Posted April 26th, 2017 by Bill Apter

Last week I wrote an editorial blasting WWE RAW officials for not suspending Braun Strowman for the heinous acts of violence perpetrated against Roman Reigns. It was sickening to watch the “Monster of a Man” happily destroy Reigns. If the in-ring violence was not enough, after Roman was put in an ambulance that was about to be driven to a hospital, Strowman intercepted the vehicle trip and pushed it over with Reigns strapped to a stretcher inside. What was done about this by RAW officials? ZERO!

April 25, 2017. Baron Corbin was upset losing his match against AJ Styles at Smackdown. Kevin Owens ran into the ring and helped Corbin repeatedly stomp AJ. To the rescue came Sami Zayn. This infuriated Corbin even more.

A short time later when Sami was being interviewed on the WWE NETWORK post show “Talking Smack” he was viciously attacked by Corbin who smashed his head into the host desk and then threw him over it onto the floor. He continued beating Sami as several referees tried to stop him. It was at this point Corbin, who towered over the few referees, shoved one of the referees down with all his might. He went over the line. YOU DO NOT LAY YOUR HANDS ON AN OFFICIAL!

Unlike RAW officials the following day doing nothing about Strowman, Shane McMahon was quick to levy a monetary fine as well as a one-week-suspension.

it is my hope that if Strowman’s reign of terror continues he will meet with a similar or worst fate!

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