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Jermaine Royster reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York and tonight we two firsts on Smackdown Live as Shinsuke Nakamura faces the new face of America, United States Champion Kevin Owens. Also the long awaited debut/return of the New Day happens tonight and its interesting how they fit in the Smackdown Tag Team division. The Womens Division will be on full display as the Welcoming Commitee will face Naomi, Charlotte & Becky Lynch in Six Womens action. If that isn’t enough we have an instant rematch between Dolph Ziggler & AJ Styles.
Shane McMahon’s music starts off the show and the Commissioner makes his way down to the ring while all five of the Womens Money In The Bank participants are in the ring. Shane introduces all five women then reveals the Womens Money In The Bank Breifcase which is all white the green. Shane then informs all of them that the reward is great but the risk is even greater. James Ellsworth interupts and he says there is no need to explain the rules because we already know Carmella will win the match. Charlotte Flair then chimes saying that she is the superior to them all but Natalya doesnt like this and she says she is….Becky Lynch steps in and tells her to stop ripping of Bret Hart, Tamina chimes in but then the lights go out and the Champion Naomi shows up. Naomi says she is jealous because she wishes she could be in this match but then she interupted by the long awaited…Lana. Lana prances o the ring in a sparkling blue dress then enters the ring with a microphone. Shane says hello then says this isnt the correct time for her to debut, Lana says she will make it work for him because she wants to compete in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Naomi starts to laugh but Lana doesnt think this is funny, Naomi states that she hasnt even beaten anyone yet. Lana fires back saying she can beat her and then both women have to be seperated by Shane McMahon. Lana then storms off speaking another language and the crowd chants, “WE WANT LANA!”

Womens Division
Six Women Tag Match
Naomi(c), Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs Natalya, Carmella w/James Ellsworth & Tamina (The Welcoming Comittee)

Charlotte starts with Natalya and both women lock up with Natalya scoring with a head lock then Charlotte counters the move but Nattie gets the head scissors then celebrates to the crowd. Charlotte comes back with chops then she drops a knee off the ropes just like her father, Becky Lynch then comes in as does Carmella. Lynch scores with a takedown cut Carmella counters into a pin attempt for a one count then both women would trade pin attempts. Lynch then pounds on Carmella in the corner but Carmella sends Lynch to the outside and Natalya blasts her with a discus punch as Smackdown Live goes to a commercial. When Smackdown resumes we see Lynch trying to make a tag but Natalya tags in Tamina and she attacks Lynch then slaps on a reverse chin lock. Lynch breaks away but she gets dropped by Tamina for a two count, Natalya comes back in and she gets rolled up by Lynch for a two count. Natalya slams Lynch then goes back to the reverse chin lock, Becky fights back and Carmella gets the tag and she drops Carmella but Naomi gets the tag. Naomi hits the JawBreaker to Carmella then Tamina gets the tag. Tamina forces Naomi to the corner but Naomi gets the High Cross Body for a two count. Tamina and Natalya double team Naomi but as Naomi gets away we see Lana show up again and she pulls Naomi’s leg out from under her which causes Tamina to hit the Superkick for the win.

Your Winners: Tamina, Natayla & Carmella

Next wee see Mojo Rawley backstage with Shane McMahon and he says even though he won the Andre Memorial Battle Royal he feels he hasnt been given a shot. Mojo says he isnt upset about not being in Money In The Bank and he just wants an oppertunity. Mojo says he is the only man that has beaten WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, Shane then says if Mojo can do it again tonight then Mojo will be in the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Singles Match(Return Match from Last Week)
AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler
Dolph starts off trying to counter AJ’s moves with front headlocks and roll ups but Styles gets away each time. AJ counters a hammerlock from Ziggler but Dolph counters with a drop kick that floors AJ for a two count. Both men trade right hands mid ring and AJ wins the encounters but Ziggler tries the Fammaser and AJ scores with a big clothesline. Dolph then tries a rollup with his feet on the ropes then hits the Fammaser for a two count. Dolph gets AJ in the corner then tries a Superplex but AJ blocks then slips to the floor, AJ counters then hits a fore arm then tries a sunset flip for a two count. Styles then transitions into the Styles Clash and he plants Ziggler then covers him for the win.

Your Winner: AJ Styles

Singles Match
Mojo Rawley vs [WWE Champion] “The Maharaja” Jinder Mahal

Bothe men lock up at the start, Jinder forces Mojo to the corner but Mojo unloads on Jinder hitting a hip toss and Jinder heads to the outside. Jinder gets back in the ring and kicks Mojo the assults Mojo but Mojo counters with a shoulder block off the ropes and again Jinder goes to the outside. Mojo screams at Jinder then catches him with another shoulder block but this time the Singh Brother get in the way causing Jinder to get the drop on Mojo. Jinder takes down Mojo with a few shots then drops down and slaps on a reverse chin lock, Mojo hits another shoulder block that drops Jinder. Mojo then gets countered by Jinder near the referee and this allows Jinder to hit his finisher The Collas(Half Nelson Slam) and Jinder gets the win.

Your Winner: Jinder Mahal

After the match Jinder speaks to the crowd and he reminds them that he is the WWE Champion and he just dismantled Mojo and Randy Orton is next. Mojo says Randy is sick and Jinder is the medicine and once he cures the WWE of Randy Orton everyone will respect him. Jinder the speaks in his native Punjab before his music hits and he celebrates with the WWE Championship.

Tag Team Match
The Colon’s vs The New Day(Smackdown Live Debut)

Woods starts with Primo and after a few reversals Primo gets Xavier in the corner then Woods takes down Primo with a hurincanranna for a two count. Epico gets the tag and he attacks Woods but Xaver counters and gets to Big E for the tag. Big E uses the abdominal stretch then Woods comes in and he hooks Primo in the same move, both Big E & Woods play to the crowd at the same time. Woods then is in the ring with Primo and Primo attacks Woods in the corner but Woods gets away then climbs up to and hits a Missile Dropkick. Big E gets the hot tag and hits a variety of suplexes to both Primo and Epico, Big E hits the big splash then Woods hits a splash to Primo on the outside. Woods & Big E then hits the Midnight Hour to Epico and they come away with the win in their debut match.

Your Winners: The New Day

After the match we see The Uso’s come out and they say that The New Day are more like Yesterday because The Uso’s are now the champs. The Uso’s then clown The New Day with jokes then they tell them they will lose.

Smackdown Live Main Event
Singles Match
Shinsuke Nakamura vs [United States Champion]Kevin Owens

Owens looks to lock up but Shinsuke uses quick kicks to get Owens to back up, Owens then shoots in and scores with an arm bar. Shinsuke counters the hold the hits a step up enziguri dropping Owens. After the commecial break we see Owens is now in control hitting back kicks to a downed Nakamura for a two count. Owens drops down and slaps on the rear chin lock, Shinsuke rises to his feet but Owens drops him back down with a DDT for a two count. Owens goes back to the rear chin lock but this time Nakamura gets away and ducks Owens then scores with a big kick. Nakamura hits a combo of strikes then a running knee in the corner for a two count, Nakamura trues the reverse suplex but Owens scores with a headbutt then a clothesline in the corner. Owens goes up top with Shinsuke and teases a Super plex but Nakamura gets away but falls in the corner. Owens scores with the running cannonball in the corner but Shinsuke counters again and this time hits the reverse exploder suplex, Nakamura then sets up in the corner and blasts Owens with the Kinsasha Knee strike and Owens is down. Nakamura covers the United States Champion and comes away with the win in the Main Event.

Your Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match we see Baron Corbin running in the ring and he blindsides Nakamura and hits the End of Days and Shinsuke is down. JBL on commentary says he just might have changed his pick for Money In The Bank afet what he just saw. Nakamura is down in the ring as Baron Corbin walks back up the ramp and celebrates as Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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