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205 Live Recap
From the TD Garden Center
Boston, MA
Air Date: April 11th, 2017

Video highlights from last week’s fatal –four-way began tonight’s episode of 205 Live. Austin Aries is, once again the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship. After the opening credits, Tom Phillips and Corey Graves welcome us to the show. They address TJ Perkins’ heel turn on Raw last night as well as his match later against Jack Gallagher.

Brian Kendrick makes his entrance for the opening bout. Video highlights are shown of Akira Tozawa getting his revenge victory using “Lesson One” last week. Mustafa Ali makes his entrance.

Match 1: Brian Kendrick vs. Mustafa Ali

Ali tried to use fast-paced, high-flying moves as he takes Kendrick out at ringside with a flying crossbody. Drew Gulak watched from the back. Gulak is making Ali the poster boy of his crusade to make 205 Live safer.

Kendrick took control when he disappeared under the ring and was able to come out the other side and run Ali into the ringpost to gain control. Kendrick stayed in control for several minutes until Ali caught a kick and returned one of his own to begin his comeback.

When a leaping neckbreaker failed to put away Kendrick, he began to fire back and executed a calf-kick for a two-count. An attempt at the Burning Hammer was unsuccessful as Ali fought out and tried to go to the top rope. Kendrick caused Ali to lose his balance. He locked in the Captain’s Hook.

Just as it looked like Ali was going to tap, the bell rang. Ali had not tapped out to the hold. Akira Tazawa was in disguise as the guy that rings the bell. When he revealed himself, the match was ordered to continue. Kendrick turned around and was nailed by a kick to the side of the head then was put away by the inverted 450 splash.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

In a student bests teacher moment, Tozawa grabs the microphone and yells at Kendrick about “Lesson Two, appearances can be deceiving. It looks as if it will be Tazawa’s turn to give it back to Kendrick for a few more weeks.

A video recapping TJ Perkins’ win and attack on Aries last night on Raw is played right before Perkins is interviewed about what he did to Aries. Perkins calls himself a victim and blames Aries for stealing his chapionship opportunities. Gallagher interrupts and tells Perkins he hopes he will be more gentlemanly in their match tonight. Perkins told Gallagher that he might suffer the same fate as Aries. The show breaks for commercial.

Back in the arena, Rich Swann dances to the ringfor the next bout. A video from last week reminds us that Swann finally let it out that he had been sending the gifts to Alicia Fox.

Match 2: Rich Swann vs. Johnny Ocean

Ocean attacked Swann as if he was being paid by Noam Dar. After running Swann hard into the corner, Swann fired back and nailed Ocean with a back-kick and the Phoenix Splash to get the win.

Winner: Rich Swann

Swann grabbed the microphone and was about to tell us why he was tearing apart a relationship when Noam Dar came out and calls Swann a liar. Dar says everyone knows he sent the gifts. He wonders why Swann wants to get involved.

Alicia Fox makes her way out and says she believes Dar is sending the gifts. Another gift is brought to the ring. Dar takes credit for it as Swann leaves the ring. Fox asks Dar what it is and he says that it’s a surprise. An excited Fox opens the box and powder explodes all over her. Dar has the look of a man preparing to spend the night on the couch. Swann was laughing on the entrance ramp while Fox looked miffed.

Austin Aries is backstage answering questions about the Perkins’ attack from Raw. Aries said that Perkins is making poor decisions. He warns Perkins that Neville is not his friend and just wants to use himself to get between them but that nothing will stop him from claiming the Cruiserweight Championship. The show heads to commercial as we get set for the main event.

We are back for the ring entrances. Gallagher is out first followed by Perkins.

Match 3: Jack Gallagher vs. TJ Perkins

The story of the night has been Perkins’ heel turn on Austin Ariesand that should be a major factor in this match. However, early both wrestlers traded moves back and forth. The match soon went to ringside where Gallagher, and his umbrella prepared to do a plancha. Perkins avoided it by backing up the ramp.

Gallagher performed his signature headstand in the corner and held off Perkins with the mule kicks. Perkins quickly got around that with a foot DDT that put him in control of the action. Perkins goes to work on the legs of Gallagher possibly setting him up for a possible knee-bar. Perkins finished the sequence with a nice tope atomico and an Indian Deathlock.

Both men would continue to battle with Perkins locking in a Texas Cloverleaf only to have Gallagher reach the ropes for a break. Perkins maintained control tying Gallagher up before he was able to fight free and start firing back. They took the fight to the top rope where Gallagher won the exchange with a massive back-superplex.

The match continued as both men tried to put the other away only to have them continue to kick out. The fight soon found Gallagher at ringside and Perkins set him for the wrecking ball dropkick. Gallagher used the apron to trap Perkins and broke out the straight headbutt.

It was the head butt that would help seal Gallagher’s fate in this contest. They were trading shots in the ring when another head butt connected that drove Perkins to the corner. Gallagher went for his corner dropkick but his knee gave out thanks to the work done earlier on the leg. Perkins, with a little help from the ringpost, dazed Gallagher and hit the Detonation Kick for the win.

Winner: TJ Perkins

Neville celebrated with Perkins from the top of the stage to end this week’s episode. See you all next week.

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