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205 Live Recap
Blue Cross Arena
Rochester, New York
Air Date: June 6, 2017

Tonight on 205 Live, the main event is established based on the highlight from Raw that opens the show. We go to last night’s Raw where TJP is still demanding his shot at the Championship. Neville tells him he has to go out and beat Mustafa Ali. Neville assures him that, if he can do that, he will talk to Angle and get TJP his shot. When TJP beats Ali, Neville tells TJP that Angle said no. When TJP asks for both men to talk to Angle, Neville attacks him and gives him his match.

Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcome us to the show and hype the championship main event that is coming later in the show.

Noam Dar makes his way to the ring without Alicia Fox. Phillips suggests the couple is having issues due to its loss at Extreme Rules. In the ring, Dar explains that Fox is home recovering from a neck injury but she sends Cedric Alexander a message to move on.

Alexander makes his entrance for the first match.

Match 1: Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar

Alexander is in control early hitting Dar with a standing Frakensteiner and a dropkick. Dar comes back to take control by knocking Alexander off the turnbuckle and going to work on the left arm.

Alexander is able to fight back by catching a kick attempt by Dar. Alexander tries to pick up the pace with a handspring elbow and a flying clothesline for a near-fall. Dar comes back by taking out Alexander’s leg. Dar tries to roll him up and gets a two count. Dar tries to pick up Cedric but Alexander counters with a small package for a two-count. Alexander is able to nail an out-of-nowhere lumbar check for the pin.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

After the match, Alexander makes it a point to tell Dar that he has moved on and Dar should do the same.

Main event hype continues as the announce desk throws it to a video profile of TJP focusing on the Cruiserweight Classic.

In the back, TJP is interviewed about his match tonight. He says the first title win was for everyone else, this one will be for him. He closes the interview by telling Neville he now has a TJP problem. The show goes to break.

Back from commercial, we are set for the next match. One of the competitors, Louie Valle is already in the ring. Mustafa Ali makes his entrance. On his way to the ring, we see video of Ali’s match from last week that shows his lost to Drew Gulak.

Match 2: Mustafa Ali vs. Louie Valle

Valle had some good offense in this match especially early when Valle did some early work on Ali’s arm. Ali comes back with dropkick but Valle stayed in it but dropping Ali, throat-first across the top rope. Valle started to lay it on Ali with several hard shots.

Valle tried to charge Ali in the corner but Ali was able to sidestep and nail him with a kick to the head followed by the flying neckbreaker through the ropes. Ali wanted to end it here and setup Valle for the inverted 450 splash when Drew Gulak interrupted and caused a distraction to Ali.

Valle tried to take advantage with a quick rollup on Ali but Ali reverses it for the win.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

After the match, Drew Gulak praised Ali and said that he would be successful if he follows him and embraces the “No Fly Zone.” Ali soars over the ropes and flies on Gulak.

A second video profile airs on former Cruiserweight Champion, Rich Swann. He thanked his mother for making him the person he is today. Not sure why this aired here except to position a future challenger for Neville.

We go backstage and see Swann talking to Akira Tozawa. They are interrupted by Titus Oneil who is there to talk to Tozawa. Titus tells Tozawa that he is looking to take the brand international and Tozawa was recommended by Apollo Cruise as a possible great addition to the brand. Titus was excited about Tozawa’s yell and thinks that means money for both of them. He closes the segment by asking Tozawa to think about it. The show goes to commercial.

Back from the break, TJP makes his entrance while Neville is interviewed backstage.

Neville says TJP was a tool and a means to an end and now that h is outlived his usefulness, he will dispose of him. Neville makes his entrance.

Both men get the full ring announcement treatment as we are set for the main event.

Match 3: Cruiserweight Championship Match: TJP vs. Neville (Champion)

Neville, often billed as one of the strongest members of the roster shoves TJP around early and hits an impressive beal out of the corner. TJP comes back with a drop toehold into a Boston Crab. Neville is able to reach the ropes and break the hold but TJP wraps Neville in the tarantula.

Neville drops to the floor, TJP follows and grts run into the barricade giving Neville control. Neville drops TJP across the announce table and acts as though TJP will get counted out but TJP barely beats the count back in. Neville goes to work using power moves and strikes to punish TJP.

Neville goes to the top rope and lands a big missile dropkick on TJP. Neville goes to the top rope on the other side of the ring but TJP recovers in time to stop him and send Neville to the floor. TJP reasserts himself in the match as he flies on Neville. TJP nails a wrecking ball dropkick and gut-buster combination but Neville kicks out at two and a half.

TJP goes to end it with the Detonation Kick but Neville blocks it by hooking his toes on the top rope. Neville is able to counter with a big running boot for a two-count. TJP was quick turn things around as he was able to catch Neville’s leg and execute a dragron-screw leg whip followed by a dropkick to the knee. TJP charges Neville, who retreated to the corner but is stopped by a Neville boot to the face. Neville tries to capitalize by going for a 450 splash but TJP avoids it.

TJP has his best shot to end the match here as he locks in the knne bar. Neville is able to maneuver himself close to the ropes. TJP tries to re-position him and gets caught in a Rings of Saturn attempt. TJP is able to roll Neville on his shoulders but Neville kicks out at two and is able to reapply the Rings for the tapout victory.

Winner: Neville

Neville celebrates in the ring while TJP,dejectedly, makes the long walk to the back to close the show.

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