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Title — Should Hulk Hogan Return?

When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside you gotta take a stand
It don’t hurt to hide if you hurt my friends then you hurt my pride I gotta
be a man I can’t let it slide
I am a real American fight for the rights of every man I’m a real American
fight for what’s right fight for your life

The theme song to Hulk Hogan’s Real American song. The song that sparked a generation of Hulkamaniacs across the world that still stands today.

Hi, this is Sal LaSardo and welcome to this edition of Rough Cuts. Today, I want to talk about the rumor that is going around regarding Hulk Hogan. Should Hulkamania run wild again?

Terry Gene Bollea started a long time in 1977 under then trainer Hiro Matsuda. Hulk initially was heel under the late WWE Hall of Famer Classy Freddy Blassie. In fact Hulkamania wasn’t even born yet. It was just get started.

Long before 90,000 plus in Pontiac Silver-dome — Hogan clashed with Andre the Giant in front 36,295 on August the 9th. This match was the under card for Larry Zbyszko vs Bruno Sammartino cage match. Andre won that match in just under 8 minutes.

No one at that time could have envisioned what to was to come nearly four years later when on January 23, 1984 in front of a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden that Hulkamania was born. The red and yellow, the prayers, training and vitamins all came together and Hulkamania was going to take over the wrestling business.

Hulkamania and then WWF/WWE took off as the sparks few and started a generation of fans till this day. From the movies, the cartoons, shirts, bandannas, you name it. Hulk Hogan was everywhere — Whether you watched wrestling or not you knew the name Hulk Hogan. The spark for a once in a lifetime character brought together legions of fans that will last forever.

The memorable feuds from Randy Savage, to the ultimate betrayal of Paul Orndorff. Classic matches with Roddy Piper and Big John Studd and all the entire Heenan family still will stand in our hearts forever. The red and yellow known as Hulkamania.

In the Summer of 1996, Hulk Hogan did the unthinkable and changed the world of professional wrestling as we know it today. Hulk Hogan went back to his roots that started it all and became the ultimate bad guy and created the facet known has the N W O. Along with Hall of Famers Nash and Hall, the N W O along with Eric Bischoff dominated professional wrestling that started a new revolution that has yet to be duplicated today.

For nearly 3 years the N W O ruled and dominated and took on all comers and if the saying goes if you can not beat em then join em and thats what the WCW stars had done. Many joined and many failed but the end of the day the big 3 remained standing and left a mark that no one will ever achieve again. The era of professional wrestling landscape was forever changed for the good and bad of the business. Today fans still talk about the N W O and how it created a fold in wrestling that had not been seen since 4 Horseman of the NWA Days (Flair, Anderson, Tully, Barry and JJ as manager).

After the N W O, Hogan tried his hand at trying to come back and forth to the WWE and TNA and sporadic appearances looking for the glory of once was Hulkamania and the NWO. Sadly, those heights never been reached. The flame seemed to have fizzled quite a bit leaving Hogan to wonder what maybe next. Yes, Hogan did have a memorable match at Wrestlemania 18, against the Rock which the Rock won cleanly. Hogan clearly the villain was cheered and perhaps at that moment was maybe the last straw in his luxurious career. The match was quite memorable on all accounts and both competitors in there primes gave the fans more than there money’s worth. But that would be the last true great match Hogan has had.

In March of 2005, Hogan was finally inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame along with a majority of the WrestleMania 1 superstars. Hogan received the loudest and longest ovation in the history of the Hall of Fame and he deserved every moment of it, Hogan earned it and the fans lets him know how much his work meant to each and every fan that bought at ticket how they felt about there hero.

Twelve years since the induction and Hogan finds himself looking for one last opportunity. Hogan will be 64 in August of this year. Now the talks have generated a serious buzz about him coming back the way Goldberg has come back. Should Hogan have a chance after all this time to let Hulkamania run wild once again on this generation of fans?

I would love to see Hogan back and have a brief run and give himself and fans closure to his storied career. Grant it Hogan can not have a 5 star 20 minute match anymore but he can give the fans one last go around. Let the red and yellow rise again and show the world that Hulkamania is truly immortal and give the fans what they want as we will welcome him with open arms.

The question now is who does he face? Well, what I would do is this. I would have Daniel Bryan come out and say that he is taking a leave of absence to help with his new born child and that he found a temporary replacement to be the GM till he comes back. The announcement would be made the following week leaving fans to wonder who is coming. Then when its time Hogans theme song plays and he arrives as the new temporary GM of Smackdown.

Hogan wants a match and by doing this can now lead to a final match in his career. Now you have Hogan making the decisions with Shane but someone is not happy about it. I would pick Dean Ambrose or Ric Flair for Hogan’s final match.

Dean Ambrose can go all out crazy on Hogan for coming back and tell him that the Intercontinental Title is his and no matter what Hogan does it will never leave the asylum. This could lead to a match where Hogan could face Dean for the belt vs Hogan’s career. This gives the WWE a chance to turn Dean heel, (possibly Renee Young his real life wife) and use dirty tactics to defeat Hogan and keep the title and allow Dean be the one to end Hulkamania if indeed you want Hogan to go out on a loss. This also puts Dean over and gives true heat which is what the business is about.

The flip side would be Hogan at soon to be 64 could be the the oldest champion in the history of the WWE. Hogan can end his run with one last title. And then announce his retirement on the next Smackdown. Daniel Bryan comes back and HulkaMania gets one last stand and off Hogan rides off into the sunset as champion to culminate a one of kind career. This gives the WWE a chance at having a tournament for the IC belt. The only problem is what it would do to Dean but I doubt it would tarnish him. It just make him madder and hungrier and possibly a heel turn and maybe take Renee Young his real life wife along for the ride this way as well. I think Renee is due to get involved with her husband the way Maryse is with the MIZ.

What about Flair? Well, I doubt these two could manage a match together given there ages, (Flair just turned 68 and Hogan will be 64 in August). However, Charlotte, Flair daughter in real life and former champion is on SmackDown. Brooke, Hogan’s daughter has been training. What about Charlotte getting fed up with not getting her title match and getting things her way. She calls Hogan out, Ric comes out and off we go. Brooke can then come down and now you got the families involved. This leads to a mixed match between the Hogan’s and Flair’s. This gives Hogan one final match that will not be expected to be grand but at least the Red and Yellow shines once more and the heels of the Flairs go down together with one final leg drop and Hogan calls it a career and Daniel comes back to Smackdown as GM.

Why not? As these two scenarios would be the best case for me if I was booking Hogan’s comeback. What do you think?

Either way, it looks like the Red and Yellow or Black and White depending on which version of Hogan you liked the best. Hogan is coming back at least that is what it seems. I look forward to seeing one last hurrah one way or the other. Hogan earned it for all he gave to the business. He was a once in a life time performer. No one put wrestling on the map the way Hogan did and this generation deserves to see what my generation felt when the Red and Yellow comes walking down that aisle to the Real American theme song. We need it. And I know the wrestling world is craving it. So, lets get Hogan back for one last hurrah. One last look at that those 24 inch pythons and let HulkaMania show the world that it is truly immortal. Long after Terry is gone, generations upon generations who aspire to be wrestlers will look back at what Hogan did for the business. Without him, there be no Wrestlemania, no WWE Hall of Fame, no cartoons, no shirts, or training, or anything. Hogan gave the kids and the world hope that will last forever. This will show that Hogan does know best. (his former reality show).

So whatcha gonna do — when Hulkamania returns to the WWE and runs wild all over again? Are you ready for Hulkamania in 2017? I sure am. I can not wait.

This has been Salvatore ‘Rough Cuts’ LaSardo. May all of your matches be a main event. Till next time.

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