Posted April 30th, 2017 by Bill Apter

Reigns came in with a bandaged right arm/shoulder due to broken ribs. He took the first shot and engaged in a brawl with Braun. Braun sent him out of the ring and smashed him onto the announcer’s table — them back into the ring where he continued to brutalize him. Outside again Roman was tossed into the steel steps.

Back in the ring Strowman continues the brutal assault. Reigns is having trouble breathing yet he puts Strowman into a Samoan Drop!

Somehow Roman (outside the ring) does his “driveby dropkick.” Strowman is thrown into the ringposts outside the ring.

A spear inside the ring by Roman — and a two count pin attempt but Braun kicks out.

Two Superman punches but Strowman slams Reigns and tries for a pin — only a two count.

Another running powerslam by Strowman and he pins Reigns!

After the match Strowman tossed the steel steps into the ring. He picked up Roman and slammed him shoulder first onto the steps! Then he picked the seps way above his head and slammed them into Reigns’ ribs.

Officials came to the ring as Strowman left.

(Fans chanted “Thank you Strowman” as all this was happening).

As officials helped him fans chanted “You deserve it.” An EMT crew came to help him (his mouth was all bloody) he refused. Backstage it appeared he was spitting up blood. He is taken to an ambulance. Strowman tries to attack him. Reigns takes the door of the ambulance and smash Strowman’s arm in the door repeatedly. Roman’s lips and mouth are full of blood.

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