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Jermaine Royster reporting
Smackdown comes to us live from the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Tonight on Smackdown Live six superstars get a chance to compete for a shot at Randy Orton & the WWE Championship. Luke Harper, Jinder Mahal, Mojo Rawley, Sami Zayn, Erick Rowan & Dolph Ziggler will compete in a six pack challenge to determine the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship. Randy Orton will defend the WWE Title against Bray Wyatt who’s now on Raw in a House of Horrors match at Payback in two weeks. Also at Payback Kevin Owens will defend the United States Championship against Chris Jericho but last week AJ Styles managed to become the No. 1 Contender to that title. Kevin Owens will issue an open challenge tonight in his attempts to make himself the face of America. The show opens up with an introduction to the new superstars coming over from Raw & NXT and new opportunities arising. Charlotte Flair’s music hits and the queen makes her way to the ring.

Charlotte says its only been seven days and shes already lost her mind, she says she doesn’t know what Bryan and Shane are doing. Charlotte says how can she be on Smackdown and not been given a title shot yet, she then yells, “What is taking so long!” Naomi then comes out with microphone in hand and she tells Charlotte that on Smackdown there are no such thing as Kings & Queens but they do have champions. Naomi says she hates seeing Charlotte beg so she will give her what she wants and it can go do right now. Naomi then drops Charlotte with a right hand and Naomi is attacking the Queen with strikes. Shane comes out and asks the crowd do the want to see a fight, Shane then says that if Charlotte beats Naomi tonight then she could get a shot next week. Charlotte then returns the favor on Naomi with right hands and Charlotte celebrates with the Smackdown Womens Championship, Naomi gets back in the ring and gets the belt back then Charlotte goes back up the ramp.
Natalya is backstage with Shane McMahon and she cannot believe how Charlotte can get a title shot so easily, Shane says all Natalya had to do is ask. Carmella then comes in and she says she agrees with Natalya and Charlotte shouldn’t get a title shot. Tamina then comes in and she says that she was suppose to have an opportunity as well, Natalya then tells everyone that management has messed this up Shane has a plan.

Six Pack Challenge(No. 1 Contendership – WWE Championship)
Jinder Mahal vs Mojo Rawley vs Erick Rowan vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sami Zayn vs Luke Harper

The bell sounds and all six men start brawling in the ring, we see Mojo attacking Harper in the corner with Sami Zayn while Mahal goes for Rawley. Mojo goes to the outside with Jinder and they continue to battle while Harper and Ziggler go at it in the ring where Harper hits a big boot for a two count. Harper then goes for Rowan in the corner hitting a senton but Zayn comes in and gets slammed for a two count. When Smackdown comes back from commercial we see all Harper, Mojo & Mahal all attempting Superplexes off the top rope. Mojo hits one to Ziggler, Mahal gets reversed and sunset flipped into a power bomb for a two count. Zayn then gets up and tries the Blue Thunder Bomb but he gets super kicked by Ziggler but Harper blasts Ziggler but only gets a two count. Mahal then comes in and takes Rowan but Mojo comes back in the ring, Harper sends everyone to the outside then Harper scores with a suicide dive to all five men. Harper then does this once more but Dolph catches Harper with super kick. Rowan then takes out Ziggler with a round house kick for a two count then Rowan picks up Ziggler and power bombs him to the outside on-top of the other wrestlers. Rowan covers Zayn for a two count then tosses Sami to the outside, Harper then comes back in the ring as Smackdown again goes to commercial. Ziggler and Mojo are left in the ring now and Ziggler gets up and gets countered by Mojo hitting shoulder tackles then sending Ziggler into the corner. Dolph goes for a high cross body but Mojo catches him and plants him on the mat. Mojo then runs the ropes and scores with the big right hand knocking out Ziggler but Mahal comes in for the steal and Zayn breaks up the pin. Harper and Rowan comes back and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag to Rowan for a two count. Ziggler scores with a drop kick to Harper but Luke counters the next move with power bomb to Ziggler for a two count. Mahal then pulls Harper to the outside while Zayn scores with a dive over the top rope to Harper then hits the spring board dive to Mojo on the outside. Zayn hits the exploder suplex to Mahal in the corner then Zayn backs up to hit the Helluva Kick but there are two mysterious people holding Zayn’s leg so he cant get out of the corner. Mahal then comes over and hits the big headlock slam off the distraction and he covers Zayn for the surprising win. It turns out that those two men holding Sami Zayn’s leg were none other than the Bollywood Boys.

Your Winner: Jinder Mahal is now the new No. 1 Contender to the WWE Championship

After the match we see Mahal being interviewed in the ring about his victory and the crowd just unloads with boo’s and jeers. Mahal says the only reason the people are booing is because he doesn’t fit the “American Standards” or maybe because he is highly educated. He says Americans don’t expect adversity but they will have to respect him as the next WWE Champion. Randy Orton then comes out and he tells Jinder he won the jackpot but his prize wont be the WWE Championship. Randy says all he has won is an RKO from yours truly but he has Bray Wyatt to worry about for right now. Randy says he doesn’t know what a House of Horrors match is but whatever house it is he will burn it down. Bray then appears on the big screen an he talks about all the agony he ha been going through since losing the title to Randy. Bray says nothing will compare to when Randy comes to the House of Horrors and Randy doesn’t know what he is getting himself into, Bray then says Randy wont be able to walk out and to run.

A short promo is shown next highlighting The New Day then another highlight package showing the emergence of Shinsuke Nakamura since coming to America a year ago and signing with NXT.

AJ Styles is backstage with Renee Young and as she begins the interview we see Baron Corbin walking in asking why AJ is getting an interview. Styles says its because he won the right to face Kevin Owens last week but if Corbin wants a piece they can have a match tonight.

Charlotte is shown walking backstage and she walks into Natalya, Carmela & Tamina. James Ellsworth has words with Charlotte but they step aside as she walks through the curtain.

Womens Division Match[Non-Title Match]
Charlotte Flair vs Naomi©
**If Charlotte wins she will get a future title shot**

Both women lock up and they both end up in corner where Charlotte scores with big boots to Naomi while she is seated in the corner. Charlotte then goes for a headlock then a cover then back to the seated headlock. Natalya, Tamina & Carmella are shown watching backstage. After a pin attempt by Charlotte we see Naomi starting to work the arm of Charlotte, Naomi then gets countered and Charlotte goes with a leg lock followed by a kip up while Naomi is back in the corner. Charlotte puts her boot in Naomi’s face but Naomi then tries a pin attempt but Charlotte gets out a two, Charlotte then goes right back to the headlock. Naomi then counters Charlotte hitting a standing leg drop for a two count, both women trade chops but then Naomi hits the kicks in stereo for a two count. Charlotte then tries a power bomb but Naomi counters by sending Charlotte over the top rope with a hurricanranna. Charlotte gets back in control this time using the reverse head lock stretching out Naomi then dropping her for another two count. Charlotte scores with the reverse atomic drop for a two count then Charlotte drop the knees in Naomi’s face for another two count. Charlotte goes for another Atomic drop but Naomi counter and tries a sunset flip but Charlotte drops Naomi on her neck for a two count. The action goes to the corner and Naomi hits a spring board kick back up Charlotte then Naomi hits another big kick stunning Charlotte. Naomi then hits a stunner off of a counter then a high cross body off the top rope for a two count. Naomi looks frustrated because she cant put Charlotte away, Charlotte then runs the ropes and as Naomi tries the hip attack but Charlotte kicks her in the back and score with Natural Selection and Charlotte gets the three count.

Your Winner: Charlotte Flair gets the win and she will most likely face Naomi for the Smackdown Live Womens Championship next week.

Tag Team Match
The American Alpha vs Primo & Epico

Primo goes right for Gable but Chad slams him I the process then wraps him up in a submission. Jordan comes in he throws Primo around for a two cont then Gable comes in for the double team. Epico dirt acts the referee and Primo throws Gable into the steel post then Epico comes in and hits a big gut buster to Gable. Epico continues hitting a clothesline off the ropes but when the action gets to the corner Epico gets caught by Gable with an arm bar over the top ropes. Jordan gets the tag and he clears the ring and goes for a pin attempt but Primo makes the save. Gable then clotheslines Primo over the top rope and Jordan goes for a roll up on Epico but Primo gets a cheap shot on Jordan causing Epico to cover Jordan and get the win.

Your Winner: The Colons(Primo & Epico)

Kevin Owens United States Championship Open Challenge

Singles Match(United States Championship)
Kevin Owens© vs Gary Gandy

Owens goes right after Gandy pounding him on his back almost to a submission. Owens then quickly throws Gandy off the ropes, picks him up then slams him back down to the mat hitting the Pop Up Power bomb for the win.

Your Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match Kevin Owens tell the crowd that as long as he continues to be the United States Champion he will be the face of America. He says not even AJ Styles or Chris Jericho can take the title away from him and he is now going to join the announce team for the main event.

Smackdown Live Main Event
Singles Match
Baron Corbin vs AJ Styles
**Kevin Owens joins the announce team**

Corbin tries to get Styles in the corner but AJ kicks Corbin to get away, Styles tries again but Corbin throws him down using his strength. AJ then uses his speed hitting kicks to Corbin then Corbin blasts Styles with a big right hand . Styles goes for a headlock while on Corbin’s shoulders, Corbin then hits splash in the corner then gets sent to the outside. Corbin goes to the outside but AJ gets behind him but Corbin counters AJ’s next move then slams Styles on the ring apron and AJ is down. When Smackdown comes back from commercial we see Corbin with a arm bar on to Styles in the middle of the ring. AJ gets to his feet and tries to get away hitting Corbin with a back elbow but again Corbin sends AJ flying to the outside hitting the post on the way out. Corbin gets Styles back in the ring and he puts the boots to Styles in the corner, AJ fights back but Corbin looks to be too much. Styles then gets the legs up as Corbin tries to attack him in the corner. Styles again gets out of the way and Corbin hits his shoulder on the steel post, AJ then hits a quick combo then a pele kick sending Corbin to the corner. Styles counters Corbin again then hits a seated fore arm for a two count. Styles then teases the Styles Clash but Corbin gets away hotting a big back breaker but Styles kicks out at two. Styles then counters Corbin again and rolls up Corbin with the Calf Crusher, Corbin uses his length to get to the bottom rope. AJ goes back to the leg but Corbin then hits the Deep Six to Styles but AJ again kicks out again at two, Corbin is losing his mind because he can’t get the win. AJ hits a fore arm on the counter dropping Corbin The AN hits slide taking down Corbin. AJ then teases the Styles Clash again but Corbin reverses and send AJ right into Kevin Owens on the outside. Both Styles and Corbin are fighting on the outside when Styles lands a big clothesline sending Corbin into the crowd. AJ just barely make its back in the ring but he does so before the count of ten and AJ gets the count out victory over Baron Corbin.

Your Winner: AJ Styles

Styles is shown celebrating in the ring after he has just beaten Baron Corbin but Kevin Owens is still on the outside and he is very upset at what just happened as Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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