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The Raw Score: A look at this week’s Monday Night Raw

Hosted by Jay and Lottie Shannon

Extreme Rules is just two weeks away.The five men in the main event all feel they will be the next person to challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal title.

Again, why does Brock get to sit around for MONTHS before having to defend the Universal-Title? Certainly devalues the strap, in our humble opinion.

Welcome to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We want to send our thoughts and prayers out to the ladies and gentleman that were injured and/or killed in Manchester, England, on Monday.

We began with an explanation about the Extreme Rules, Fatal Five Way Match. Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns will battle to get Brock.

Bray came out to open the live portion of the show. As Bray made his way down to the ring, the announcers discussed last week’s main event. Bray attacked several people with Sister Abigail. Bray told everyone to Stand Up to be liberated. Lottie and I both agree that Bray stands as the greatest talker of the modern era. Bray started to discuss The Beast. Bray would not run from the evil one but would rip open his chest and feast on his black heart. Bray was ready to slay the four pretenders to the throne so that he might destroy the Beast. Bray dissed his opponents at Extreme Rules. Bray claimed that he has no friends, only followers. Bray felt he was the only one who could destroy the Beast. Bray then went off on Roman Reigns. Bray had a question for Roman: “What does one silly little Yard mean to a man who owns the World?”.

Roman emerged from the back to confront the Eater of Worlds. Roman’s ribs were heavily taped. The crowd seriously booed Roman. Bray cackled at Roman’s words. Bray noticed that Roman was still ruled by his temper. Bray told Roman that Wyatt was the only one capable of beating Brock Lesnar. Roman countered that he would beat all four opponents and then take the title from Brock. Roman was set to get Bray out of Roman’s yard, when…

Kurt Angle came from the back. Kurt knew the two men in the ring were the top choices to win it all. Kurt set the match…

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt


The two circled each other before locking up. Bray charged and they went into a Collar and Elbow. They jockeyed for position and Roman took a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Roman but Bray would not go down. Roman punched away and then sent Bray into the corner. Spider Stand by Bray. Roman almost got caught in Sister Abigail. Bray ended up on the floor. Roman went out and popped Bray in the mush.

Back in the ring, Bray got the upper hand. Uranage by Bray. Uppercut by Wyatt. Hammer Throw by Bray and Roman clutched his injured ribs. Flying Clothesline by Roman as Bray charged. Corner Clotheslines by Roman. Unholy Impact by Bray.

Suddenly, Samoa Joe charged from the back. He looked totally ticked off. Who was he there to attack? Joe locked a Sleeper in on Roman.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Roman Reigns
Raw Score: 2.25 out of a possible 5

Seth Rollins came out swinging on Joe. Joe had just dropped Roman and Bray. Joe went to the floor. Bray started after Seth but Roman caught Wyatt with the Superman Punch. Seth and Roman stared at each other but gave each their own space.

Seth and Roman chatted in the back. Kurt came out to set up another match. Seth and Roman would work together to fight Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe. The Drifter, Elias Sampson, strolled in strumming on his guitar. Kurt told the guy he now has Kurt’s attention. Kurt wanted to give the guy his first match…against Dean Ambrose. Elias Sampson didn’t react.

Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari

Brian Kendrick watched from the back. Daivari unloaded with wild punches. Akira came back with kicks and chops. Sunset Flip by Daivari but Akira rolled though and Dropkicked the opponent. 2 count. Wicked Clothesline by Daivari to pull a two count. Daivari stomped the mid-section. Bicycle Kick by Akira. Jumping Rana by Akira. He missed the Paradise Kick but nailed the wild German Release. Akira went up top and nailed a wild Senton. Count to 100, this bad boy’s a done deal.

Your Winner: Akira Tozawa
Raw Score: 3.0

Brian Kendrick was asked if he was impressed. He was but not as much as people will be when he decimates Tozawa in their Street Fight, on 205 Live.

Dean Ambrose vs Elias Sampson


Miz and Maryse watched from the announce desk. Dean kept the control for most of the match. Elias did a modified Short Arm Clothesline, in the ropes, to rock the IC Champ. Running Knee Strike, by Elias, sent us to break.

Elias had a Shinu Numaki locked in. Dean powered up to his feet and punched the ribs. Knee Strike and Clothesline by Elias. 2 count.

Variation of the Fujiwara Arm Bar by Sampson. Dean punched away and hit a Back Elbow. Big Kick by Dean. Rolling Neckbreaker by Dean. Dean punched and kicked his foe. Shoulder Tackles by Dean. Ambrose’s shoulder seemed to be injured. Dean climbed up top and flew…into a Jumping Knee Strike. 1-2-Kick Out Dean went for a pin and only got a two. Rebound Clothesline by Ambrose. Miz ran down and attacked Sampson.

Your winner (by Disqualification): Elias Sampson
Raw Score: 2.75

Dean chased Miz all around ringside. Dean caught him but Elias attacked. Sampson planted Dean with hs Underspin Neckbreaker… we call that the Drift Away.

In the back, Enzo Amore was beaten up. Big Cass tried to wake up his buddy to find out who did the deed.

Enzo was somewhat awake, following the break. He was asked what happened. Enzo was jumped by unknown person or persons. Kurt promised to get to the bottom of this heinous attack Cass said Kurt better find out who did this before he did. Hmmm…is this possibly the era of team implosions? Did Cass actually do it?

Finn Balor vs Karl Anderson


This was the first Hour Turner moment of the week. Finn wanted to talk before fighting. He mentioned the Balor Club. Finn botched his promo, a little bit. Finn knew he was the Underdog in that match. Finn was focused until…

Paul Heyman Returned! Vacation must be over. Paul could be out to scout victims for his champion. Paul was seriously confident that Brock will be able to destroy anyone thrown at him. Paul drew serious heat when he brought up Roman Reigns and mentioned the Undertaker’s demise. Finn allowed Paul to enter the ring. Paul knew Finn was no one’s victim. Paul also felt Finn was not an Underdog. Paul pushed the Balor Club. Paul praised Finn for being the most talented man in WWE today. Paul bragged about how fantastic his client is. Paul knew that Finn felt Brock would be HIS victim. Paul really wants to see Finn Balor vs Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title. Paul offered his hand to Finn and Balor took it. Cool. Finn wished Brock had shown up but, as usual, he didn’t. Finn asked Paul to inform Brock that he would be coming for the Beast and the title that he never lost. Finn was confident that he would beat Brock.

Karl Anderson then came out to fight this scheduled match. That match will happen, right after these words from our sponsors.

Karl was working over Finn’s arm, as Raw returned. Sunset Flip Dropkick by Finn. Finn took Karl down and hit Bouncing Stomps to Machine Gun. Anderson Bum Rushed Finn to the corner. Luke Gallows distracted Finn so Karl could hit a Clothesline. Punch by Luke as the ref was distracted. 2 count.

Rear Chin Lock by Karl. Finn got up to his feet. Karl worked the lower back and neck to take Finn back down. Karl returned to the Rear Chin Lock. Finn almost got free but Karl hit a Side Backbreaker. Karl clamped down the Rear Chin Lock, one more time. Finn fought free but fell to a European Uppercut. Pele as Finn fell.

Double Boots by Finn. Running Forearms and a Dropkick by Finn. Karl reversed a Whip but Balor overcame it to send Karl to the floor. Finn then took out Luke with a vicious kick. Finn dropped Karl and went to the Penthouse. Karl dodged the Coup de Grace and used the Anderson Spinebuster on Balor. Could be…might be…Denied!

Karl yanked Finn up by the ears. Double Stomp by Finn after a Double Heel Trip. Flip Dive took out both Luke and Karl. Sling Blade by Finn. Shotgun Dropkick! Finn scaled the heights and delivered the Coup de Grace!

Your Winner: Finn Balor
Raw Score: 3.25

Alicia Fox (w/Noam Dar) vs Sasha Banks


The two locked up and Fox was sent sailing. Drop Toe Hold by Sasha. Fox scooted out of the ring. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Banks. Dar distracted Sasha and Fox clocked the former champion. 2 count.

Sasha got to her feet to get out of a Rear Chin Lock. Sasha pulled Fox into the corner. Back Elbow by Fox. An Arm Whip sent Sasha into the corner. Banks put Fox on the middle ropes. Double Knees to take this one home.

Your Winner: Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 2.5

Sasha and Noam got into a war of words. She slapped the taste out of Dar’s mouth. Fox then caught Sasha with the Scissors Kick.

Apollo Crews and Kalisto talked, backstage. Kalisto couldn’t believe Apollo was buying what Titus O’Neil was offering. Apollo denied attacking Enzo, from earlier. Titus then strolled up to run interference…no wait, he figured Kalisto was trying to join the Titus Brand. Kalisto wanted no part of the Titus’ Brand. Titus said Apollo would teach Kalisto a lesson, tonight. Seriously?

The announcers looked at the implosion of the Golden Truth. Goldust turned on R-Truth. He destroyed Truth, out of nowhere. Not quite as impressive as the #DIY thing, over the week-end.

Goldust cut a promo that flashed back to his earliest days in the WWE. Goldy knew Truth wanted to shine on Goldust’s Silver Screen. Goldust said he has returned to his Director’s Chair for the next production. The Golden Age is back!

Next up, Alexa Bliss was interviewed. Alexa will fight Bayley at a “Kendo Stick on a Pole Match” at Extreme Rules We saw the fight between Alexa and Bayley that set up the Kendo Stick Match. Alexa laughed at the picture of the welts on Bayley’s back. Alexa promised to tattoo Bayley’s body with the kendo stick. Alexa didn’t think Bayley had it in her DNA to get extreme. Alexa was set to fight Mickie James, this week.

Michael Cole then switched the discussion to Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman. Braun has a shattered elbow and may be out for up to six months, thanks to Roman.

Kalisto vs Apollo Crews


Titus was in Apollo’s corner, again. Kalisto with a Go Behind. Kalisto then kicked away at Crews. Flip Rana by Kalisto sent Crews to the floor. Crews came back and blasted Kalisto. Titus yelled at his client. Stall Suplex by Apollo. 2 count.

Front Face Lock by Crews. Kalisto punched free. Jumping Kick by Crews to pull another 2 count. Kalisto counterd an Inverted Atomic Drop to roll up Crews. Kalisto nailed his finisher to take this one.

Your Winner: Kalisto
Raw Score: 2.0

Watched Sheamus in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. He really made his character fun to watch. He will battle Matt Hardy, next. The winner of that match will choose the stipulation for the tag match at Extreme Rules.

Matt Hardy vs Sheamus
Stipulation Choice Match


Collar and Elbow took the two men into the ropes. Clean break. Side Headlock by Matt. He refused to be pushed off. Sheamus tried for a Back Drop but Matt shifted his weight to bring Sheamus over. Shoulder Tackle by Sheamus. European Uppercut by the Celtic Warrior that led to a Side Headlock Takeover. Matt sent Sheamus out with a Clotheline. Sheamus just escaped the Twist of Fate as he got back in the ring. Matt came out to get Sheamus. Matt was sent into the ring apron. Sheamus pounced on the tag champ. Sheamus cracked Matt in the spine, several times, and unloaded with the 10 Beats. Matt was launched off the apron and into the barricade. Sheamus retrieved his opponent and pitched him back in the ring. Sheamus hit a Top Rope Clothesline to pull the deuce.

Sheamus punched away. Boot and Small Packge gave Matt the two. Rocking Forearm by Sheamus. Uppercut and Whip by Sheamus. Sheamus rushed in and almost hit the post. Matt bounced Sheamus’ face off all three turnbuckles. Sheamus popped Matt and nailed the Rolling Senton. 2 count. Raw took a quick break.

Sheamus was in complete control as Raw returned. Shinu Numaki by the Irish warrior. Kick by Sheamus into White Noise. 1-2-not yet. Sheamus ran Matt into the corner. Torndao DDT by Matt. 1-2-kick out. Matt wiggled free from Sheamus’ grip. Side Effect by Hardy to get another 2. Sheamus blocked the Twist of Fate. Knee Strike by Sheamus. 1-2-Bottom Rope Grab by Hardy.

Cesaro coached his partner. Matt avoided the Brogue Kick. Jeff took out Cesaro. Twist of Fate by Matt.

Your Winner: Matt Hardy
Raw Score: 2.75

Matt and Jeff were asked what stipulation they wanted.. The Hardys chose a Steel Cage Match! Sheamus and Cesaro were livid at hearing what they will be facing in less than two weeks.

Tony Nese vs Austin Aries


Neville was in the ring to support Nese. Neville nearly destroyed Austin’s knee on last week’s 205 Live. Aries’ knee was bandaged up, big time.

Aries will fight Neville, at Extreme Rules, in a Submission Match. Nese charged the distracted Aries. Neville had Austin’s attention. Kitchen Sink by Aries. Splash brought a two. Elbow Drop to Nese’s skull. Drop Toe Hold by Aries. He positioned Nese adn applied a submission hold. Nese threw Aries off and Austin seemed to reinjure the knee. Nese went outside to avoid the Last Chancellory. Aries flew over the top and took out Nese, Tony attacked the knee as Aries got back in the ring.

Tony stomped Aries’ chest. Tony kicked A-Double’s knee. Aries escaped a Suplex and chopped the daylights out of Nese’s chest. Knee Strike by Austin. Nese hit an elbow into Aries’ chest. Vertical Suplex but Austin converted it into a Guillotine. Nese went down to a knee but got back up. Nese tried for a Gourdbuster but Aries converted it into the Last Chancellory. Tap Out!

Your Winner (By Submission): Austin Aries
Raw Score: 3.5

Neville attacked Nese for his failure. he put Nese in the Rings of Saturn. Aries didn’t take the bait to come down and help Tony. Aries screamed at Neville to try and do that to him. Neville finally let the hold go.

Alexa was set to battle Mickie James, in a Non-Title Match. That battle was on deck.

Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James
Non-Title Match

The Finish:

Mickie got pulled off the ropes and clocked by Alexa. Snap DDT by Alexa. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Alexa Bliss
Raw Score: 2.0

Alexa went under the ring, looking for a kendo stick. She got back in the ring with the Singapore Cane. She blasted Mickie in the back of the head. Bayley rushed down and tripped Alexa. Baylet got the kendo stick and stood over Alexa. Bliss bailed out of the ring to avoid being walloped. Bayley invited Bliss to get back in the ring. Bayley checked on Mickie.

Jindar Mahal so reminds Jay of the Iron Sheik of 1983. But who will be this generation’s Hulkster to dethrone the foreign champion?

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe


Wow, they sure messed up the introductions when Seth’s music played when it SHOULD have been Joe’s.

They gave this battle a good 30 minutes or so to run. Nice. The bell sounded and the teams chose their initial battlers. Seth and Roman had a disagreement about who should go first. Seth won the discussion. He kicked and punched Bray Wyatt. Bray was tossed out to the floor. Seth went out to get him. Seth also got shots in on Joe. Bray popped Seth in the face as Raw went to break.

Raw returned and Bray was in charge. Dropkick by Seth turned the tables. Both Bray and Seth were down and tired. Tag to Roman. Big Dog hit wild Clotheslines on Bray. Samoan Drop by Roman.Roman wanted the Superman Punch but Bray went into the Spider Stance. Joe distracted Roman and Bray took advantage. Roman rolled outside but Joe threw him into the barricade.

Joe took the official tag. Joe boxed Roman’s jaw and bounced h off the apron. They got back in the ring and Joe stomped away. Kurt Angle watched from the back. Cravat by Joe. Roman turned to get to his feet. Roman smacked Joe. Corner Enziguri Attack by Joe.

Bray took the tag and worked on the damaged shoulder of Roman. Corner Rush Clothesline by Wyatt gave Bray a two. Shinu Numaki by Wyatt. Bray dumped Roman out to the floor. Roman ran Joe into the ring post. Bray grabbed Roman and pulled him up onto the apron. Roman snapped Bray’s neck on the top rope. Drive By by Roman.

Seth got the tag and hit a Blockbuster on Joe. Seth took out Bray and then nailed a Sling Blade. Suicide Dive by Seth. Bray distracted Seth and Joe attacked. Seth pushed Joe off the ropes. Double Crossbody to plant Bray and Joe. Bray popped Seth as Rollins took a Go Behind. Roman took out Bray. Seth d Roman worked together until Roman accidentally crashed into Seth. Bray pulled Roman out of the ring. Kokina Clutch by Samoa Joe. Seth passed out and this one was done.

Your Winner (by Submission): Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt
Raw Score: 3.0

In the aftermath, Kurt Angle talked with Finn Balor. Finn thought Kurt did a Hell of a job but wished he would have faced one of the men. Kurt set up Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe vs Bray Wyatt. Finn loved the idea. Kurt also set Roman vs Seth as the other main event. Awesome.

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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