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Smackdown comes to us live from the SNHU Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire and tonight is the go home edition as Backlash takes place this Sunday night. tonight both No. 1 contenders go one on one as AJ Styles battles Jinder Mahal. Mahal could have a different opponent Sunday night because Randy Orton will face Baron Corbin tonight with the WWE Championship on the line, and what about the recent demands of the newest Smackdown Live superstar Rusev and his title shot demands? We see the United States Champion Kevin Owens in the ring as the show begins and Owens is now the new host of “Kevin Owens Highlight Reel”. Owens says he is taking over because the original host will never ever be seen again. Kevin says the only list Jericho is on now is the injured list and that is because of him, the same will happen to AJ Styles. Owens then introduces his next guest in French, AJ Styles then shows up. Styles says Owens has been tealing from Jericho for months and now his show, Owens then says he can do anything Jericho can do eben beating you(Styles). AJ says he did bad in French in high school, he then says he will win the United States Title on Sunday and bring it back to the USA. as AJ gets in the ring we see Jinder show up. Mahal says AJ shouldnt be out here because Jinder was supposed to be the guest. Jinder says what happened last week on Smackdown is exactly what is going to happen on Sunday night at Backlash. Jinder says all the Americans will be bowing down at his feet, AJ then says Jinder should focus on him because he may not make it to Sunday night. Owens then chimes in by saysing AJ will lose tonight and then lose again Sunday night when Owens beats him, AJ then tells Jinder to get in the ring.

Singles Match
AJ Styles vs Jinder Mahal w/The Singh Brothers

After several lock ups we see Jinder using his strength catching Styles’ leg but AJ runs circles around Mahal. Jinder gets back in control with a big elbow to the face then throwing AJ to the mat. Jinder goes with the double knees to AJ in the corner and Mahal is in control as he continues to attack AJ on the ring apron with knees to the head. Jinder tries a suplex to get AJ back in the ring but AJ counters and hits the spring board fore arm dropping Mahal. AJ blasts Jinder with kicks to the chest but Jinder counters then AJ counters with a combo but the Singh Brothers interfere causing Mahal to get another big knee lift onto AJ dropping him before Smackdown goes to a commercial break. Jinder continues by hitting a drop kick off the ropes for a two count and AJ is down. Jinder goes with a reverse chin lock by the ropes then snaps AJ back when he relases the hold, Jinder then swings AJ into the corner and he takes a massive shot. Jinder then sets up AJ on the top rope then tries a super plex but AJ escapes but gets caught again by Jinder, AJ then counters Mahal off the ropes and now both men are down. Both get up and Styles scores witha combo then two count, AJ then tries a neck breaker but Mahal again counters AJ with a back kick to the face for a two count. AJ then gets back with a pele kick then the neck breaker for a two count. Jinder gets up first and heads out off the ring but AJ scores with a basement drop kick through the ropes, AJ then tries the Phenomenal Fore Arm but Kevin Owens who is on commentary hits AJ with his title belt and that allows Jinder to hit his finisher The Colas(Full Nelson Slam) for the win.

Your Winner: Jinder Mahal

Another episodes of the Fashion Police is up next and this week Breezango are still focusing on The Uso’s. Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn & The Uso’s are targeted for bad wardrobe and Tyler Breeze thinks they will lose. Fandango is there to snap him out of it then they get ready for their match against The Colon’s tonight.
Randy Orton is backstage and he is asked about Jinder Mahal, Randy simply says people dont like Jinder because he is an ass.

Tag Team Match
“The Fashion Police” Breezango vs Carlos & Eipco(The Colon’s)

the action starts in progress as Epico attacks Breeze in the corner then Primo comes in for the double team. Primo attacks Breeze then locks on with an arm bar in the middle of the ring, Breeze fights back but cant get away as Primo sends Breeze in the corner for a clothesline. Primo then gets dropped by Breeze then he tags Fandango and Epico gets the tag, Fandango takes out Epico with an Enziguri then hits the Falcon Arrow for the win.

Your Winners: Breezango

The Uso’s show up and say Breezango arent being serious by making jokes before they face them. The Uso’s tell them they do this for the Title then they say they will take the Fashion Police to Prison. The Uso’s then read Breezango their rights before leaving saying they will win on Sunday night.

Smackdown Live Commisioner Shane McMahon comes out to the ring next as there in a contract signing to be conducted. Shane welcomes the crowd to Smackdown Live then introduces “The Welcoming Comittee”(Carmella, James Ellsworth, Tamina & Natalya) to the ring. Shane then brings Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Smackdown Live Womens Champion Naomi. Natayla says Charlotte, Naomi & Becky are hopeless because they arent freinds and they will lose on Sunday. They sign the contracts then Becky Lynch says she would never join her or her team and she will smack every single on of them on Sunday night. Naomi says she will snatch all four of them bald then Charlotte says the three of them formed their “Babysitters Club” just because she came to Smackdown Live. They all sign contracts then James Ellsworth grabs the microphone and tries to put down all the Women but Naomi grabs Ellsworth. Carmella then slams Noami off the table then Shane steps in and makes a match, Carmella versus Naomi next.

Womens Division
Singles Match
Carmella w/James Ellsworth vs Smackdown Live Womens Champion Naomi

Naomi goes straight for Carmella but she ends up in the ropes, Carmella goes back to the ropes again but Naomi just pounds away on Carmella. Naomi hits the bronco buster in the corner then goes with an arm bar in the corner, Carmella gets her feet to the bottom rope. Naomi again grabs hold of the arm and gets Carmella to the mat as Natalya cheers on Carmella. Carmella takes out the leg of Naomi then plants Naomi on the mat. Carmella scores with a shot to the mid section but Naomi sends Carmella over the ropes, she is saved because Ellsworth interferes. The referee sees this then sends Ellsworth to the back as Smackdown goes to a commercial. Naomi scores with a head scissors but Carmella comes back with kicks, Naomi then drops Carmella with a kick that sends her to the outside but Naomi gets blasted by a kick from Carmella on the outside. Naomi makes it back in the ring but Carmella pounds away for a two count. Carmella has Naomi in the corner and she hits the Bronco Buster for a two count, Carmella then goes with a reverse head lock. Carmella then gets countered by Naomi then scores with clotheslines and kicks then a Jawbreaker. Naomi drops Carmella with a kick on the apron then Tamina tries to get involved so the referee throws both teams to the back, both teams would battle in the isle then Carmella would roll up Naomi for the win.

Your Winner: Carmella

Dolph Ziggler is shown next and he talks again about Nakamura saying he is just someone that getting all the credit for doing nothing. We see a highlight package of Dolph Ziggler’s career next including winning the Intercontinental & World Championships. Ziggler says he is looking foreward to Nakamura’s debut as well because he will spit in the face of all the people who turned their backs on him.

Sami Zayn is interviewed backstage and he informs us he will be facing Baron Corbin at Backlash, as Zayn continues to talk we see Corbin show and take out Zayn. Corbin says if Sami Zayn is smart he wont show up on Sunday.

Smackdown Live Main Event
WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton(c) vs Baron Corbin

After the initial tie up Randy slaps on a head lock then take Corbin over but Corbin counters with the same move but Orton teases the RKO and Corbin gets away. After the next tie up we see Corbin blasting Orton with a chop but Orton counters Corbin on the next move. Orton then connects with a double axe handle from the second rope but Corbin counters with a clothesline as he escaped the ring then came back in. Corbin starts to blast away with kicks to Randy as he is down in the corner. Corbin attacks Randy by the ropes with a choke then sends Orton into the corner. Corbin attacks Orton again in the corner for a two count then goes back to the reverse headlock. Orton comes back using headbuts but Corbin tries a counters with his speed then scores with a drop kick. Corbin then taunts Orton as he strikes him with kicks as Orton is down on his back. Orton fights back but Corbin unloads with elbows and Orton is down, Corbin grabs Orton by the throat but Randy gets away by side stepping Corbin as he went shoulder first to the post. Orton scores with clotheslines then a powerslam, Orton catches Corbin on the apron and brings him back inside hitting the DDT. Orton tries the RKO but Corbin counters into the Deep Six for a two count. Corbin kicks Orton on the mat then tries to slide under the ropes again for the counter but this time Orton counters Corbin and scores with the RKO and Orton gets the win.

Your Winner: Randy Orton

After the match we see Jinder Mahal show up and he tells Randy to savor this victory because it could be the last time he holds the WWE Championship. As Jinder continues to speak to Randy we see the Singh Brothers show up from behind and attack Orton. Randy counters and DDT’s both brothers but Mahal comes to the ring and hits the Full Nelson Slam on Orton. Jinder then poses in the ring with WWE Championship as Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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