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I’m the first to admit, 15 years ago or more, I would change the TV channel as soon as I saw a “Diva” making her way to the ring for a match. I wasn’t a fan of women’s wrestling and I thought the talent was not entertaining. Then, along came talents such as Lita and Trish Stratus and I began to pay closer attention due to their tremendous athletic ability in the ring. I’ll never forget how amazed I was to see Lita do a moonsault from the top rope during her debut. Today’s product is even better! I’ve become a huge fan (mark) of the current Women’s Division. Entertainers such as Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and many more have revolutionized the industry. It never ceases to amaze me the moves, athleticism, and tremendous mic skills they all possess. The WWE is doing a wonderful job finding and developing talent in NXT. This new talent is inspiring so many new and current fans.

My 10 year old daughter had absolutely no interest in Professional Wrestling. She would scoff at the television and demand the channel be changed when she saw me watching my favorite WWE program. One evening, I decided to take a chance and see if I could sway her opinion of the entertainment her Dad has loved passionately since the age of 10. I pulled out my IPad and brought up my subscription to the WWE Network. I asked her to watch the famous match between Bayley and Sasha Banks at NXT Takeover in Brooklyn. As she watched that match, her eyes lit up and she started flinching and jumping at every dynamic move those women pulled off in the ring that night. My daughter was instantly hooked! All she talks about is how she wants to be like Bayley and she wants to watch as many women’s matches as I will let her. This sudden interest and love for wrestling was music to my ears. I couldn’t believe my little girl was finally a wrestling fan like her Dad. I have Bayley to thank for this wonderful transformation. Bayley has inspired her more than I ever could imagine. Her kindness and generosity to others makes my daughter want to be a better person. I decided to ask her how Bayley has inspired her so much. She responded by saying that Bayley doesn’t give up in the ring and she believes in herself. It inspires her when she goes to school every day because when she’s confused with her school work or when things at school seem too hard, she thinks about how Bayley works hard when she’s in the ring, fights hard to defeat her opponent, and how she didn’t give up on her dream to become a professional wrestler. It motivates her to achieve her dreams as well.

Wrestling has also helped her make new friends at school. The boys in her class would gather on the playground every week to talk about their favorite wrestlers and wrestling moments on RAW and Smackdown that week. One day, my daughter decided she would join in on the discussion. I was amused when she told me how the boys were shocked and confused that she liked wrestling. They told her that girls are not supposed to like wrestling and the women wrestlers weren’t as good as the men. My daughter set them straight very quickly! She debated with them on how athletic and entertaining the women were compared to the men and how Bayley has just as many male fans as female fans. The boys couldn’t argue her passionate and motivated words. Now they all gather every week to talk about all the wrestlers, including the women!

Bayley has not only motivated her to never give up on her dreams, but she’s also motivated her in dance class. She has to perform in front of large crowds during dance competitions. Before she goes on stage, she gets very nervous and scared. To help her overcome the nerves and fears, she thinks about how Bayley has to perform in front of large crowds and how excited she is to entertain the fans. Before she runs out on stage for a dance competition, she pictures Bayley running out of the curtain to her music with excitement and energy to give the fans her best. I was overwhelmed to hear all the ways Bayley has inspired by daughter. Bayley has not only created a new common interest between a father and daughter, but she’s inspired a young lady to overcome doubt, fear, and awkwardness to pursue her biggest dreams. I’m proud to say my little girl not only watches RAW with me every week, but she’s also collecting her own women wrestling action figures and using them to spin off her own dynamic matches. We will be attending our first RAW together very soon!

The WWE has made a tremendous impact on my daughter and countless other young ladies in the world. Watching these ladies perform has become inspiring and motivating for many women, both young and old. I look forward to future enhancements to the women’s division such as introducing another title for the women to battle over. This side of the business is growing tremendously and now’s the time to help elevate some of the lower card ladies by having their own version of the Intercontinental title. Eventually, it will be necessary to introduce a women’s tag team division. I’m excited to see how the talent will continue to grow and entertain us and possibly convert more non-believers like my daughter and my once ignorant self.

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