wanted to train himself and JB.

Bobby Lashley vs Moose
Impact World Title Match


I love the ring announcer guy, from India. He has that fun fire in his voice. The Grand Championship was NOT on the line.

They went into the Collar and Elbow. Push Off by Moose. They collided but neither moved. Universal into a Back Elbow by Bobby. Kip Up by Moose into a Dropkick. Knife Edge Chop and Uppercut by Moose. Bobby ducked the Discus Clothesline and hit a Crossbody. Bobby ran over Moose.

They went to the corner and unloadd with Chops. Belly to Back by Bobby. The fight headed out to the floor. Bobby drove Moose into the ring apron and then sent Moose into the barricade. Moose went to the eyes. They headed back into the ring.

Bobby drove his weight down onto the lower back of Moose. He also stomped Moose’s hand. Rear Chin Lock by Bobby. The ref checked to see if Moose was out but he wasn’t . Moose worked up to his feet and Elbowed free. Bobby got the boot up but Moose hit a Vertical Leap Dropkick that sent Lashley out to the floor. Bobby pulled Moose off the apron and the challenger hit the edge. Off to break.

We are back and Bobby Speared Moose. 2 count. Bobby punched the face of his challenger. Corner Mount Punches by Lashley. Moose with a Powerbomb and Backsplash Senton, followed by a Moonsault. 2 count, once again. Hesitation Dropkick by Moose. 1-2-no. Running Clothesline by Bobby. Moose Leap Frogged the Spear and took down Bobby with his own Spear. Bobby just barely kicked out of that one.

Moose headed up top but Bobby caught him. Superplex! Could be…might be…Denied! Bobby set for his patented Spear. Moose countered with a Bicycle Kick and Side Effect. Moose calls it Go to Hell. The fans chanted for Moose. Spear!

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Impact Score: 4.0

Impact highlighted the tag champs, LAX. Konnan was proud of his boys for being Double Champions. Konnan said the powers will have to deal with them now.

Rock Star Spud cut a promo about going to India. He loved the country, even though he was struggling, a bit.

Rosemary vs Laurel van Ness (w/Sienna)
Knockout Title Match


Laurel fell into the ring. The fans just exploded for Rosemary.

Rosie took down Laurel and pounded away. Laurel whined about being hit in the face. Sienna pulled Rosemary outside and sent her into the ring post. Sienna threw Rosemary back in and Laurel shook Rosie’s face. Kicks by Laurel. Laurel ran around, acting silly. Rosemary sat up ala Undertaker. Corner Attack and Exploder by Rosemary. Sienna got up on the apron but got knocked off. Roll Up by Rosemary.

Your Winner: Rosemary
Impact Score: 1.5

Sienna and Laurel tried to double team Rosemary. Allie came out, with a kendo stick. She cleaned house. This wild alliance has everyone puzzled.

KM came up to talk with Bruce Prichard. He thought he would get to fight Alberto El Patron. Bruce corrected him that KM was NOT the Number One Contender. KM refused to accept that. Bruce stood his ground against KM.

JB and Park began their training. Lottie and I will be doing our gym work to help with her recovery from surgery. It starts soon. Smile. This segment turned into a comedy skit.

Alberto El Patron vs Christopher Adonis
Global Force Title Match


Chris stomped away on El Patron. E-Li Drake helped his buddy, from the floor. The fight spilled out into the crowd. Alberto pitched Adonis back into the ring. Alberto missed the Skidmark. Adonis Lock, in the ropes. Drake stomped on Alberto as Impact headed to break.

Adonis put Alberto into a Camel Clutch. Alberto would not give up. El Patron escaped but was still held in a Side Headlck. Chris took Alberto down and choked the champ. Hammer Throw by Adonis. Chris boxed and kicked El Patron. Chris was flipped onto the apron. Dropkick to the knee and Adonis landed, face first, on the ring apron. Chris rolled back in the ring. Running Clothesline by Alberto. 2 count. Alberto called for the Superkick but missed it. Spinebuster by Adonis. 2 count.

Flying Arm Bar and Superkick by El Patron. Adonis barely kicked out. Adonis avoided the Cross Armbreaker and ran Alberto into the corner. Cross Ambreaker, in the ropes. The ref forced the break. Alberto jumped off the top, Sky High Powerbomb but Alberto still kicked out. Drake got up on the apron. The ref forced him down. Chris screamed for the Masterlock byt Alberto with a Standing Switch. Corner Double Stomp to take this one home.

Your Winner: Alberto El Patron
Impact Score: 3.0

E-Li Drake jumped Alberto, after the match. Bobby Lashley came out to watch this mugging. Drake drove the Global Force belt into Alberto’s face. Moose rushed down to aid El Patron. Moose checked on the GFW Champion. We figure we will get a tag match, next week, of Lashley and Adonis vs Moose and El Patron.

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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