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Jermaine Royster reporting
On tonight’s episode on New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTv we go back to October of last year and witness two matches from one of the best shows of 2016, NJPW’s King of Pro Wrestling. Tonight we get “The Wrestler” Katsuyori Shibata battling Ring of Honor’s Kyle O’Reilly with Shibata’s NEVER Openweight Title on the line. In the main event, “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega takes on Hirooki Goto and the prize for this match is Kenny Omega’s Wrestle Kingdom 11 briefcase. Inside that briefcase is a contract that guarantees a Title shot in the Main Event of New Japan big show at the Tokyo Dome every January 4th.

October 10, 2016
Ryogoku Kokugikan
Tokyo, Japan

Singles Match
NEVER Openweight Championship
“The Wrestler” Katsuyori Shibata© vs Kyle O’Reilly[ROH]

Both men start off very slowly looking for a way in as both men are forced to break on the ropes, both trade kicks to start. Shibata takes down Kyle but quickly Shibata is wrapped up but he then escapes O’Reilly on the mat. Shibata forces Kyle back to mat and he tries a choke hold but Kyle flips himself and gets to the bottom rope. Kyle then applies a leg lock and Shibata counters but O’Reilly again escapes, both men then restart the lock up with Shibata taking down Kyle then teasing the Penalty Kick. Shibata slaps on the rear naked chokehold then works the arm of Kyle while still applying the hold. Shibata then tries the triangle choke and after a bit we see Kyle getting away from the hold getting to the bottom rope. Shibata gets Kyle in the corner but Kyle storms out with kicks to Shibata ‘s legs then Kyle goes for the arm bar then a head scissors and its Shibata this time rolling over to get the bottom rope with his foot. Kyle attacks the heavily taped shoulder of Shibata then rams him into the corner, Kyle starts to pound away on that injured shoulder with strike then knees as Shibata falls to the mat. Kyle then goes back to basics with a flip over to a key lock, Kyle then lets go with a furious combo of kicks and strikes then a shoulder breaker to a leg lock. Shibata tries t get to the bottom rope but Kyle applies more pressure and pulls away from the rope. Kyle then blasts Shibata with a kick to the chest and a kneeling Shibata just shakes off the blow. Shibata tells O’Reilly to bring it on and Kyle continues to blast away with kicks but Shibata scores with a flash punch stunning Kyle. Both men then trade shots in the corner as both try for the counter, Shibata hits the big boot in the corner followed by the running drop kick in the corner. After a pin attempt by Shibata we see him going back to the chin lock then turns that into the Abdominal Stretch by the ropes, Kyle tries to get the rope but Shibata brings that arm back then drops to the mat. Shibata hits another boot off the ropes but Kyle no sells it and both men begin to trade shots until Shibata brings down Kyle with a dragon sleeper but O”Reilly comes back with an exploder suplex for a two count. O’Reilly gets up first and tries a suplex but Shibata holds on for the block but Kyle gets Shibata up in the air and comes down with a big brain buster for a two count. Kyle then goes back to the triangle choke hold and Shibata tries to get out but cant and at the last minute gets to the bottom rope. A break is forced and Kyle tries to attack the injured arm of Shibata but Katsuyori catches himself and counters O’Reilly with a Sleeper hold. Shibata then hits a back suplex but Kyle gets right back up then german suplexes Shibata but then Shibata comes right back with a german of his own then Kyle blasts Shibata with a spinning fore arm but Shibata kicks O’Reilly right in the face. Both men are kneeling in the ring but are throwing fore arms at each other, both rise to their feet trading blows and both men are dropped on the mat because of this. Shibata runs at Kyle and Kyle blasts him with a lariat for a two count, Kyle then hits the knee/palm strike combo but again Shibata just unleashes a back hand that drops Kyle to his knees. Shibata then slaps on the Sleeper Hold and Kyle tries to break the hold but Shibata scores with the Penalty Kick off the ropes. Shibata then locks on the Sleeper Hold again but this time falls to the mat with his legs wrapped around Kyle’s waist. Kyle is seen fading away and when his mouthpiece falls out the referee has no choice but to stop the match.
Your Winner: Katsuyori Shibata retains the NEVER Openweight Championship
After the match we see Shibata walk over to Kyle O’Reilly and congratulate him on a tough match, Shibata then bows to him and his tag partner Bobby Fish whom Shibata lost to the show prior to. Then Go Shiozaki(NOAH) confronts Shibata and seems to want a title shot but afterward we see EVIL(Los Ingobernables) attack Shibata in the ring signaling for a future NEVER Openweight title match.

Singles Match
“The Cleaner” Kenny Omega[Bullet Club] vs Hirooki Goto[Chaos]
*Kenny Omega’s Wrestle Kingdom 11 Contract is on the line*

When Kenny Omega is introduced, Goto wastes no time and goes straight for Omega with kicks then Hirooki hits a DDT with Omega hitting the briefcase on the way down. The bell sounds and Goto heads to the outside to get Kenny. Goto sends Omega to the outside then takes care of both Matt & Nick Jackson who accompanied Omega to the ring. Goto attacks Omega on the outside then climbs up to the top rope and scores with a diving elbow drop for a two count. Goto then puts his knee in Omega’s back and applies a chin lock, Goto then hits consecutive kicks to Kenny’s back. Kenny comes back with right hand then a chop to Goto in the corner, Goto comes back with a lariat but Omega counters with a jumping face crusher dropping Goto. Omega gets up and kicks Goto to the outside floor then Kenny body slams Goto on the ring apron, the Young Bucks then grab a table from under the ring. As Goto is laying on the outside floor we see Matt & Nick Jackson place the table over top of Goto then Omega comes off the ring apron hitting the double foot stomp. Omega throws Goto back in the ring and Kenny goes to the top rope then scores with the Missile Drop kick. Omega then slaps on a modified Cobra Clutch but Goto gets to the bottom rope. Omega targets the back of Goto with fore arms and kicks but Goto tells Omega he wants more and Goto just east the chops and kicks from Omega. Kenny gets Goto in the corner and puts his boot in Goto’s face for a five count then runs Goto to the next corner. Kenny gets countered but Omega gets back in control with a big chop to Goto in the corner, Kenny then gets countered by Goto with a big kick off the ropes. Goto gets up and sends Omega to the corner then scores with an enziguiri for a two count. Goto tries a back suplex but Omega counters in mid air with a flip and when he comes down he spits right in Goto’s face. Goto swings and misses while Omega hoists him on his shoulders and scores with the rolling drop followed by the second rope moonsault for a two count. Omega tries a deadlift suplex but Goto scores with right hands but omega counters goto with a Frankensteiner sending Goto to the outside. Omega then rises up Terminator style and scores with the suicide dive over the top rope to Goto. The Young Bucks again grab a table and place Goto on top of it but Yoshi HASHI comes in for the save but the Bucks take him out, they would fight on into the crowd. Kenny meanwhile sets up the table on the outside but gets back in the ring with Goto, as Goto is on the ring apron Omega tries to knock him off with strikes. Kenny rams Goto’s head off the corner then heads up top with Goto in tow. Both men block each other then connect with fore arms but Goto then scores with a sunset flip power bomb from the top rope for a two count. Goto gets up and tries a big kick but Omega blocks then scores with a back breaker dropping Goto. Omega then picks up Goto and tries to Power bomb Goto through the table on the outside but Goto counters. Omega then tries a spring board move but Goto scores with a right hand knocking Omega off the ropes and into the table on the outside. Goto picks up Omega then scores with a huge clothesline and follows that with the Ushigaroshi neck breaker for a two count. Goto raises his hands and goes with a sleeper hold but Omega gets away but Goto still goes back to the hold, Goto then hits the reverse Ushigaroshi. Goto gets up but Omega tries the GTR and Goto counters that into the Shouten, Goto gets up and prays to the heavens and blasts Omega with a viscous kick. Goto goes for the GTR but Omega counters with a dragon suplex and both are down, they rise up striking each other with right hands. Goto winds up for a big strike but Omega hits a knee but Goto comes back with a head butt, Omega then scores with the V-Trigger followed by Goto’s own Ushigaroshi for a two count. Omega hits another V-Trigger Knee lift and Omega raises up Goto on his shoulder then plants him on his neck scoring with the One Winged Angel, Omega covers Goto and gets the three count.

Your Winner: Kenny Omega retains his Tokyo Dome briefcase, Kenny Omega will go on to face Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 11 for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

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