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The Raw Score
by Jay and Lottie Shannon

The weather is starting to heat up and so is Monday Night Raw. We were in London for a Tag Team Turmoil Match, as well as learning what the future holds for Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman.

We began with Dean Ambrose walking around backstage. His phone went off and it was Kurt Angle. Kurt wasn’t at the show and it appeared Dean was running things. Dean had a special announcement to share with the Brits.

Dean explained that he just got off the phone with Kurt Angle. Dean mentioned that Kurt couldn’t make the show. Huge boos. Dean confirmed that he was, indeed, the Acting GM of Raw. Dean wanted his show to be about action…not talking.

Miz and Maryse came out to…well…talk. Miz immediately insulted the fans and Dean. Miz couldn’t believe that Kurt would put Dean in charge of anything. Miz expected complete chaos to break loose. Dean countered that he had a detailed plan. Dean wanted Miz to open the show…Miz cut him off. Miz said he had talked with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie heard about Kurt’s plan and she set a co-GM. Of course, it would be Miz.

Dean accepted that he had to work together, tonight. Dean promised to put a beat down on Miz at Extreme Rules. Miz bragged about beating Seth “Freakin’” Rollins and Finn Balor to get the shot at Ambrose. Dean congratulated Miz for his win and offered a handshake. Miz wasn’t sure if he should go there.

Before he could commit, Braun Strowman walked out with his arm in a sling. Dean wasn’t sure why Braun was there. The fans actually thanked Strowman for what he did to Roman. Classless, to say the least. Braun was determined to get what he wanted. Braun reminded everyone that he took out the Big Dog (Roman). Strowman ordered Miz and Dean to call the office and let Stephanie and Kurt know that he was going to destroy Roman and then go after Brock Lesnar.

Braun was cut off by the arrival of Kalisto. Kalisto told Braun he was not done with Strowman. Kalisto stated that no one would treat him like garbage. Kalisto begged for a match against Braun. Braun smarted off that he could beat Kalisto…with One Arm. Dean jumped on Braun’s comment and set up the match between Braun and Kalisto. Braun did not look happy. Miz claimed Kalisto’s career was over, thanks to Dean. Dean said Miz would face Finn Balor in the opening match…next!

The Miz vs Finn Balor


Maryse stayed out at the ringside area to cheer on her hubby. Finn came out alone. The UK Fans absolutely exploded for one of their own.

The two circled each other and Miz hit the floor. Go Behind and Takedown by Finn. Hammerlock but Miz Elbowed free. Sunset Flip but Finn rolled through and Dropkicked Miz in the face. Huge Dropkick by Finn drew a two count. Enziguri by Finn. Miz was sent to the floor with a La Bandera Clothesline.. Finn flew into Miz, on the floor. Miz crashed into the barricade. Finn rolled Miz into the ring but Maryse pulled him out. Break time.

Miz blasted Balor as Raw returned. Maryse got a shot in, as well. Finn escaped the Skull Crushing Finale and rolled up Miz for another two. DDT by Miz to get his own 2 count. Finn punched the head of Miz and sent him to the ropes. Kitchen Sink by Miz. Miz clawed at Finn’s face. Chin Lock by Miz. Finn rolled up to his feet and bashed the ribs. Big Boot by Miz but Finn fell into a Pele Kick. The ref started to count both men down. Double Boots and Shouder Tackles by Finn. Shotgun Dropkick by Finn. Finn sent Miz back and forth across the ring. Enziguri caused Miz to tumble to the floor. Finn used a Dropkick to send Miz into the barricaade. Field Goal Kick, from the apron, by Finn.

Finn chunked Miz back in the ring. Miz begged off from the action. Miz sent Finn into the ref. Miz used his Co-GM status to force a Disqualification, since Finn struck the ref.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): The Miz
Raw Score: 2.0 (would have been so much higher if not for the…) out of a possible 5

No, wait. Dean came out and restarted the match. Dean banned Maryse from ringside.

Miz vs Finn Balor pt 2

Finn attacked Miz on the floor. Sling Blade! Shotgun Dropkick! Coup de Grace1

Your Winner: Finn Balor
Raw Score: 2.5

Nice swerve on that one. Lottie was tickled that the cheating Miz didn’t win. She really hates cheaters.

Alexa Bliss ran into Nia Jax, backstage. Nia wanted to know why Alexa didn’t talk about her, negatively, last week. Nia wondered if Alexa’s comments were legit. Alexa stated she respected Nia. Jax said she would be next in line, right after Bayley. Nia made herslef Alexa’s New Best Friend…to protect the title.

Alexa Bliss (w/Nia Jax) vs Mickie James
Non-Title Match


Mickie had someone in her corner…Bayley! The fans were thrilled to see the former Raw Women’s Champion. Alexa was the one who brought Mickie back into the WWE.

Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Mickie took Alexa down but didn’t get much of a pin. Alexa sent Mickie to the canvas by the hair but James hopped up and tore into the champ. Snap Mare by Mickie into a One Legged Thrust Kick. Flying Neckbreaker by Mickie. 1-2-kick out. Alexa decided she didn’t need this. Mickie didn’t let her leave. Mickie hit a Dropkick, through the ropes, to send us to break.

Lottie and I wanted to send out special Mother’s Day wishes to all the moms out there. We are both blessed to still have out mothers with us. Jay’s is in Texas and Lottie’s is just across the street from us. Embrace your mothers as they often leave us far too soon. Happy Mother’s Day. Lottie is also a mom (her son just turned 26 on Friday).

Back to the action. Alexa worked over Mickie’s arm. She twisted the arm in the ropes.. Arm Yank by Bliss. Bliss took Mickie down with an Arm Bar. Mickie fought back with her good arm. Bliss dropped Mickie. Whip by Bliss but Mickie hit a Rana. Bliss blocked a Whip and twisted the arm and dropped Mickie.

Mickie bridged out of a pin attempt. Bliss screamed at Mickie. Bliss missed a Knee Drop. Mickie blasted Bliss and hit Clotheslines. Mickie unloaded with a series of hard kicks. 2 count.Bliss escaped the MickieDT. Flapjack by Mickie into a Kip Up. Mickie headed up the ropes but Nia grabbed her. Bayley took down Nia. Bliss took advantage off the distraction and pinned Mickie. Bayley got in the ring to protect Mickie, post match. Bayley chased Bliss to the back. Nia then got in the ring to deal with Mickie. Corner Splash by Nia. Elbow shot by Nia.

Your Winner: Alexa Bliss
Raw Score: 2.75

Miz and Dean looked over the card for the night. Miz set up a special MizTV. Dean didn’t want MizTV on his action-filled show. Miz created the match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt! Sweet!

One of our friends on Facebook came up with a wild idea. Have Bo Dallas repackaged to become Bray’s brother (as he is in “real life”). Then, put the Wyatt Brothers vs the Hardy Boyz for thetag straps. We love that idea.

Speaking of Bray Wyatt, I want to thank our dear friend, Darren Antola, for sending us an autographed photo of Jay’s current favorite wreslter—Bray. The framed and signed photo is now up on the wall on our little office.

Charlie Caruso interviewed Samoa Joe. Joe stopped the interview by saying that Seth barely escaped his wrath at the last PPV. Joe screamed that it was over when he said it was over. Joe was nowhere near done with the King Slayer. Seth came out of the shadows to attack Joe. The two went absolutely wild on each other until security broke them apart.

Raw looked at the Braun vs Kalisto feud.

Braun Strowman vs Kalisto
One Armed Combat Mach


The announcers compared this to the recent horrible boxing match that aired on HBO with Chavez Jr. Our good friend, Evan Ginzburg, mentioned it was one of hte worst boxing matches in recent history.

Braun asked for a house mic. Braun told Dean to shove it, he would NOT fight injured. Kalisto took a huge Boot to the face as the ref called for the bell, anyway. Braun kept stomping away on the masked man. The match was stopped by the arrival of Roman “Big Dog” Reigns. Roman walked down to the ring to face his mortal enemy. The two men stared daggers at each other. Roman got up on the apron and Braun didn’t back up. Roman’s shoulder was heavily taped. The two circled each other. Roman kicked the bad arm and hit three Superman Punches. Braun bailed out to the floor. Roman came out to get the Abominable Strowmna. Braun kicked the bad shoulder of Roman. Reigns sent Strowman’s shoudler into the ring post. Roman pulled the shoulder into the ring post, numerous times. Roman then slammed Braun’s arm into the ring apron.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Score: N/A

Roman picked up a chair and wore it out on Braun. Roman kept screaming “Who’s Yard is it NOW?”. Braun went through the crowd to escape further damage from the Big Dog. Roman stood tall in the ring.

Seth Rollins will fight Samoa Joe, later in the evening. That match was just made on the lfy.

R-Truth was singing and dancing when Goldust came up. Goldy wondered if Truth was ready and serious about their pending match. Goldust was dead serious about taking Kurt’s advice, from last week. Goldust was sick of everyone passing them by. Truth said it was time to go Shock the World!

The Tag Team Turmoil Match is up next!

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Sheamus and Cesaro
Turmoil Match Number One


Enzo and Cass did their typical intro schtick. I think the Pampers reference got lost on the British crowd.

EuroClass got a mixed reacdtion from the Europeans. Sheamus and Cass started this one. They hooked up and went to the ropes. Sheamus kicked away and hit European Uppercuts. Cass blocked a Irish Whip. Cass punished the ribs and jaw of the Celtic Warrior. Corner Splash by Cass. Spinning Scoop Slam and Empire Elbow. The Hardys watched from the back.

Tag to Enzo. Enzo and Cass kept EuroClass off their game. Irish Curse Backbreaker by Sheamus took us to break.

Cesaro was stomping on Enzo, big time, as Raw returned. Ronnie Garvin would be so proud to see that. Smile. Clutch Lock by Cesaro. Enzo was sent into the corner. Cesaro charged and struck the ring post. Sheamus charged and flew out to the floor. Cesaro held Enzo’s ankle to prevent a tag. Enziguri by Enzo. Sheamus pulled Cass off the apron to avoid a tag. Cass was sent into the post. Sharpshooter by Cesaro. Enzo was trapped in the middle of the ring and had no choice but to tap out.

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs EuroClass
Turmoil Match Number Two


The fight started on the floor. EuroClass just annihilated Heath and Rhyno. The match hadn’t officially started, yet. In the ring, finally, Cesaro stomped the ribs of a downed Heath. Arm Bar by Cesaro. Heath fought up and punched his opponent. Heath battled out of enemy territory. Rhyno was still down on the floor. Cesaro held Slater so Sheamus could hit a Top Rope Clothesline. Rhyno was knocked off the apron. Rear Chin Lock by Sheamus.

Heath fought up and punched away. Heath got to his corner but no one was there. Flying European Uppercut by Cesaro. Brogue Kick by Sheamus.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs Sheamus and Cesaro
Turmoil Match Number Three


Cesaro had Karl stunned as Raw returned. Karl came back to punch Cesaro. Tag to Luke. Backbreaker Guillotine combo by the Good Brothers. Rear Chin Lock by Luke. Knee Strike by Luke Cesaro blocked the Suplex and powered up Luke for a Brainbuster Suplex. Tag to Sheamus. Double team on Luke. 2. count.

Sheamus worked over Luke’s arm with hard yanks. Luke punched Sheamus in the face. Kick to the chest by Sheamus. Sheamus took Karl off the apron. Big Kick as Sheamus flew off the ropes. Luke got the tag out to Karl. Spin Slam by Karl. Big Boot by Luke. Cesaro took him out. Anderson Spinebuster by Karl to Cesaro. Love a good series of chain moves. White Noise to stun Luke and send us to another set of commercials.

Double Team by Luke and Karl. Sheamus was weakened by Luke and Karl. Cesaro prevented the Magic Killer. Brogue Kick, out of nowhere, to take out Gallows and Anderson.

Golden Truth vs Sheamus and Cesaro
Turmoi Match Number Four


Goldust and Truth took out Cesaro. Double Team on Sheamus. 1-2-kick out. Sheamus punched Goldy and sent him to the ropes. Goldustin Uppercut and Bulldog by Goldust. Corner Mount Punches by Goldy Sheamus reversed a Whip. Snap Powerslam by Goldust to pull a two count. Goldy smacked Cesaro. The Swiss Superman took the tag and drove Goldust’s knee into the top of the barricade. Cesaro pitched Goldust back into the ring. Elbow Drop to the injured knee.

Cesaro punched away and tgged Sheamus back in the match. Knee Drop to Goldy’s knee. Truth rallied the crowd. Cesaro prevented the tag. Cesaro kicked at the hamstring and snapped the leg. Cesaro Whipped Goldy but hte knee gave out. Goldy kicked with the good leg. Goldust tried for a slam but fell. Sharpshooter. Truth attacked Cesaro to break the hold. Truth demanded a tag from his long time partner. Truth got hte tag.

Ronnie hit hte Heel Kck on Cesaro. Front Drop SUplex led to the LIe Detector! 1-2-no! Truth missed the Corner Splash and Cesaro rolled up Truth.

Your Winners: Sheamus and Cesaro
Raw Score: 3.75

Sheamus and Cesaro just brutalized Truth and Goldust, post match. The Hardy Boyz’s music hit and Matt and Jeff emerged from the back. The fireworks went off as the crowd lost their collective minds. Sheamus and Cesaro bailed out ot avoid the conflict.

The announcers talked about what we have seen, so far.

Wrestlemania is released on DVD/Blu-Ray on Tuesday. If there is enough left from this week’s paycheck, I am seriously tempted to get it.

Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe


Joe has an all new graphic. Joe looked very angry as he stormed down to the ring. We saw a flashback video and then a Hockey Fight broke out. Joe pulled Seth to the floor. Seth drove Joe’s face into the ring apron. Chopfest by the two battlers. Joe was bounced off the barricade. Joe threw Seth back in the ring. Hard chops by Joe led to a Whip Corner Drop into the turnbuckles by Seth. Rollins flew off the apron to upend Joe.

Seth boxed the head of the big Samoan. Joe reversed a Whip to send Seth into the barricade. Joe rolled in and out to reset the count. Joe pitched Seth back into the ring. Seth tried to avoid Joe and his lethal kicks. Straight Jabs by the Destroyer. Hard Whip but Seth got the boots up. Sling Blade by Seth. Joe got his foot on the ropes to break the count. Seth unloaded with Knife Edge Chops. Running Back Elbow by Joe. Joe punched the face of Seth, over and over.

Seth clocked Joe. That led to a See saw battle of punches. Joe blocked a Suplex and delivered one of his own. 2 count. Joe stomped away on the King Slayer. Back Elbow by Seth. Joe attacked Seth’s knee as we went to break.

Joe was working on Seth’s bad leg as Raw came back on air. Joe worked the knee all through the break. Seth bashed his foe. Chop/Kick combo by Joe to pull a deuce. Joe taunted his opponent. Seth dragged himself to the ropes. Seth slapped at Joe by missed by a mrile. Joe punched down on Seth’s head. The crowd was split in their support. Kokina Clutch reversed into a Jawbreaker. Suicide Dive by Seth.

Corner Attack by Seth but Joe fought back. Near fall by Joe. Joe lifted Seth for a Piledriver but Seth countered. Seth couldn’t lift Joe. Seth escaped a Powerbomb and nailed a Falcon Arrow. 2 count, once again. The two traded wild punches and slaps. Kokina Clutch but Joe didn’t have itt fully applied. Enziguri by Seth. Joe charged the corner but ate a boot. Joe wanted the Muscle Buster but was in the wrong position. Kick to Joe’s face. 2 count. Sleeper by Seth. Seth was whipped into the exposed turnbuckle. Joe threw the turnbuckle pad away. The ref warned Joe not to run Seth into the corner. When he did, the ref called for the bell.

Your Winner (By Disqualification): Seth Rolins
Raw Score: 4.0

Joe ran Seth into the corner, again, and then cinched in the Kokina Clutch. Joe refused to let go until he was ready.Joe: “It’s over when I say it is over!”

Next week, Raw will be in one of my most favoirite places: Newark, New Jersey. Dean Ambrose will face Miz for the Intercontinental Title.

Neville came out to join the announce desk for the next match. Neville talked with T.J. Perkins about earning a title shot. He told TJP if he beat Jack Gallagher , Neville would set things in motion.

“Gentleman” Jack Gallagher vs T.J. Perkins


Perkins stared coldly at his opponent. TJP mocked Jack’s Peace sign. Jack bowed. Perkins pushed Jack. Headbutt from Hell btought a quick two. Jack rolled TJP back in the ring. On the floor again, Perkins used a Drop Toe HOld to send Jack into the ring steps. 2 count for Perkins, as they got back in the ring.

Seated Reverse Buttergly Lock by Perkins. Jack caught the foot and hit European Uppercuts and Dropkicks. Exploder Throw by Jack. Handsand Dropkick, in the corner, by Jack. Jack escaped the Detonation Kick. Perkins used the tights to steal a win over Gallagher.

Your Winner: T.J. Perkins
Raw Score: 2.75

Neville backed out of his promise of a title shot. Perkins brutally attacked Jack and applied the Knee Bar. Austin Aries rushed hte ring and attacked Perkins. Neck Snap in the ropes. Perkins hauled butt out of the ring. Neville was livid that Aries would dare to show up.

Sasha Banks strolled backstage. She’s on deck to fight.

Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox


Sasha danced around before the match. Fox and Banks talked serious trash. Slap Fest. The ref tried to keep them apart. Fox threw Banks down, by the hair. Trapped Arm Northern Lights Suplex brought Fox a two. Rear Chin Lock for Alicia. Sasha punched free and hit a Crossbody off the Tilt-a-Whirl. Fox was sent to the corner. Shotgun Knees by Sasha. Fox blocked the Back Stabber.

Fox sat Banks up top and slapped her. Banks battled out of the Superplex and hit the Air Bourne Double Knees to take this one.

Your Winner: Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 2.5

Alicia Fox actually had a shoulder up but the ref didn’t notice it. The ruling of the ref stood.

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt
Non-Title Match


Miz and Maryse joined the announce team for this wild match. Bray’s music is actually on Jay’s MP3 Player. Yes, he’s weird.

Bray and Dean locked up and went around the ring. Clean break. Go Behind by Dean. Dean unloaded on Bray with hard shots. Bray pounded on the IC champ, in the corner. Bray escaped Dirty Deeds. Bray hit the floor. Suicide Dive by Dean sent Bray into the barrier. Dean pitched Bray back in the ring. Bray hit a DDT off the ropes to the floor. Cut to the food ads.

As we returned, Dean fought out of Bray’s clutches. Corner Splash by Bray. 2 count. Bray Headbutted the ribs of the champ. Dean blocked a punch and went off on Bray. A DDT stopped Dean’s momentum. Rear Chin Lock by Bray. Headbutt to the back of Dean’s skull. Rear Chin Lock by Bray. Dean worked up to his feet to lessen the pressure. The two slugged it out. Rebound Clothesline failed. Bray went to the middle ropes and flew. He missed the Backsplash Senton. Steam Roller Rush by Ambrose. Corner Forearms. Dean kicked Bray in the face. Bray hit the floor to avoid the Standing Savage Elbow…or so he thought. Dean flew out to the floor to deliver the move.

Dean rolled Bray back in the ring. Bray hit a Flying Crossbody. Miz left the announce desk to get a closer look at this battle. Bray crashed into e corner. Dean blocked Sister Abigail. Uranage Slam by Bray 1-2-not yet. Bray put Dean on the top turnbuckle. Dean fought out of the Superplex with punches and Headdbutts. Bray tumbled off the ropes and Dean slid down. Standing Savage Elbow failed but Dean came right back with the Rebound Clothesline. Miz grabbed the IC title belt. Bray avoided Dirty Deeds. Dean hit a Suicide Dive on Miz. Bray came out to attack Dean but it backfired. Miz cracked Dean in the back of the head with the ivory title belt. Bray rolled Dean in the ring and almost got the pin. Sister Abigail!

Your Winner: Bray Wyatt
Raw Score: 3.0

Miz attacked Dean, after the match. Miz took the stick and said he would be wearing the Intercontinental title, around his waist, next week. Miz insulted England and talked about being awesome. Miz then dropped the belt at Dean’s skull.

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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