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Feeling the Impact
by Jay and Lottie Shannon

It was the battle of Team Josh Mathews vs Team Jeremy Borash. This would change the landscape of Impact Wrestling.

Rewind video of last week kicked off the show. Davey Richards beat Eddie Edwards senseless in a Last Man Standing Match. Sienna said there would be Revenge. JB vs JM was set up. Matt Morgan and Magnus returned to align themselves with JB.

Alllie and Braxton showed up, as did Sienna and KM.

Roll the opening montage!

It was a cold, wintery night here in Northern Nevada. The video feed did go down, at one point. Our thanks to a few friends, in the business, for their help in filling in the blnaks.

Reno Scum vs Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. vs Decay
Triple Team Tag Match

The Finish:

Garza ripped off his pants and threw them at Rosemary. Steve freaked out. Steve threw Garza back in the ring and unloaded with brutal Crossfaces. Josh said if his team were to lose, he would leave the announce booth, for good.

Rosemary pulled Laredo Kid off the apron to prevent a tag. Luster got the tag. Steve elbowed free. Powerbomb by Luster the Legend. Luster slugged it out with Abyss and dropped the Monster. Headbutt by Luster. The “Oi” chant got going. Chokeslam by Abyss. Laredo hit a Springboard Dropkick. Adam with a Suicide Dive. Garza got caught in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Running Razor’s Edge, by Luster, sent Steve into Garza. The Reno Scum used a Leap Frog Double Stomp to get one step closer to facing LAX for the tag belts.

Your Winners: The Reno Scum
Impact Rating: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Josh Mathews stormed towards the back.

MacKenzie interviewed Andrew Everett about his future plans. Andrew demanded an X-Division title shot. Gregory Shane Helms and Trevor Lee walked in to face the hungry challenger. The Helms Dynasty put a Fatal Four Way in Everett’s path. They placed Marshe Rockett and Suicide as two of the men Everett would have to battle. Everett wanted Helms as the other man in the match. At first, Helms declined but eventually accepted the offer..

Bruce Prichard came to the ring to announce who the fans have chosen as the new Number One Contender to the World Title. It was…James Storm. Ethan Carter III really wasn’t happy to hear that news. He came out and got in Bruce’s face. He ordered Bruce to recheck the results and Bruce stated that he did not stutter. Ethan had a major fit about being passed over. Bruce advised Ethan to go to the back, take a good look in the mirror and figure out what happened to the former Top Guy in Impact. Ethan thanked Bruce for the suggestion and then made a cryptic remark about finding himself.

Karen Jarrett cut a promo where she talked about making Impact great again. That led us to the ring for…

Sienna and KM vs Allie and Braxton Sutter

The Finish:

Josh returned to the announce desk.

Sienna tagged in and attacked Braxton. Allie got the tag. Allie unleashed a flurry of Forearms and a Clothesline. Corner Splash by Allie. She flew off the ropes and Sienna caught her. Sienna tripped over KM and Allie pinned Sienna!

Your Winners: Allie and Braxton Sutter
Impact Score: 2.0

Kongo Kong came from the back. Seen this guy on the indy circuit and he is amazingly strong. Huge Samoan Drop to Braxton. Sideways Cannonball into the corner. Sienna then ordered Kong to leave the ring. Laurel stumbled to the ring. Sienna jumped Allie and hit the AK47. Laurel beat on Allie with her shoe. Laurel was still in her wedding dress. Sienna shook Laurel into reality.

Rosemary vs Santana Garrett
Non-Title Match

Rosemary ripped into Santana from the bell. Santana came back to flip Rosie around and almost pin her, multiple times. Rope Walk Arm Drag by Santana. Inverted Tarantula, in the ropes, by Rosemary. Full Mount Punches by the champ. Corner Splash missed and Santana hit a Corner Rana. Rosie came back with an attack. Corner Splash and Exploder by Rosemary. Flip Over Neck Wrench but Santana would not give up. Rosie choked Santana on the ropes. Santana came back with hard Clotheslines. Handspring Elbow and Side Russian Leg Sweep by Santana brought a two count. Shotgun Dropkick by Rosemary. Rosemary got caught, up top. Santana sent Rosemary flying. Santana missed a Handspring Moonsault and Rosemary caught Santana with the Red Wedding.

Your Winner: Rosemary
Impact Score: 3.25

Angelina Love-Richards and Davey Richards were playing kissy face, backstage. They were asked about remorse for what happened to Eddie. Angelina stated the Edwards Family deserved every bit of suffering that the Richardses could unleash. Davey never spoke and just went back to kissing on his wife.

Andrew Everett vs Suicide vs Marshe Rockett vs Gregory Shane Helms
Fatal Four Way X-Division Match

The Finish:

Marshe is now known as “All-Day” Marshe Rockett.

Helms did a lot of Hit and Run moves on Everett. Helms tried to pin Suicide and then cockroached his way out of harm’s way when it looked tough for him. Suicide hit a Double Chop DDT combo. Big Boot by Marshe. Springboard Spin Kick by Everett. Suicide Solution but Helms made the save. Helms finally took off his neon green jacket. Would love to have a jacket like that (Jay). You’d wear the silly thing downtown to have dinner at Dini’s (Lottie). Yeah, I would! (Jay).

Helms caught Everett with a Trapped Arm Faceplant. Everett popped back up and cleaned Helms’ clock. Flying Corner Elbow by Everett. Helms went to Everett’s eyes. Enziguri by Everett. Gourdbuster by Marshe to Everett and then to Suicide. Suicide was dropped onto Everett. Marshe missed a flying move. Springboard Moonsault by Suicide. Everett hit a modified Pele kick to Suicide. Sky High Shooting Star Press by Everett to finish this one.

Your Winner: Andrew Everett
Impact Score: 4.0

Trevor Lee jumped Everett, after the match. Everett with a FrankenDriver to Trevor. Dang, that was impressive. Lee was out cold!

Matt Morgan cut a promo. So glad to see him back on a big stage.

Davey Richards (w/Angelina Love-Richards) vs DJZ

Davey sat brooding, in the corner. Davey kicked away at his poor opponent. Hard Whip sent DJZ to the corner. Corner Splash by Davey and then he went to the floor to party with his spouse. Baseball Slide Dropkick, through the ropes, by DJZ. DJZ slammed Davey’s face into the ring steps. DJZ flew off the top with a Top Rope Crossbody. Davey hit a brutal Clothesline. Davey positioned DJZ and then went up top. He missed the Double Stomp. Back Elbows by DJZ. Jumping Diamond Cutter by DJZ. Jawbreaker by DJZ. Springboard Back Elbow by DJZ. Davey blocked the ZDT and applied the Ankle Lock. I believe this was the match where DJZ ended up seriously injured. Eddie Edwards rushed the ring but security stopped him. Alisha Edwards stormed the ring and tore into Angelina. She’s a serious little spitfire.

Your Winner (by Submission): Davey Richards
Impact Score: 2.0

Impact ran a military-style promo for the Veterans of War. They will be in Impact, soon.

Team Jeremy Borash (Matt Morgan, Magnus, Alberto El Patron and Chris Adonis) vs Team Josh Mathews (Bram, Bobby Lashley, E-Li Drake and Tyrus)
Eight Man Tag Team Match
Josh’s career on the line.


The introductions took forever. Josh’s team was known as Team G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time). Josh might end up the goat if his group were to lose.

Magnus is the Global Force World Champion. Alberto wanted to start against Lashley but Drake tagged in. Side Headlock by Alberto. Shoulder Tackle by El Patron. Step Up Enziguri by Adonis, now legal, brought a two. Tag to Lashley.

Side Headlock by Bobby. Shoulder Tackle by Bobby. Bobby blocked the Adonis Lock. Shoulder Tackle by Adonis. Butterfly Suplex by Chris. Bram got the tag. Samoan Drop by Adonis. Tag to Magnus.

Back Elbow by Bram. Magnus with a Powerbomb but Bram kicked out. Baseball Slide by Magnus. They went to the floor. Magnus was driven into the ring barrier. They returned to the ring and Drake tagged back in. Shoulders by Drake as Josh compared his team to the Four Horsemen. Seriously? Side Russian Leg Sweep by Drake. Magnus avoided a Knee Drop. Alberto came in with Clotheslines and a Lung Blower. Flying Arm Bar by El Patron. Josh was losing his cool so Impact went to break.

Tyrus clubbed Chris Adonis. Scoop Slam by Tyrus and an Elbow Drop. 2 count. Exploder by Tyrus. Josh complained about the ef. Corner Splash by Tyrus. Tag to Lashley. World’s Strongest Slam by Tyrus. Bobby stomped away on Adonis. Rude Awakening Neckbreaker by Bobby. Bram tagged in and punched away. Bram hit a wild Forearm to the face. Josh sounded like the outtakes of when Jay first did commentary on a wrestling match. (Hey, when did SHE hear that?)

Drake tagged back in and threw Adonis out of the ring. Bobby pounded on Chris, on the floor. Tyrus rubbed his forearm in Chris’ face. Drake with a Scoop Slam. Elbow Drop but Adonis kicked out at two.

Knife Edge Chops by Adonis. Tag to Tyrus. Chris kicked away at Tyrus and Drake. Running Headbutt by Tyrus. Tyrus missed the Avalanche Splash. Tag to Matt and Bram. Morgan went crazy on all four opponents. Morgan took out Drake and Bram. Chokeslam to Bram but Tyrus made the save. Alberto with a Superkick. Spear by Lashley. Spinebuster by Adonis. Celtic Cross by Drake. Magnus then hit a Powerbomb. Cloverleaf by Magnus but Bram took him out. Bram went to Morgan’s eyes. Carbon Footprint by Morgan and Savage Elbow by Magnus brought this to an end.

Your Winners: Chris Adonis, Alberto El Patron, Matt Morgan and Magnus
Impact Score: 4.25

JB did a happy dance after the match. The entire roster came out to taunt Josh on his loss and exit from the announce desk. Josh had nothing to say as Impact faded to black.

We do wish to thank Josh for his many years of service to the fans. Ok, he’s become a bit of a jerk in recent months but he has made the shows interesting. We hope this isn’t the final time we see or hear Josh Mathews.

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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