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Jermaine Royster reporting

On tonight’s episode on New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTv we get the conclusion of the Destruction shows that took place in Hiroshima, Tokyo & now Kobe. Tetsuya Naito fresh off of his first reign as IWGP Heavyweight Champion battles the IWGP Intercontinental Champion “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin in the main event at Kobe World Memorial Hall. Tensions from these two were brewing ever since Naito defeated Elgin back in the G1 Climax 26 tournament. Ever since Tetsuya Naito embraced his buddies in CMLL the came back to Japan shouting Los Ingobernables, the fans have seen a different side of Naito. He has shown disrespect towards NJPW announcers & championships but Michael Elgin swears to slap some respect into Naito. Elgin is just combing off winning the IWGP Intercontinental Championship against Kenny Omega in the first ever Ladder Match in New Japan history.

September 25, 2016
Kobe World Memorial Hall
Kobe, Japan

Singles Match
IWGP Intercontinental Championship
“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin© vs Tetsuya Naito[Los Ingobernables de Japon]

Naito begins the match like always with a very slowed down pace, Elgin tries to lock up but Naito steps aside. After a second time Elgin gets upset and throws Naito across the ring, Naito then sends Elgin over the top rope and when Naito runs the ropes he fakes out Elgin by posing in the ring. Both men get back into a lock up then Naito tries a shoulder block with Elgin not budging, Naito then takes out the knee of Elgin but Elgin fakes out Naito returning the favor. Naito is reluctant to get back in the ring after being faked out by Elgin, Naito gets back in the ring and he gets blasted by Elgin with an enziguri then a standing vertical brain buster for a two count. Elgin misses his corner move lariat and Naito kicks him away then score with another drop kick to the same knee as before. Elgin is now selling the left knee and Naito goes for the attack hitting a chin breaker then another drop kick to the knee off the ropes. Elgin goes to the outside to regroup, Naito follows with more kicks to the leg then he sends Elgin off the barricade. Naito then wraps the leg of Elgin onto the barricade then leaps off the apron onto the knee, Elgin is down but makes it back in the ring before Twenty. Naito goes back to the leg with a spinning toe hold then drops down to apply more pressure on the injured leg. Elgin screams in pain in the corner but Elgin makes it to the bottom rope for the break. Naito then kicks the left leg repeatedly while slapping Elgin on the forehead but Elgin powers back with a big elbow dropping Naito. Elgin then counters Naito in the corner and scores with an enziguiri. Elgin puts Naomi on the top rope with Elgin following, Naito tries to fight Elgin off by using the sunset flip but Naito blasts the knee of Elgin while his he is on the ropes. Naito goes back to the leg but Elgin counters Naito and hits a deadlift german suplex to Naito, both men are down. Elgin gets up first and scores with two elbows then I big boot form the corner, Elgin lariats Naito in the corner then Elgin tries a suplex but Naito counters while Elgin counters with a Powerslam for a two count. Elgin chops Naito consecutively then scores with another big enziguiri that drops Naito, Elgin then hits another german suplex for a two count. Elgin tries another power bomb but Naito gets away then targets the knee again with repeated strikes then Naito runs the ropes and hits yet another drop kick to Elgin’s knee while its wrapped in the ropes. Naito then hits the patented corner leg sweep to a spring board drop kick combination to Elgin. Naito gets to the outside then climbs up top and scores with a missile drop kick to Elgin’s bad knee, Naito then slaps on a figure four leg lock but Elgin quickly gets to the bottom rope. Naito continues to kick the knee of Elgin and as Naito tries a spring board DDT, Elgin counters into the Falcon’s Arrow and both men are down. Both men rise up trading shots in the middle of the ring but Naito again fakes out Elgin and goes with a kick to Elgin’s knees. Elgin then counters with three consecutive german suplexes to Naito. Elgin limps over to Naito and puts him on the top rope with Elgin following but Naito pounds away then Elgin falls. Naito stands up on the top and goes for another drop kick but Elgin catches Naito mid air and powers bombs him for a two count. Elgin then hits a body slam then climbs up to the top rope but misses the high cross body splash, Naito then hits the running drop kick to Elgin’s knees. Elgin then counters Naito with a massive chop but Naito counters back hitting the spring board DDT for a two count. Naito now puts Elgin on the top rope and Naito hits the Super Hurricanranna off the top rope then follows that with a reverse frankensteiner for a two count, the crowd is in full cheering mode at this point folks! Naito goes back to the leg lock focusing on the injured left knee of Elgin, Michael gets to the bottom rope causing the break. Naito stomps the knee of Elgin by the ropes, the action spills to the apron where Elgin somehow counters Naito and hits a fallaway slam on the ring apron. Both men come crashing down to the outside floor but as both men make it back up on the apron we see Elgin grabbing Naito and signaling with his thumbs down. Elgin then goes up to the second rope then grab Naito hoisting him up in the air all in one motion then suplex Ign him down while sitting out at the same time(Super Falcon’s Arrow) for a two count. Elgin then goes for the Buckle Bomb but Naito grabs the referee pulling him into bot men causing Elgin to fall. Elgin picks up Naito and tries the Buckle Bomb again but in comes Naito’s stablemates SANADA, Bushi & EVIL and they attack Elgin while the referee is on the outside. KUSHIDA comes in to make the save along with Hiroshi Tanahashi and they try to fight off Los Ingobernables but Bushi sprays KUSHIDA with the mist and SANADA has the Dragon Sleeper on Tanahashi. EVIL & SANADA double team Elgin in the corner but Elgin fights them both hitting a german suplex with both men on his shoulders. Bushi then gets power bombed over the top rope onto the rest of L.I.J. On the outside, Naito then hits Destino’ off the distraction but Elgin kicks out right as the referee gets back in the ring. Naito goes for Destino’ again but Elgin counters with a big slam for a two count. Both men get back to their feet but Naito goes on the attack with kicks and strikes but Elgin nearly takes Naito’s head off with a huge lariat but only for a two count. Elgin signals for another Buckle Bomb which he hits then Elgin tries the Elgin Bomb but Naito counters while on Elgin’s shoulder and hits Destino’. Naito then gets back up and hits Destino’ one more time then covers Elgin and this time he gets the three count and the win.

Your Winner: Tetsuya Naito becomes the 15th IWGP Intercontinental Champion

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