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The Raw Score: A Look Back at this week’s Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: Jay and Lottie Shannon

All five men from the main event of Extreme Rules were showcased, this week. Plus, more matches were added to the card.

We want to send our deepest sympathies out to the friends, family and fans of Gregg Allman. The Southern Rock Pioneer left us, late last week, at age 69. His music helped to inspire one of the most memorable characters in wrestling…The Midnight Rider. Always know your music will live forever and therefore…so will you. Rest in Peace.

The show began with a touching tribute to the men and women in our military. We are honored to have several generations of military men in our own family. That includes Lottie’s son. Thank you all for your service to our great nation.

Roll the opening montage!

We were live from South Carolina, this Memorial Day. Greenville was a legendary wrestling city, back during the territories era.

The Miz and Maryse came out to open the live portion of the show. Oh, Ok…this is MizTV. Yawn. Miz said he and Maryse were feeling good about Sunday’s match against Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship.

Miz knew Dean intentionally got himself Disqualified, to keep his belt. Miz said he went to Kurt Angle to get this special match. Miz sent it back to footage of Dean vs Elias Sampson, from last week. Miz attacked Eias so Dean would be DQ’d.

Miz was ready to become the 7-time IC Champ. Miz then brought out Cesaro and Sheamus. That duo will battle the Hardy Boyz in a Steel Cage Match, Sunday, for the tag straps.

Miz tried to get the crowd to yell for Sheamus and Cesaro. Miz said no two men have worked harder than EuroClass. Miz brought up how the Hardy Boyz waltzed in to Wrestlemania and stole the tag belts. Sheamus was still upset that everyone turned their backs on Cesaro, as soon as the Hardyz showed up. Sheamus was confident that they would break Matt and Jeff and take back the Raw Tag Team Titles. Miz praised himself and the oter two men and expressed that all three had been held down. Miz switched the topic back to himself.

Dean Ambrose decided that he had heard enough. Dean stayed on the floor near the ring. Dean knew someone needed to come out and shut the mouths of Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro. Dean didn’t come alone for this fight…

Enter Matt and Jeff Hardy! The Faces rushd the ring and cleaned house. Time for the night’s first commercial break.

Matt and Jeff Hardy and Dean Ambrose vs Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro
Six Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

10 Beats by Sheamus to Matt. Cesaro took the tag and flew off the ropes to deliver an Elbow Drop to the skull. Back Body Drop by Matt. Dean got the Hot Tag. He dropped Cesaro and then flew out onto Miz. Dean came off the top. Cesaro reversed Dirty Deeds. Blind Tag by Sheamus. Dean sent the Celtic Warrior over the top. Dean rolled up Sheamus and hit the Rolling Neckbreaker. Step Up Knee Strike by Sheamus. Break time.

We are back and Miz unloaded with Danielson Kicks to Dean’s chest. Big Boot by Miz pulled a two count. Tag to Cesaro. The Swiss Superman missed the Uppercut Train and landed hard on the floor. Miz charged and was sent to the floor. Dean crawled to the corner but Miz took Matt and Jeff off the apron. Sheamus tagged in and nailed a White Noise combo with Cesaro. Nice. Dean still kicked out at two. Corner Shoulders by Sheamus. Sheamus lifted Dean for a Middle Rope White Noise. Dean fought free from the devastating move. Dean knocked Sheamus off the ropes. Standing Savage Elbow by Dean.

Cesaro was tagged. Rebound Clothesline by Dean.Tag to Jeff as Miz become legal. Jeff did his classic combo that included the Inverted Atomic Drop. Tag to Matt. Poerty in Motion! Side Effect! 1-2-Sheamus broke it up. Twist of Fate. Dirty Deeds. Twist of Fate. Swanton!

Your Winners: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and DeanAmbrose
Raw Score: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Corey was busy on his phone. He suddenly walked away from the announce desk without saying a word as to why. Alexa Bliss was ready to make fun of Bayley, a little later on.

Kurt Angle was on his phone when Corey Graves walked up. Corey claimed to be on Kurt’s side but he was worried that something was coming that could wreck Kurt’s GM status. Corey wanted to help Kurt. Whatever it was could ruin Kurt. Huh?

Elias Sampson was out to play guitar and sing. We like this character, even if the singing isn’t all that great.

Elias Sampson vs Zac Evans

Elias worked over the skinny kidi. Eias focused on Zac’s arm. Headbutt and Clothesline by Sampson. Elias pitched the kid into the corner as the “Boring” chants rose. Elias bounced the kid’s head off the apron. The ref reached 5 but didn’t call for the bell. Elias twisted Zac around the ring post. Punt Kick by Elias. Elias punched away. Finish this massacre. Swinging Neckbreaker…the Drift Away…by Sampson.

Your Winner: Elias Sampson
Raw Score: 1.5

Corey rejoined the announce team but wouldn’t share what was going on.

Lucha Underground returns with the 2nd half of Season 3 on Wednesday. Hey, USA advertised it so why not report it?

Samoa Joe was interviewed about his pending Triple Threat Match. Joe was ready to make the Impossible–Possible. Joe knew Finn Balor and was ready to break him. Joe was cut off by Bray Wyatt. Bray told Joe that he was the Devil that Joe didn’t know. Bray knew Joe was blind while Wyatt’s eyes were wide open. Bray got all cryptic about defeating the Beast. Bray refused to turn away from the fight against Brock Lesnar.

Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt vs Samoa Joe
Triple Threat Match


All three were cautious as the match opened. Bray bailed out of the ring. Finn jumped Joe but the big Samoan punched away and hit Knee Strikes. Whip by Joe but Finn jumped over the ropes. Bray applaluded Finn. Joe went out and threw Bray back in the ring. Finn and Bray slugged it out. Finn dropped Bray with a kick and went for a pin. Joe picked that moment to return and strike. Joe then picked up Bray. He didn’t get to attack, thanks to Finn. Finn tore into Bray with wild punches. Crossbody by Bray to Balor.

Bray with a measured punch to Balor’s jaw. Uppercut by Bray. Finn fought up on the ropes. Joe jumped Bray and dumped him out of the ring. Joe climbed up the ropes and set for a Superplex. Bray rushed in and turned it into the Tower of Doom Slam. Spider Stance by Bray. Joe locked in the Kokina Clutch on Bray and Finn had to save his foe. Flip Dive by Finn sent us to break.

Joe Boxed away on Finn as Raw came out of commercial. Double Shoulder Tackle on Finn. Both Joe and Bray were focused on Finn. Joe kept punching away but Finn fought back with shots to Joe and Bray. Elbow Smashes by Finn but Bray attacked from behind. Bray told Joe to attack Finn. Bray set and waited. Corner Run by Wyatt. All three men traded punches. Inverted Atomic Drop and Big Boot and Senton by Joe to Finn. Backsplash Senton by Wyatt.

Bray clocked Joe as Joe rushed towards Finn. Finn battled out of the Uranage and hit his version of the Pele Kick. Finn scooted to the corner. Double Boots and Flying Forearms by Finn. Clothesline by Joe and Corner attack. Both Finn and Bray were stunned. Finn went on the attack. Running Knee Strike by Finn to Joe. He then hit a series of Running Dropkicks, on the floor, to both opponents. Finn threw Joe back in the ring. The fans were loving this match. Running Chops by Finn. Uranage Slam by Joe.

Shinu Numaki by Joe. Finn got free and hit the Double Stomp. Finn escaped Sister Abigail and hit another Double Stomp. Joe blocked Finn’s Sling Blade and dropped Balor. Spider Crawl by Bray. Sister Abigail to Joe Sling Blade to Bray. Shotgun Dropkick and Coup de Grae. Joe threw Finn into the ring post and covered Bray.

Your Winner: Samoa Joe
Raw Score: 4.0

Seth Rollins was next to be interviewed. He was asked about facing Roman Reigns, later on. Seth was so familiar with his former running buddy, Roman Reigns. Seth was ready to go to war with his former Shield partner. Seth felt he owns Roman and tonight would be no different. Seth needed to send a message to Roman and the other men in Sunday’s main event. Seth was primed to repeat on Sunday.

Rich Swann (w/Sasha Banks) vs Noam Dar (w/Alicia Fox)

These four will battle in a mixed tag match on Sunday.

Dar rushed and jumped Rich. Dar ran Rich into the corner. Float Over by Rich. Arm Drop Whip by Dar. Dar stood on Rich’s head and stomped away. Dar clawed at Rich’s face. Rich punched up on Dar. Arm Bar by Dar. Dar twisted Rich’s arm in the ropes. Rich punched and kicked away at Dar. Modified Hangover by Rich. Swann headed up top but Fox got on the apron. Phoenix Splash after Sasha puled Fox down.

Your Winner: Rich Swann
Raw Score: 2.5

Sasha and Rich danced away, after the match.

The Revival were interviewed. They have been out of action for several weeks, due to an injury. They were asked if they had anything to do with the attack on Enzo Amore. A video aired about Dash and Scott walking backstage, last week. The Revival didn’t want to waste time with a bottom feeder like Enzo.

We saw highlights of Brian Kendrick vs Akira Tozawa, from last week’s 205 Live. It was a wild match. Akira hit an amazing top rope Senton…to the floor…through a table! Akira won the match.

Big Cass came out and got up in Corey’s face. Graves talked his way out of a possible beating. Me thinks he (Cass) dost protest too much.

Kalisto vs Titus O’Neil (w/Apollo Crews)

Titus and Apollo did an insert video. Titus said Apollo needed to learn about charisma from him.

Titus grabbed Kalisto and threw him into the ropes. Backsprin Enziguri by Kalisto. Float Over by Kalisto led to several Dropkicks. Kalisto put down Titus. Titus blocked Kalisto’s finisher and used the tights to pin the masked man.

Your Winner: Titus O’Neil
Raw Score: 1.0

Selfie time for the Titus Brand.

Alexa Bliss came out to try and humiliate Bayley with a “This is Your Life” segment. The two women will figh tin a “Kendo Stick on a Pole” match, at Extreme Rules. The ring was filled with pictures and stuffed toys. Alexa still couldn’t believe Bayley would want to hurt someone with a kendo stick. Alexa knew that Bayley couldn’t “pul the trigger”. Alexa dug deep into Bayley’s past to find Bayley’s Life. This got really boring as Alexa went through the stuff on the table. Godd Lord, this was such an incredible waste of time. Alexa introduced Bayley’s 4th grade teacher. I happen to know who that REALLY is. I met her around the same time I met Bayley/Davina Rose.

Alexa then introduced Bayley’s former best friend, Tracy. Drying Paint wouuld be more interesting than this train wreck. Alexa then introduced a former boyfriend of Bayley. For this, so many good wrestlers don’t get a chance to perform? This one goes down as THE BIGGEST WASTE OF MONDAY NIGHT RAW TIME!

Bayley got her fill and stormed from the back. She charged the ring and Alea jumped her. Bayley put a serious hurting on Alexa. Snap German by Bayley. Bayley looked up at the kendo stick and smiled. She started to get it but Alexa pulled her down off the ropes. Alexa had a 2nd kendo stick to use. She waffled Bayley with it.

Maybe someone should take that Kendo Stick and wallop whoever wrote that crap!

Enzo was down, again. Cass checked on his buddy. Cass said it was the Revival. Kurt said he saw Dash and Dawson leave. Cass was certain it was the Revival. Cass would not leave his buddy, anymore. Enzo was so out of it. Switching the blame to The Revival?

Austin Aries and “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher vs Neville and T.J.P.


Perkins has abandoned his surname for an iniitial, now. A-Double opened against TJP. Aries kicked and clubbed away. Tag to Jack. Headbutt to the ribs of TJP. Perkins came back with a Side Headlock. Universal and Jack flipped TJP over. Tag to Neville.

The champ tossed Jack to the corner. Handstand and Dropkick by Jack. Side Headlock Takeover by Gallagher. Tag to Aries. Neville backed up, big time. Neville bailed out and Raw went to commercial.

Neville worked over Jack, in the corner. Neville yelled at the crowd. Snap Mare by Neville. Dropkick by the C-Champ. Neville kneeled on Jack’s throat. Neville talked trash to Aries, who just smiled at him. Headbutts to Neville’s ribs. Neville drove Jack into the canvas and told Aries it was for him.

Neville stomped Jack and urged the crowd to boo him. Neville dragged Jack to the enemy corner and tagged out to TJP. Arm Bar by TJP. Rear Chin Lock by TJP moved into a Side Headlock.

Jack finally rolled up to his feet. He bashed the ribs but fell to a Kitchen Sink. Cheap Shot on Aries. Aries rushed in to attack TJP. TJP tore at Jack’s face. Jack tried to get to his corner but a Headbutt stunned them both. Aries and Neville both got tags. Aries wore out Neville’s chest with slaps. Neville hit a Back Kick. Shinbreaker German by Austin. Neville blocked the Last Chancellory. TJP tripped Austin. Jack then pulled TJP off the apron. Neville was sent over the top and he landed on Jack. Suicide Dive by Aries. Austin pitched Neville back in the ring. Aries missed the Missile Dropkick. Last Chancellory and Neville TAPPED OUT!

Your Winner (by Submission): Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher
Raw Score: 3.5

Roman Reigns was asked about his match against Seth, in a few moments. Roman expressed that Seth or no one else owns him. It was HIS yard.
Neville was furious, backstage. He was asked about tapping out. Neville refused to respond and stormed off.

We saw the turn by Goldust, from 2 weeks ago. Goldust cut another promo where he used movie quotes to express his return to his old ways. WE WANT MARLENA! Goldust just couldn’t deal with being in a supporting role, anymore. Goldy was ready for the Final Act for the Golden Truth saga.

The video was hijacked by R-Truth. He did his own thing with movie quotes. The music sounded like something out of a Tarantino film or some of those great blaxplotation films of the 70s. Really like the NEW R-Truth.

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns


Collar and Elbow and neither wanted to give ground. Go Behind by Seth. School Boy gave Seth a two. Roman took Seth’s arm and twisted it. Seth hit a Standing Moonsault after breaking free and tripping Roman. Reigns headed out to the floor.

Back in the ring, Roman circled Seth like a shark smelling blood. Side Headlock by Seth. Push Off by Roman. Seth slid under and then escaped the Samoan Drop. Uppercut by Roman. Seth went out and Roman followed. Seth was sent into the barricade. Drive By drove Seth’s ribs into the post. Roman grinned at the pain he just issued to his former firend and partner. Roman went for the Spear but took a knee to the face. La Bandera sent Roman out of the ring and us to another series of food ads.

Seth was whipped into the barricade, just as Raw came back on the screen. They got back in the ring and Roman continued to dominate. Roman talked trash to Seth. Corner Clotheslines by Roman. Running Boot by the Big Dog.

Roman cocked his fist for the Superman Punch. Seth countered it with a kick to the ribs. Sling Blade by Seth. Corner Forearms by Seth. Seth wanted a Suplex but he couldn’t lift Roman. Seth hit a Dropkick and Suicide Dive. Seth rolled Roman in the ring. Seth did a Springboard…right into a Superman Punch! 2 count.

The fans booed Roman as he set for the Spear. School Boy by Seth into a Superkick. Could be…might be…Denied! Seth headed back up the corner. Roman popped Seth in the jaw. Seth slumped down over the top rope. Seth fought out of a Super Samoan Drop and hit the Buckle Bomb. Superman Punch!Where the Hell did that come from?

The ref started to count down both men. Seth tumbled down to the arena floor. Roman couldn’t believe that Seth got back up. Roman went out on the other side of the ring. Roman rushed Seth and got sent into the ring steps! Seth threw himself and Roman back in the ring. Seth headed back up and nailed the Blockbuster. 2 count. Seth headed right back up top. Frog Splash! 2 plus but just not the three.

Seth went right back up the ropes. Seth missed the 450 but still stopped the Spear. Enziguri and Rainmaker attaempt. He didn’t get that but Roman connected with the Spear!

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Score: 4.5

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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