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A Sit-Down Between Stasiak & Sonnen:
Second generation star talks shop with the UFC legend
By Ryan K. Boman

Earlier this week, former WCW and WWE wrestler Shawn Stasiak made an appearance on the “You’re Welcome! with Chael Sonnen” podcast, where he discussed his current life and his plans for the future with the UFC star and broadcaster.

As wrestling fans may or may not know, Stasiak stepped away from the ring in 2002, and went on to pursue a career in chiropractic healthcare. Today, ‘Dr. Shawn’ cares for patients in the Dallas-Forth Worth area, as well as makes appearances as a motivational speaker.

“I have my regular practice now, but I’m still involved in several creative projects,” Stasiak, now 46, said. “I’m still dedicated to living a healthy life and staying in shape.”

“And, I always love having a good conversation- especially about my experiences and my thoughts on the business. My message has always been about staying positive.”

After years of keeping a relatively low profile, Stasiak has been making a few rounds and visiting with some old friends in the business. Despite his incredible success outside of the sport, he says he still likes to keep up with what’s going on.

“I’ve never been bitter about anything in the business,” Stasiak says. “I don’t believe in that. How can you be bitter about something that has given so much to you and your family? That’s not me.”

“That’s why it was so refreshing to get the opportunity to really open up and discuss my thoughts, and Chael was so great about everything. The hour definitely went by fast, because I was literally having a blast.”

During the interview, Stasiak talked with Sonnen about everything from the current state of the pro game to the happenings of the wrestling program at Stasiak’s alma mater, Boise State. Stasiak was an All Pac-10 competitor there, prior to trying out for the then-WWF in 1997.

“To have the opportunity to be on with Chael, who is an awesome person and someone I admire very much, is most definitely an honor,” Stasiak says. “I’m a huge fan of his, not just as a fighter, but for all of his other accomplishments, as well.”

“Needless to say, when you have a chance to speak to someone like that, you want to take and advantage of it. And, Chael and everyone involved with the show were so professional. I had a great time.”

The son of former WWWF champion Stan Stasiak, he released a YouTube video that outlined his idea for a wrestling return in 2015, eventually gaining an audience with WWE chairman Vince McMahon. Alas, it was not ‘in the cards’ at that time, according to Stasiak.

“I would love to go back and have some fun with all the knowledge I have today,” he says. “I’m also realistic in the fact that they may never happen, and I’m okay with that.”

“At the same time, I wanted them to know that I’m still interested. I may never get to be involved again, but I’d certainly like to think at this stage in my life, I’m not done accomplishing things in some form of media.”

“I’m a person who believes in all the positive aspects of life, so I never dwell on what might not happen. If things would work out that were beneficial to all parties involved, of course I’d want to do it.”

He has been in contact with old friends and says that he wants to do some traveling and continue to re-connect with an industry he still misses.

“I’ve still got such good friends in the business, and so many of them have gone on to success,” he says. “You’re always happy when you see that, but at the same time, you miss being around them and being on the road.”

Stasiak will also be an upcoming guest on Sean Waltman’s “1-2-360″ podcast, and says no matter what the future holds, he’ll never lose his love of the sport that made his family’s name famous.

“For me, this sport has meant so much, not just to my father, but also to me,” he says. “There’s always a part of me who misses the arena and who misses the microphone. Anyone who has been there can tell you… it’s the greatest rush in the world.”

“I’m also realistic about where I’m at in life, and happy with the decisions I’ve made. But make no mistake, if the right opportunity arose and something made sense, I’d love to get back out there and do my best to entertain the audience.”

For a guy who hasn’t wrestled in WWE in several years, Stasiak still sounds like he has the same passion that he had as a rookie in 1998.

“Like almost everybody that’s ever been out there, I love the wrestling business… And I don’t think anyone who loves our business ever really leaves it.”

Shawn Stasiak’s appearance on the Chael Sonnen’s podcast – 04.26.2017:


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