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On tonight’s episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTV we get continued action from NJPW’s King of Pro Wrestling show from last October. Last week we saw Kenny Omega defeat Hirooki Goto and tonight we get the Main Event of the show where “RainMaker” Kazuchika Okada battles Naomichi Marafuji. There is some history behind this if you recall the G1 Climax first round match where Marafuji was able to score a win against the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. As always in NJPW, if someone pins a title holder then that person gets a title shot. Also we have a special singles match between Tiger Mask W and his nemesis Red Death Mask. If your unaware, Tiger Mask W is the new reboot of the Japanese Anime series from years ago that is now running on a weekly basis on NJPWWORLD.com.

October 10, 2016
Ryogoku Kokugikan
Tokyo, Japan

Special Singles Match
Tiger Mask W vs Red Death Mask

Death mask gets the upper hand in the beginning with cheap shots then a rear choke but Tigers Mask would counter Death Mask off the ropes with a high cross body. Tiger Mask then hits top rope kick that sends Death mask to the outside, Tiger Mask then runs to the corner and tries a Triangle Moonsault but Death Mask blocks the hold. Death Mask then slams Tiger Mask on the top rope and slaps on a wrist lock with his knee in Tiger Mask’s back but Tiger counters the hold then sends Death mask in the corner. Tiger Mask then hits a big drop kick off the ropes that sends Death Mask to the outside and now Tiger Mask W hits the triangle moonsault. After a two count Tiger Mask W hits a kick combo that ends with a standing moonsault for a two count, Tiger Mask then tries a suplex but Death Mask counters and begins to blast Tiger Mask with right hands. Death Mask hits a power bomb for a two count then climbs up top but misses the leg drop from the top. Tiger Mask scores with a deadlift german suplex for a two count but then Tiger Mask W lifts up Death Mask and drops him on his neck with the Tiger Driver and Death mask cannot answer the three count.

Your Winner: Tiger Mask W

IWGP Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match
“RainMaker” Kazuchika Okada©[Chaos] vs Naomichi Marafuji[NOAH]

The bell sounds but both men are so focused that the action stall for a minute, both then jockey for position. Okada then goes with a key lock but Marafuji counters and Okada slams him back down to the mat. Marafuji counters out then reverses the hold dropping Okada, the break follows on the ropes where Okada slaps the chest of Marafuji. Okada scores with a shoulder block off the ropes then a big back body drop where Marafuji was high in the air. Okada hits a neck breaker for a two count then follows with rear chin lock but Marafuji makes it to the bottom rope. The action then spills to the outside as Marafuji is down on the mat, Okada follows and Irish whips Marafuji into the barricade but Naomichi counters sending Okada into the rail. Marafuji then hits a back kick to Okada while he is on the apron trying to rest, Okada makes it back in the ring at the 16 count. Marafuji then sets up okada and lands a massive chop to the chest, a staple of any Marafuji match. Naomichi then blasts okada twice more and Okada cant even keep his balance, Marafuji then gets blasted by Okada with elbows but Marafuji chops again and again. Okada tries to trade shots but Marafuji’s chops just unleash all hell on Okada. Marafuji then wraps up Okada with a head scissors submission but Okada makes it to the ropes. Marafuji gets Okada in the corner and begins to chop the chest of Okada again with no remorse, Okada stumbles in pain then Marafuji goes back to the chin lock. Marafuji breaks the hold and continues to chop Okada. Marafuji tries a move off the ropes but Okada counters with a back elbow and the crowd applauds, Okada hits more elbows then a DDT. Okada misses the corner attempt but as Marafuji climbs up top Okada blast him with a drop kick that sends him to the floor. Okada then gets countered by Marafuji on the outside, Marafuji tries his neck breaker off the barricade but Okada counters with a back elbow. Okada then backs up as Marafuji falls over the railing, Okada runs the distance and leaps with a high cross body and crashes down onto Marafuji. Okada sends Marafuji back in the ring and backs up to the opposite corner. Marafuji blocks Okada with a kick to the face then a back kick combo that drops the champion. Marafuji raises up Okada and continues with chops then a spring board kick to Okada’s face. Marafuji then tries to suplex Okada back in the ring, Okada blocks but Marafuji chops again and then hits a Piledriver on the ring apron to Okada. As Okada makes it back in the ring Marafuji greets him with a top rope drop kick for a two count, Okada then counters with FlapJack to Marafuji. Okada tries a back kick but Marafuji counters with a another chop then Okada counters into the reverse neck breaker. Okada picks up Marafuji then slams him, Okada then hits the top rope elbow smash. After the “RainMaker” pose we see Okada getting countered again by Marafuji with an arm bar then a triangle choke. After a modified back stabber by Marafuji we see Okada getting super kicked off the counter but Okada then scores with a german suplex that sends Marafuji to the other corner. Both men then trade shots but as Okada hits back elbows Marafuji lays in with big chops, the kind that have that nasty sound. Marafuji chops Okada so hard that sweat flys off the chest but Okada screams to Bring it on but Marafuji does not let up and the crowd cannot hold their composure. After yet another barrage of chops we see Marafuji trying a move but getting countered with Okada’s massive drop kick. Okada hits a german suplex but Marafuji blocks the RainMaker by hitting a jumping knee. Marafuji then hits another jumping knee smash that rocks Okada in the corner and the champ is down again. Marafuji picks him up and scores with the second rope neck breaker but Okada somehow kicks out at two, Marafuji then picks up Okada and tries the pump handle slam but Okada counters. Marafuji hits a super kick dropping Okada then Marafuji tries another neck breaker but okada counters into the RainMaker but holds onto the wrist of Marafuji. Okada gets up still holding the wrist of Marafuji and tries the RainMaker again but Marafuji blasts Okada with yet another jumping knee lift and Okada is backed up on the ropes. Marafuji blasts Okada again with another deadly knee lift and this time Marafuji looks to finish off Okada but Okada counters into the Tombstone Piledriver. Okada picks up Marafuji and scores with the RainMaker again and this time Marafuji cannot kick out.

Your Winner: Kazuchika Okada retains the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

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