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NXT Takeover: Chicago Eve Teleconference

Friday, May 19, 2017

John Osting Reporting.

Triple H hosted a teleconference today to get everyone primed for the weekend, especially the NXT: Takeover show. He opened the floor for questions after he touched on some very important topics.

He hyped the UK 90-minute special airing tonight on the WWE Network. Next, he talked about how excited he is to come back to Chicago, especially the AllState Arena. He then talked about the matches he was looking forward to seeing. He mentioned Hideo Itami and Bobby Roode, Authors of Pain vs. DIY and Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunn.

Before he opened it up for questions, he thanked all members of the wrestling media for its part in helping to grow the WrestleMania and WWE brands each year.

Triple H took questions from the media assembled. The most notable for the Takeover: Chicago event concerned the injury Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa suffered an injury at the Thursday night event. Triple H was told that it was an ankle sprain. He said he spoke to Ciampa this morning and was assured that he would be ready.

Triple H was asked about the upcoming Women’s Tournament and how he hopes the roster will feature. Hunter said he said the entrants will be a good mix of veterans and young wrestlers alike and have a very international feel to it. He said he is really excited about the prospects for what the women taking part will be able to accomplish.

When asked about the UK Championship match, Triple H said he was very excited to see how well the match connects with fans because both wrestlers are doing great at presenting a different style in a way that American fans will get behind them.

Hunter was asked where he thought the next big international market would be. He said he didn’t know ig will have to be fleshed out based on a number of factors. He did touch on getting strong audiences in Australia and China just to name a couple.

Hunter hyped all the matches on the card, the UK Special, thanked us for coming and hoped we all enjoyed the product this weekend.

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