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The Raw Score
by Jay and Lottie Shannon

Byron Saxton is now on Smackdown Live. Who will replace him on Raw? Plus, Payback is just around the corner and Raw set more pieces of that puzzle.

We began with a look back at the vicious destruction of Roman Reigns by Braun Strowman. It was ridiculously brutal.

Braun Strowman came out to face the fans for what he did to Roman. David Otunga was supposed to be at the annonunce desk but he’s doing a movie. Booker T took his place. Darn, we were hoping for Jim Ross. Braun got a mixed reaction from the crowd. Braun was proud that he broke Roman in half and sent him off in an ambulance. Roman has a shoulder injury and broken ribs. The fans were thrilled to hear that Roman was not going to be there.

Kurt Angle came out to deal with Braun. Kurt wanted to know what Braun was trying to prove. Braun promised that there was more to come. Kurt set up a match, for Payback, between Roman vs Braun. Braun said that would be Roman’s funeral. Kurt threatened to suspend Braun but thought it best to just give Braun a night off. Braun demanded more competition, tonight, or else. Kurt called his bluff. Braun didn’t say anything else and just left the ring.

There will be a Fatal Four Way match to determine who gets Bayley in San Jose (Payback). MizTV makes its return to Raw, a little later on. Plus, Chris Jericho will fight Samoa Joe.

Seth Rollins made his way from the back. Seth went to the announce desk for tonight’s opening contest.

Chris Jericho vs Samoa Joe


Joe will fight Seth at Payback.

Jericho has a brand new Lite Brite Scarf! So cool.

Joe tore into Jericho at the bell. Chris came back with a Dropkick and Crossbody. 2 count. Joe kicked out of the Walls of Jericho. Chris dumped Joe to the outside. Raw went to break.

Joe was in complete control as Raw returned. Kabuki Klutch to Crhis’ neck muscles. Chris landed on the apron and hit an Ax Bomber, from the top. Snap Powerslam by Joe pulled a deuce. Joe missed an Elbow Drop and Chris nailed the Lionsault. 1-2-kick out. Corner One Armed Uranage by Joe. Joe went up the ropes and tried for the Backsplash Senton. He missed and Jericho applied the Walls! Joe reversed it and Chris tried to apply the move for a 2nd time. Instead, Jericho ended up in the Kokina Clutch. Joe didn’t have the legs wrapped around Chris, though. Chris used the corner to flip backwards. It only allowed Joe to fully apply the Kokina Cltuch. Jericho finally tapped out.

Your Winner (By Submission): Samoa Joe
Raw Score: 3.25

Seth promised that he would not end up in the Kokina Clutch, at Payback. Joe took the microphone and shouted at Seth. Joe mocked Seth’s new nickname of “King Slayer”. Joe reminded Seth that he popped Seth’s ligaments and such upon Joe’s debut on Raw. Joe stated that was only business but now things are personal.Seth answered that “Payback is a b*tch!”.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows walked past The Drifter. They were set to fight the Golden Truth. However, Braun Strowman decimated Goldust and R-Truth on their walk towards the ring. Finlay, Jamie Noble and someone else came in to check on the downed grapplers. Break time.

Braun was sitting in the locker room. A ref came up to inform Braun that Kurt Angle wanted him to leave. Braun refused.

Gallows and Anderson were in the ring. Karl made a shot at United Airlines as they talked about being put on “Stand By”. Luke demanded someone to fight.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs Enzo Amore and Big Cass


Enzo did his typical intro bit. Enzo was happy that they were still on Raw. Cass took over and threatened to blacken the eyes of Karl and Luke.

Cass and Karl started it off. Dash Wilde, of The Revival, is out due to a broken jaw. We wish him the very best for a speedy recovery.

Cass and Enzo tagged back and forth. Cass bashed Karl in the face and then used a Shoulder Tackle to drop Karl. Anderson got sent to the floor by way of a La Bandera Clothesline. Enzo flew outside to drop Karl. Break time.

Back from break and Luke and Karl were in charge. Karl took the tag and hit a Flying Boot to Enzo. 2 count only. Karl kept Enzo down by way of an Arm Bar. Enzo was pitched into enemy territory. Tag to Luke. Keylock by Gallows. Enzo fought to his feet. Flying Arm Bar took down Amore.

Enoz fought up to his feet but took a knee to the ribs. Tag back to Karl. Snap Mare and Knee Drop to the extended arm. Inverted Keylock by Karl. Karl switched to an Arm Bar. That arm had to be almost useless. Anderson Spinebuster brought a two count. Luke came back in and slugged away at Enzo. DDT by Enzo. Enzo just missed the tag. Karl stopped him. Karl missed a Big Boot and Enzo eventually got the tag. Empire Elbow and Big Boot to Karl. Bada Boom Shaka Laka to Luke. Karl dropped Enzo over the top turnbuckle. Luke and Cass were on the floor.

Your Winners: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows
Raw Score: 3.0

Raw ran a promo piece about Mickie James. She will be one of the women in the Fatal Four Way.

Raw ran a video package about Nia Jaz.


Miz looked like he raided Father James Mitchell’s wardrobe for the bright red suit. Bonus points if you ge that reference. Miz and Maryse are having issues with Dean Ambrose. Raw showed the video of Dean hitting Dirty Deeds on Miz, last week.

Miz started to talk about Dean but the IC Champ came out before his name was even mentioned. Corey Graves hated seeing Dean arrive. Dean bounced around the ring as Miz and Maryse seethed. Dean said he was thrilled to be on the show. Dean wanted a truce, at least for one night. They are both from Ohio. Dean joked about Maryse being Canadian. Dean made fun of Miz’s outfit. Miz said the suit was a sign of his respect for being a WWE Superstar. Miz called Dean a “disgrace”. Miz was irritated that the fans loved Dean, which got Ambrose special treatment. Miz accused Dean of wasting his momentum. Miz felt Dean should be embarrassed with his position in the company. Miz knew Dean was lazy.

Dean didn’t care about what he wore. He only cared about who he was, deep down. Dean explained he wasn’t a brand, he was a wrestler. Dean said no one does it like he does. Dean got a jab in by reminding Miz that Dean took the IC strap off him. Maryse took the microphone and insulted Dean. Dean emptied his pockets and removed his jacket as Miz rambled on. Miz got laid out after calling Dean a “joke”. Maryse got in the middle of things. Dirty Deeds blocked after Dean reversed the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz and Maryse scooted up the ramp.

Braun dragged Kalisto and then threw him in the garbage. Big Show knocked Braun down and told him to pick on someone his own size. Fade to break.

Braun and Big Show will fight, a little later on tonight.

T.J. Perkins vs Jack Gallagher


We began with a look at Perkins’ new attitude. He attacked Austin Aries, post match, last week.

We wondered which one is paler, Gallagher or Sheamus? Neville came out to make a special appearance. Neville got in the ring but then left to watch this match. A chair awaited him, just outside the ring. Our Friend, Evan Ginzburg, talked with Jay earlier about a new name for Neville. Evan mentioned using Evil out of his name until he was informed that one already exists in Japan. Jay countered that the graphic should be changed to “n-EVIL-le”.

Austin Aries then came out to check things out. Aries wanted to part of the Special Vieweing Patry. Aries did his own introduction and pulled up a chair right next to Neville. Neville moved his chair far away from Aries.

Side Headlock Takeover by Jack as the match started. Rope Run Takeover by Jack. 2 count. Aries enjoyed a banana as the match went on. Jack spun around to take advantage with a twisting Arm Bar. Jack shifted his weight to almost pin Perkins.

Head Scissors by TJP. Perkins flipped out of a Head Lock. Perkins grabbed Jack’s umbrella, William the 3rd. Jack did the Handstand Dropkick. Jack ended up flying through the ropes as Perkins dropped down. Time for a commercial break.

Perkins worked over the arms of his foe. Jack escaped a Suplex. European Uppercuts and a nice Throw by Jack. Snap Powerslam brought Jack a two count. Perkins hit a Springboard Forearm. Headbutt from Hell by Jack. Perkins fell out of the ring. Jack retrieved his faithful umbrella and opened it. Jack did the Mary Poppins Seated Senton! Love that silliness. That reminds me to go over to our cousin’s place to get my anniversary edition of Mary Poppins. Smile.

Perkins shoved Jack into Aries. Austin got up on the apron. Neville swept the leg and A-Double crashed onto the apron. Detonation Kick by Perkins.

Your Winner: T.J. Perkins
Raw Score: 2.75

Alexa Bliss was profiled.

Titus ONeil came in to congratulate Apollo Crews for his upcomoing fatherhood.. Titus wanted to recruit Crews to be part of the Titus Brand. Titus did his Famous B impression (watch Lucha Underground to learn who Famous B is and how he can make anyone Famous).

Matt and Jeff Hardy were interviewed. Matt still has a bit of his Broken Matt persona in his vouce. Jeff said it was incredible to be back in the WWE. Cesaro and Sheamus came in to welcome the Hardys back to Raw. Sheamus discussed Wrestlemania 17, Jeff will fight Cesaro, in a few minutes. Sheamus was confident that they would win back the tag titles, at Payback. Cesaro wanted to keep it respectful. Jeff said it was good to be back.

Time for a porfile video about “Boss” Sasha Banks.

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James
Fatal Four Way to determine the Number One Contender to the Raw Women’s Title


Nia stood her ground and talked trash. Alexa was sent into Nia. Alexa was knocked down. Mickie jumped on Nia’s back and clubbed away. Nia threw Mickie off, easily. Corner Splash by Nia to Mickie. Alexa prevented the pin. Alexa slapped Nia. Dumb move. Alexa bailed out. Sasha and Mickie hit a Double Dropkick to send Nia out of the ring. Bayley watched it all from backstage.

Mickie almost pinned Sasha. Mickie hit a hard Clothesline. Cartwheel Dropkick by Mickie. Sasha sent Mickie sailing. Head Scissors Rana by Mickie. Neckbreaker to Sasha but Nia pulled Mickie off the pin. Sasha caught Mickie and Nia with a Suicide Dive. Off to Fast Food ads.

Alexa almost pinned Mickie as Raw returned. Mickie kicked out of a 2nd pin attempt. Nia caught Alexa and planted her. She then slammed Sasha onto Alexa and Mickie onto the other two woemn. Nia got a two count as she tried to pin Mickie. Bayley looked so nervous. Shinu Numaki by Nia. Mickie was fading but still refused to give up. Mickie Elbowed her way nearly free. Nia pitched Mickie across the ring. Alexa was Bieled across the ring. Sasha threw fists but took several Back Elbows before going into a Bear Hug from Jax.

Sasha threw hard elbows but Nia would not release the hold. Cattle Mutilation by Sasha. Nia powered out of it and just destroyed Sasha with a Vertical Suplex. Mickie made the save. Thunderlips Choke by Nia. Mickie turned it into a modified Fujiwara Arm Bar. Nia lifted Mickie and dropped her on Sasha, in the corner. Alexa got down off the ropes. Nia charged and hit the corner. Alexa pitched Sasha out. She tried to pin Mickie but took several kicks to the face and chest. Uppercut led to an attempt at the MickieDT. Sasha stopped that.

Sasha kicked Alexa and then sent Mickie into Alexa. Double Knees. 1-2-Nia pulled Sasha out to the floor. Mickie pulled Nia off the apron. Alexa knocked Mickie off the apron and onto Nia.

Back in the ring, Sasha and Alexa batteld it out. Lung Blower into the BankStatement. Mickie prevented the tap out. Mickie told Sasha to bring it. They traded wild punches and elbows. Flapjack by Mickie. Kip Up. Mickie went up the ropes but Sasha tripped her. Sasha screamed that she was the Boss. Nia used Sasha to knock Mickie off the ropes. Samoan Drop. Alexa kicked Nia out of the ring and pinned Sasha!

Your Winner: Alexa Bliss
Raw Score: 4.0

That was one of the best women’s matches that we have seen in quite some time.

Bsckstage, Big Show was interviewed. He was asked why he would get in Braun’s face. Show said it was time for Braun to get a GIANT dose of his own medicine.

Michael Cole sent it to a video package about the new shows coming to the WWENetwork. It is so nice to have that on our Tablets so we can watch it, side by side. Sometimes, we like to hook it up to our 55″ TV to really feel like we are right there. Smile.

Superstars for Hope will give one lucky winner the chance to head to next year’s Wrestlemania.

Curt Hawkins was in the ring to grumble about being taken out by Big Show, last week. Curt said he makes Main Event Stars. He threw out a challenge for someone to join his Star Factory.

He got Finn Balor! Just don’t think that was waht ol’ Curt was hoping for. The Demon King is climbing back up to the top. We love his intro. Booker T seriously praised Finn for his star power.

Finn Balor vs Curt Hawkins

Finn unloaded with chops and kicks. Dropkick to Curt’s ear. Sling Blade!. Shotgun Dropkick. Coup de Grace!

Your Winner: Finn Balor
Raw Score: 1.0 (way too quick for a higher score)

Chris Jericho was interviewed. Chris admitted that he did lose to Samoa Joe, one of the WWE’s best. Jericho also knew he was distracted by his upcoming rematch against Kevin Owens. Jericho didn’t care if he went to another show, he just wanted to embrace the Friends of Jericho. Jericho put the interviewer on The List. He put The Drifter on it, as well.

Bray Wyatt wanted to know what people were afraid of. Bray knew about fear but would never bow down to it. He would harness fear and move it into the House of Horrors. Bray was certain that Randy Orton was scared of him. Bray promised to bring all of Orton’s fears to life. It was a typical Bray rant.

Alicia Fox did a promo about getting a face full of powder, on 205 Live, last week. Emma came in to stir up trouble. It caused Fox to freak out against Dana Brooke and claim they were no longer friends. Emma did it to force Dana to stand on her own two feet.

Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro


The Hardyz did their usual entrance. Cesaro had Sheamus at his side.

Jeff revved up the crowd. Michael Cole talked about Jeff’s legendary match against Undertaker, from 2002. I remember that wild battle. Baseball Slide by Jeff led to a dive from the apron. Jeff put Cesaro back in the ring and got a two count. Universal into a Slam by Cesaro. Running European Uppercut, on the floor, by Cesaro. He partied with the Cesaro Section. 2 count.

Jawbreaker by Jeff. Hardy went up top but Cesaro bailed out to the floor. Break time, once again.

Cesaro threw Jeff out of the ring. The ref started the count. Cesaro didn’t want to win by count out so he pitched Jeff back in the ring. Cobra Clutch by Cesaro. Sling Blade by Jeff. Uppercut Train by Cesaro drew a two.

Cesaro lifted Jeff and punched away. Whip but Jeff flew into Cesaro. Typical Jeff Double Leg Drop combo. Two count, once again. Cesaro reversed the Twist of Fate into a European Uppercut. 1-2-kick out. Matt rallied his brother. Jeff kicked away. Springboard Corkscrew Uppercut by Cesaro. Back Mule Kick by Jeff. Jeff went up top but Cesaro nailed the Rising European Uppercut. Jeff blocked the Superplex. Jeff dropped Cesaro off the top rope and then caught Cesaro with a wicked Dropkick.

Jeff crashed into the corner. Whisper in the Wind! 1-2-not yet. Basement Dropkick by Hardy. Cesaro booted Jeff as he went for a corner move. Hardy reversed teh Neutralizer. Twist of Fate! Swanton!

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Raw Score: 3.5

It was tense, after the match, until Sheamus and Cesaro offered handshakes. Cool. Jeff hugged Cesaro.

New Raw Score: 3.75

The announcers reviewed what brought us to the Main Event between Braun Strowman and Big Show. Goldust, Kalisto and R-Truth were brutalized until Big Show saved the day.

Heath Slater and Rhyno showed up to talk about being on Raw. Rhyno was feeding his face until Brayn Strowman stormed past them. Elsewhere, Big Show looked determined as he neared the entrance way.

Braun Strowman vs Big Show
Special Challenge Match


Braun charged at Show but got stopped. Braun reversed a Whip. Hard Punches by Show led to a Whip. Show threw Braun into the barrier. Show then tossed Braun into the ring. The bell officially sounded. Braun blocked the Chokeslam and prevented a Hip Toss. Show did throw Braun over the top rope. Baseball Slide by Show! Dang!. Show then sent Braun into the ring steps.

Show got back in the ring to break the count. Show Basketballed Braun’s head. Braun popped Show in the face. Dropkick by Braun to get a two count.

Strowman worked on the arm to slow things down. Kip Up and Arm Drag by Braun! Show was stunned. Show blocked the Scoop Slam and then Braun blocked the same move. Show lifted Braun but couldn’t complete the Slam. Show finally got the Scoop Slam.

Goozle but Braun broke it. Suplex by Braun. That was awesome. Braun slugged away at Show’s face. Headbutt by Braun put Show down, one more time. Punt to Show’s ribs. Crossfaces by Strowman. Braun stepped onto and over Show’s chest. Braun went back to the Crossfaces. Braun had a nasty cut on his chest.

Show struggled to get to his feet. Braun lifted Show up but couldn’t complete the Bulldog Bounce. Corner Splash by Show. Show put Braun up top and set for a Superplex. Open Hand Skillet Slap by Show. Braun tried to punch out of the Superplex. Chokeslam by Show. Could be…Might Be…Denied!

Show cocked the fist to deliver the KO Punch but missed it. Powerslam by Braun. 1-2-Kick Out! Braun was totally confused that it wasn’t a three. Braun went to the corner. He went up top! Show caught him. Massive Headbutt by Show and Braun almost fell off the top. Braun countered the Superplex and Show was Crotched on the top rope.

Braun flew off the ropes and fell to the KO Punch. 1-2-Really? He kicked out? Show just couldn’t believe it. Show looked lost, at this point. Show went up the ropes. Braun stoped Show from hitting the Giant Savage Elbow. Superplex and the ring collapsed!The ref was sent sailing out of the ring.

Both men were down and the medical team rushed down to check on both men. Braun was up to a knee but Show didn’t move. Braun howled as his music hit.

Your Winner: Match Stopped
Raw Score: 3.75

Peace and Love

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