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Jermaine Royster reporting

Tonight on World Pro Wrestling Returns(New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTv) we get the Main Event of New Beginning in Sapporo from February 5, 2017. On this night IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada faced Minoru Suzuki, leader of the notorious “Suzuki-Gun”. This would be Suzuki’s first title shot since Suzuki-Gun showed up at New Years Dash the night after Wrestle Kingdom 11 where Minoru attacked Okada. This is also Okada’s first title match after the mega match between he and Kenny Omega at the Dome.

Febraury 5, 2017
New Beginning in Sapporo
Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center
Sapporo, Hokkaido

Main Event
Singles Match
IWGP Heavyweight Championship
“RainMaker” Kazuchika Okada(c) [Chaos] vs Minoru Suzuki [Suzuki-Gun]

The bell sounds and Suzuki circles Okada then a ties up where Okada backs out and restarts, both then struggle for position. Okada slaps the chest of Suzuki on the ropes before the break then Minoru looks to shoot in for the hook. Suzuki then goes to the knees of Okada with quick kicks then Suzuki goes right to the knee bar and Okada has to roll to the bottom rope. Okada has to retreat to the outside because of the injured right knee which was caused by Suzuki backstage. Both men are now trading shots in the middle of the ring but Okada scores with a seated drop kick to Suzuki by the ropes, as Okada blasts away Suzuki quickly wraps the arm of Okada and applies an arm bar while hanging off the ropes. Okada & Suzuki then fight on the floor where Okada slams Suzuki off the barricade then a draping DDT to Suzuki off the barricade. Minoru makes it back in the ring by 16 and Okada hits a neck breaker for a quick count then Okada goes to a rear chin lock. Suzuki gets to the bottom rope causing a break but Okada doesnt let up as he keeps blasting Suzuki. Minoru tells Okada to keep it coming and Suzuki takes a pounding then gets sent back to the outside for more punishment. Tachi tries to come over for the save but Red Shoes gets in the way causing Suzuki to drop Okada then attack the injured knee on the outside. Suzuki uses a chair on that knee then wraps Okada’s knee around the steel post, Suzuki then goes back top grab a chair and he blasts Okada’s knee once more. Suzuki gets back in the ring after dropping Gedo for ggod measure then he starts to attack Okada but again goes back to the knee bar. This time Okada has his knee wrapped up in the ropes as Suzuki runs the ropes and drops a knee on it. Suzuki then wraps Okada in another knee bar but this time has both legs hooked and he rolls around with Okada. Suzuki then switches to a butterfly lock bending the injured leg in the wrong direction but Okada does get to the ropes for the break. After a few stomps on the knees from Suzuki we see Okada get up but can barley stand as they trade shots again. Suzuki decks Okada so hard he falls back to the corner and to no surprise, Suzuki hooks the knee again. Suzuki just blasts Okada in the face with two big boots but Okada does get one good shot in that drops Suzuki, Okada then hits a DDT for a two count. Okada slams Suzuki then tries the diving elbow drop but Suzuki gets out of the way and punt kicks Okada in the chest. Both men would start trading shots again then Suzuki counters Okada and goes back to the knee bar, Okada fights back breaking the hold but not after Suzuki wrenches the knee a little bit more. Okada gets to the bottom rope and the hold is broken but the kicks that Suzuki lays in are just awful. Okada gets to the corner but cant get to his feet so Suzuki just continues to attack the knee of Okada, all of a sudden Okada hits the big corner drop kick sending Suzuki to the outside. Okada meets Suzuki in the ring with a missile drop kick from the top for a two count, after a slam Okada goes back up top and this time hits the elbow and does the “RainMaker” Pose. Okada thries the RainMaker but Suzuki counters right back into that knee bar, Okada is now screaming in pain. The pain is so severe that Gedo gets up on the apron with a towel and you can hear Suzuki telling Gedo to throw in the towel. Okada makes it to the bottom rope but Okada is sent off the ropes and he cant even run. Suzuki brings Okada back to the center of the ring and this time slaps on the Figure Four Leg lock which puts Okada back in a bad situation where Gedo gets up on the ropes with the towel but Okada gets to the bottom rope. Okada then counters Suzuki with the Heavy Rain slam then Okada hits a few Uppercut fore arms. Suzuki then throws Red Shoes into Okada and this opens the door for Suzuki-Gun to come to the ring for the interference as Tachi & Killer Elite Squad come to the ring and beat down Okada. Ishii & Chaos come down to the ring to fight off Suzuki-Gun but Taichi is in the ring holding up Okada for Suzuki but Okada fights them both off and Okada hits the “Too Awesome” Drop Kick to Suzuki. Okada then tries to use Suzuki’s finsher but Suzuki counters back into the knee bar again, Okada almost submits but somehow manages to take the pain as Suzuki keeps the hold on for sometime. Okada tries to use his free leg to kick Suzuki but Minoru does not let go of the hold and again Okada looks to be finished but he somehow gets to the ropes again. Suzuki breaks the hold but blasts Okada with two more punt kicks to the chest, Suzuki covers Okada but only for a two count. Suzuki picks up and just slaps Okada twice, thats woke up Okada as both men start open hand slapping each other but Suzuki runs the ropes and scores witha sleeper hold but Okada counters with a neck breaker. Suzuki then hits a drop kick and unloads a crazy barage of slaps and punches that set up another sleeper hold attempt. Okada stands up trying to break the hold but Suzuki will not let go, Suzuki then tries the Gotch Pile Driver but Okada counters that with the RainMaker. Both men are down but Okada like always is still holding the wrist of Suzuki to maintain control. Suzuki tries to fight away with one arm but cant as he suffers another RainMaker. Okada picks him up for the kill but Suzuki counters one more time but Okada counters back with a German suplex then another RainMaker, Okada covers Minoru Suzuki and gets the three count and the win.

Your Winner: Kazuchika Okada retains the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

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