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Jermaine Royster Reporting

Smackdown comes to us live from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia and with Money In The Bank now announced we will start to see things take shape. It has already been reported that there will be a Fatal Five Way match to determine Naomi’s next challenger for the Smackdown Womens Championship. With Jinder Mahal celebrating his new WWE Championship last week we can almost be sure to see what Randy Orton has to say about his rematch and whats the stayus of Sami Zayn after being beaten down by Baron Corbin? The show opens with Charlotte Flair, Carmella, Natalya, Becky Lynch & Tamina all stating why they will win the No. 1 Contendership to face Naomi. When the show begins we see United States Champion Kevin Owens in the ring and he is conducting another episode of the “Highlight Reel”.

Owens talks about how Chris Jericho could never win a Money In The Bank match but he will and when it happens he will be the face of the WWE. Owens then introduces his guest, Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura comes to the ring and Owens tells Nakamura to stop dancing because this is America. Owens says the last person who claimed to be a rockstar got carried off in a stretcher. As Shinsuke tries to answer he gets interupted by Baron Corbin, Baron tells Shinsuke to shut up and watch his highlights of beating up Sami Zayn. Owens then tells Corbin that he has been beating up Sami for 15 years and that Corbin can leave. Corbin says he produces highlights, Shinsuke then says he pinned Owens last week and Corbin got beat by Sami Zayn. Corbin then charges the ring and both Owens and Corbin jump Nakamura. Sami Zayn then arrives to save Nakamura from the two heels, Zayn then gets on the microphone and makes the match next on Smackdown Live.

Tag Team Match
Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn & Shinsuke Nakamura

Smackdown resumes and Corbin starts with Nakamura, after the tie up we see Corbin forced to the ropes by Nakamura then Corbin takes a few knee strikes. Nakamura hits Good Vibrations to Corbin in the corner then Sami gets the tag. Owens gets the tag as well and Sami scores with head scisors then tags Corbin back in. Corbin attacks Sami in the corner with knees but Sami counters and gets in a few right hands. Sami then tries a suplex but Owens kicks Zatn and drops in from the ropes. Owens then gets the tag and they double tam Zayn, Corbin then tries a superplex but Zayn holds on trying a DDT but Corbin holds on just slams Zayn on his back. The action spills outside and Corbin slams Zayn on the barricade then gets Sami back in the corner and tags in Owens. Owens chokes Sami on the middle rope then slaps on a head lock in the middle of the ring. Sami tries to fight away but Owens tags in Corbin then another duoble team before Owens comes back in. Owens goes with a back strecth then back to the reverse chin lock. Sami tries to fight away and does hitting the Blue Thunder Bomb but Corbin comes in and takes out Nakamura then hits a Spine buster to Zayn. Corbin then blasts Sami with right hands but Zayn hits a big clothesline off the ropes then tags in Shinsuke. Nakamura takes out Owens with kicks and knee strikes in the corner for a two count then tries the reverse exploder but Owens gets away and Corbin breaks the pin attempt. Zayn comes on to make the save causing Owens to hit Corbin by mistake, Corbin then blasts Owens while Nakamura is set and ready and delivers the Kinsasha to Owens. Nakamaura covers Owens and gets the win for his team.

Your Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura & Sami Zayn

Smackdown Live Tag Champions The Uso’s are in the ring next and they talk about being the Tag Champs after beating The American Alpha & Breezango. then we hear Big E’s voice and The New Day are back! The New Day come to the ring and the crowd chants along with Xavier Woods, Woods screams they are back but The Uso’s tell them that they run this ship and this is the Uso’s House. Big E tells Jimmy that they want the titles but Jay says again that this is theyre house. Woods then says Shane McMahon has already informed them that at money In The Bank they will have their chance at the Titles.

The Jinder Mahal WWE Championship Celebration Highlights are shown next. Afterwards he have yet another episode of the Fashion Files.

Womens Division
No. 1 Contendership
Five Way Elimination Match
Carmella vs Natalya vs Tamina vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

The action starts before the bell rings all five women are just attacking each other in and out of the ring. Tamina attacks Charlotte while Natalya & Carmella are going at it on the outside, Tamina then takes apart the announce table and stares down Charlotte but Tamina gets countered by Charlotte and she takes out Tamina and Natalya on the outside with a beautiful moonsault. Carmella then takes out Charlotte, Tamina takes out Carmella then Natalya take them out. Charlotte then slams Natalya off the steel steps then Power Bombs Natalya through the announce table. Shane McMahon then comes out and says because the match not even starting but having so much action he wants a new match. Shane then makes the announcement that the first ever Womens Money In The Bank Ladder Match will take place with all five women in this match.

Tag Team Match
Breezango vs The Colons

Breezango come to the ring stil wearing the atire from the Fashion Files episode, Breeze is undercover as a woman and Primo drops him then takes off the dress. Primo then gets drop kicked by Breeze then he tags in Fandago. Fandango pulls out the water gun and shoots both Colons and they both are sent over the top rope. When Smackdown continues we see The Colons still in control as Fandango gets attacked by Epico but Fandango gets away. Epico hits a back breaker for a two count then Primo comes in for the double team. Epico comes back in and after a pin attempt he slams Fandango in the corner then pummels him with right hands. Fandango then hits a sunset flip power bomb but he cant tag Breeze. The Janitor then shows up and he takes out Primo with The Unprettier and Breezango gets the win.

Your Winner: Breezango

AJ Styles is backstage and he is asked about his match against Dolph Ziggler and he says this match is about building momentum towards Money In The Bank. Ziggler then comes in and he says he is the only one in the match that has actually won a Money In The Bank match.

Randy Orton comes to the ring next and he talks about his recent Title loss to Jinder Mahal. Randy says he has beaten everyone the WWE has to offer. Orton talks about his family history and talks about beating Jinder at Money In The Bank. Orton calls Jinder arrogant and that he has earned himself and Orton style ass whiping. Orton talks about Money In The Bank being in his hometown of St. Louis and he will take his title back. Jinder Mahal then appears on the big screen and Jinder talks about Randy’s family being part of a by gone era. Jinder says he is the present and the future, the WWE Champion.

Smackdown Live Main Event
Singles Match
AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler

Both men circle each other and get tied up but Styles gets away, Ziggler gets in a cheap shot but Styles answers with a drop kick. Dolph then slams AJ into the post and Styles hits his rins on the post and falls to the outside in pain. The action comes back in the ring as Ziggler tries to score a move on Aj but he gets away blasts Ziggler with two fore arms in the corner. AJ then hits a facebuster for a two count thenteases the Styles Clash but Ziggler counyters with a roll up for a two cunt. Styles then comes back hitting the Ushigaroshi neck breaker for a two count but Dolph gets away from the Styles Clash again. Ziggler then gets away while knocking Aj to the mat. AJ then teases the Super Styles Clash but Ziggler counters hitting a DDT from the top rope. Ziggler thries the Fameasser but Styles counters with a Spine buster, Zigler then tries a zig zag but AJ counters with a back breaker. AJ then charges Dolph but Ziggler blasts AJ with a jumping knee strike. Dolph then gets AJ on the top rope but AJ gets away and counters with the Calf Crusher in the middle of the ring but Ziggler gets away raking the eyes of AJ. Dolph then hits the Zig Zag for a two count by the ropes, AJ blocks the Super kick then misses the Phenomenal Fore Arm attempt because he gets caught in the rope and Ziggler gets in a Super kick and Ziggler covers AJ for the win.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler

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