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Jermaine Royster reporting

On this weeks episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTv we go back to the DESTRUCTION shows in September of 2016. Last week we saw the DESTRUCTION in Tokyo show and this week is from Hiroshima where the IWGP Tag Team belts will be put on the line. The brothers from Sandy Fork, Mark & Jay Briscoe put their IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team titles on the line against the Jr. Heavyweight Champions The Young Bucks. In the Main Event we have G1 Climax winner Kenny Omega putting his Tokyo Dome contract on the line against Yoshi-HASHI.

September 22, 2016
Hiroshima Sun Plaza Hall
Hiroshima, Japan

Tag Team Match
IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
The Briscoe Brothers[ROH]© vs The Young Bucks[Bullet Club}

Mark starts off with a kick to Nick Jackson followed by strikes in the corner, Nick the counters Mark with chops and spinning back kick, Nick sends Mark in the corner and he tags in Jay. Nick Jackson trips up Jay Briscoe then tags Matt in and he hits a spring board leg drop over the top rope, both Bucks then double team Mark hitting a spring board drop kick then Matt turns to Jay and hooks him on the ropes while Nick comes in with another kick to the face. Both Briscoes run back in the ring and gets Super kicked in stereo by both Bucks, Nick then runs the ropes hitting a suicide dive to Mark and Jay on the outside. Back in the ring Jay gets double teamed then the Briscoe hit duel splashes in the corner to Nick Jackson. Mark comes in and blasts Nick over the back with fore arms then Jay comes back in with boots to Nick in the corner. Briscoes double team nick again then Mark gets his suplex blocked then Nick scores with in enziguiri, both Mark & Nick make the tag. Jay comes in blasting Matt with a big boot to the face then Jay hits a suicide dive to Matt on the outside, Mark then throws Matt back in so Jay can blast him with elbows then a drop kick for a two count. Jay tags Mark and they hit a double team foot stomp for a two count then Mark gets Matt in a Camel Clutch. The Briscoes then put the boots to Matt as Jay comes now and scores with headbutts and more fore arms then steps on the throat of Matt by the ropes. Mark gets the tag and again the Briscoes blast Matt with boots in the corner but Matt kicks out of the pin attempt. Mark then lands a brain buster to Matt for a two count, The Briscoes then try a double team but Matt counters throwing Mark over the post the hitting a top rope stunner to Jay. Matt tries to make the tag to his brother but right at the same time we see Mark pulling Nick away from the apron. Jay then sends Matt into the corner for another double team but Matt reverses both Briscoes and gets the hot tag to Nick Jackson. Nick clears the ring hitting super kicks and back elbows to both Mark and Jay, Nick hits the face buster to Jay then follows with the moonsault to Mark on the outside. Jay then tries a neck breaker but Nick counters with a pin attempt but Jay gets out but gets super kicked in the face. Mark comes in and hits a lariat to Nick then Mark runs the ropes and scores with a middle rope drop kick to Nick on the outside. Mark then tries the apron elbow drop but Matt super kicks him in the process and Matt hits the apron power bomb to Mark. Back in the ring Matt Jackson goes to work on Mark with right hands but Mark returns the favor and and scores with a Pele kick setting up the double team neck drop from the Briscoe’s for a two count. Mark & Jay then grab Matt and hoist him up in the air and as Mark comes off the ropes Matt somehow throws him off then Super kicks Jay before both Bucks Super kick Mark in the corner. Matt tags in Nick he hits the top rope senton for a two count then Matt comes in and they score with More Bang for you Buck(450 Splash/Moonsault combo) for a two count as Jay makes the save. The Bucks then go for the finisher but Mark blocks the Meltzer Driver and Jay Briscoe hits the Jay Driller(Double Underhook Piledriver) to Matt for a two count. The Briscoes then hit a double team neck breaker off the top rope but somehow Matt kicks out at two again. Jay picks up Matt as Mark heads to the top rope for the Doomsday Device. Matt then looks at Mark and gives him the finger, Mark then leaps off clothesline knocking Matt off Jay’s shoulders and on to the mat, Jay covers Matt to get the win.

Your Winners: Mark & Jay Briscoe retain the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships

After the match we see Bullet Club’s Tama Tonga & Tonga Roa(Guerrillas of Destiny) attack both Mark & Jay Briscoe. Tama then grabs the microphone while holding one of the Tag Team belts and yells that, “These belts belong to G.O.D. & Japan belongs to Bullet Club so G.O.D. wants a rematch!”

Singles Match
*Wrestle Kingdom 11 Contract on the line*
Yoshi-HASHI[Chaos] vs “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega[Bullet Club][G1 Climax 26 winner]

After both men tie up the hold is broken on the ropes with Omega getting kicked by Hashi then a headlock follows. Omega frees himself then scores with back strikes then applies a scissors hold but HASHI gets away. Both men tie once more with Kenny again going with a head lock and taunting Hashi as he applies the hold, Omega then scores with a chop to the chest but then Hashi comes back with two arm drags and a drop kick. Hashi chops Omega in the corner then again along the ropes, the action spills to the outside when Omega gets in control slamming Hashi off the steel barricade on the outside. Omega picks up Hashi and rams him up against the ring apron then Omega sends Hashi over the barricade and onto the announce table, Kenny then removes the mats from around the ring and Omega tries to Power bomb Hashi on the floor but Hashi counters with a back drop and Kenny hits the hardwood floor back first. Hashi sends omega back in the ring but Matt Jackson grabs Hashi’s leg while Nick Jackson sprays the mist in Hashi’s face. As Hashi is knocked off the apron both Young Bucks Super kick Hashi over the barricade again on-top the announce table. Kenny Omega then comes to the outside and scores with a spring board reverse moonsault off the barricade onto Hashi in the crowd. Hashi does make it back in the ring but Omega meets him with chops to the chest then kicks in the corner. Omega then runs and scores with a back elbow in the corner to Hashi then follows with a viscous back breaker. Omega then gets Hashi in the middle of the ring and applies a single leg Boston Crab but after sometime Hashi would get to the bottom rope causing a break. Omega then targets the back of Hashi with kicks then Kenny blasts Omega with another chop then a pin attempt but Hashi kicks out at two. Kenny then applies more pressure to the injured back of Hashi by pinning his knee in Hashi’s back while on the ropes. Hashi then tries to fight back with elbows but Kenny gets back in control dropping Hashi with an elbow. Omega goes back to the chops then omega runs the ropes as Hashi counters him with a rolling neck breaker off the ropes. Hashi now in control hits a chop in the corner followed by the drop kick to Kenny while on top the ropes. After a pin attempt we see Hashi going for the power bomb but Omega counters with a back drop because Hashi’s back is in pain. Omega then hits the Ushigaroshi neck breaker then goes to the outside and puts Hashi under the bottom rope. Omega gets a garbage can from the outside to blast Hashi with but Red Shoes gets in the way, the Young Bucks then get in the way causing Red Shoes to escort them away then Omega blasts Hashi with a garbage can. Omega & the Bucks then triple team Hashi on the outside hitting a Spiked Piledriver to Hashi on the garbage can. Omega then gets back in the ring and scores with a Missile Drop Kick then a bridging german suplex for a two count. Omega then teases the One Winged Angel but Hashi counters into a DDT and both men are down. Omega gets up first and blast Hashi in the back and tries a suplex but Hashi counters hitting the Bunker Buster neck breaker for a two count. Hashi chops away at Omega then scores with a super kick then a running knee, Hashi does this once more and covers Omega but Kenny gets out at two. Hashi then goes for the Butterfly Lock but Omega gets to the bottom rope for the escape, Hashi then gets countered by Omega and he hits the rolling slam but misses the moonsault, Hashi then score with a knee to Omega’s back for a two count. Hashi then goes up to the top but Omega gets the knees up as Hashi misses the Swanton Bomb. Omega then hits the deadlift Power bomb for a two count then goes back to kicking the injured back on Hashi, Omega then trades blows with Hashi but Omega scores with a german suplex which Hashi jumps right back up and both men trade shots again as the crowd gets louder. Hashi then catches omega with the big Lariat off the ropes and Omega is down. Hashi goes up to the top rope then Omega follows him but Hashi sunset flips and Power Bombs Omega then bridges him for the cover but Omega kicks out at two again. Hashi then scores with the Swanton Bomb but only for a two count then Hashi’s goes back to the Butterfly Lock near the ropes, Hashi brings Omega back to the middle and re-applies the hold. Omega looks to be fading as Hashi has the hold on for sometime, Kenny then finds the strength to roll over and get to the bottom rope. Hashi then goes for a sleeper hold the scores with a suplex, Hashi goes for Karma but Omega knees Hashi in the face but Hashi comes back with a drop kick. Omega then hits the reverse Frankensteiner out of nowhere followed by the V-Trigger, Omega then hoist up Hashi on his shoulders then drops him on his head scoring with the One Winged Angel for the win.

Your Winner: Kenny Omega wins and hold on to the Tokyo Dome Main Event Contract

After the match we see Hashi’s stablemate Hirooki Goto attending to Hashi as Kenny Omega celebrates with Matt & Nick Jackson. Omega walks over to Goto while Hashi is down and Omega does the gesture enticing he has just finished Hashi, Goto then asks for a shot at the same briefcase that Hashi wanted. Omega then gets on the microphone and congratulates Hashi and says he has heart but he couldn’t get the job done. Omega then tells Goto to go-to hell because he has already beaten Goto in the G1 Finals and he doesn’t deserve a shot, Omega then asks the crowd does Goto deserve a shot. The crowd applauds with the gesture then Omega tells the crowd to, “Go-to-hell, Goodbye & Goodnight..BANG!”

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