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Jermaine Royster reporting
Smackdown comes to us live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts and tonight we see the continuation of the Superstar Shakeup. Last night on Raw we saw 11 Smackdown Superstars end up on Raw, it should be very interesting what Daniel Bryan has come up with now that Bray Wyatt is on Raw but he is scheduled to face Randy Orton in a WWE Championship rematch. The American Alpha also have a rematch with The Uso’s coming their way but that all rests on wether both teams will end up on Smackdown Live. With that said the question that most are wondering is simply who will now end up on Smackdown from Raw? It would not take long as we hear Kevin Owens music and the United States Champion makes his way to the ring as a Smackdown Live member. Owens walks to the ring clean shaven and wearing a suit with the title belt on his shoulder, Owens then welcomes the crowd to the new Kevin Owens show. Owens says Smackdown just got a major upgrade by having the United States title on the show and the fans should be thankful because Canada is much better than the United States. Owens says its obvious that Canada produces better athletes then Owens brings up the Montreal Canadians beating the Boston Bruins. Owens says if anyone has a problem then they can just tell him because he can beat the hell out of anyone in the locker room, he says he’s only here for himself and not for anyone else. Owens says he wants to be on Smackdown so he can be the new face of America, Baron Corbin then quickly interjects. Corbin says Owens may be able to beat up most of the locker room but he cant beat him and Dean Ambrose is a good example because he’s now hiding on Raw. Corbin then says Dean just beat Owens and Corbin beat Dean so that should entitle him to a title match, Corbin then says he wants Owens’ title. Owens says he doesn’t deserve a shot but then we hear Sami Zayn’s music, Owens begins to lose and say no this cant be happening and Zayn really isn’t here. The crowd chants for Sami and Zayn announces he is finally on Smackdown Live, Corbin says nobody cares. AJ Styles then comes out next and he comes to the ring to a rousing ovation, Styles says this isn’t the Kevin Owens show its Smackdown Live. Styles says this is about him not anyone else and its about the house that AJ Styles built and he is still here, Daniel Bryan then makes his way to the ring. Bryan says because of Owens facing Jericho for the US Title there wont be ant defenses on Smackdown Live but there will be a #1 Contenders match were AJ Styles, Sami Zayn & Baron Corbin will face each other in a Triple Threat Match tonight.

Singles Match(Non-Title)[WWE Championship]
Randy Orton© vs Erick Rowan

Orton starts off landing shots in the corner until Rowan powers out and scores with an elbow off the ropes. Rowan puts Orton on the top rope then Erick tries a superplex but Orton head buts Rowan off the top then scores with a powerslam off the ropes. Orton then stomps all over Rowan and as Erick goes to the outside Orton sends him crashing off the steel steps. Orton hits the second rope DDT right after then he celebrates with the crowd but when Orton gets in position the lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen. Bray says that Orton smells of fear and he can feel that they will cross once more at some point. Bray says he will see Randy really soon in the House of Horrors match, when the lights come back on we see Orton going to the outside and Rowan blasts him with the steel steps causing a disqualification. After the bell sounds we see Rowan throwing Orton back in the ring and Erick then scores with the Full Nelson slam.

Your Winner: Randy Orton wins by Disqualification

Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship Match
The American Alpha vs The Uso’s©

Jason Jordan goes straight for Jay Uso wrapping him up in the ropes but Jay scores with a back elbow then Jordan hits a suplex and tags in Gable. Jay tags in Jimmy and both Uso’s double team Gable but after that we see Gable getting the tag to Jordan and they double team Jimmy Uso hitting a double drop kick. The Uso’s then try a double team but Jordan gets some space throwing Jay over the top rope then tags in Gable. Chad hits german suplexes to Jay then a german to Jimmy then a moonsault to Jay for a two count. Jimmy then misses a splash in the corner and Gable wraps up Jimmy with an arm bar on the ropes, Jay comes in from the outside and super kicks Gable. Jimmy climbs up to the top rope but misses the splash as Gable gets the knees up, The Alpha’s then hit the double team bulldog off the top rope for a two count. The Uso’s now standing in the ring run the ropes in stereo and hit suicide dives but both Alpha’s catch Jimmy & Jay and execute double German suplexes on the outside floor. The Alpha’s then go for their finishing move but Jay makes the save blasting Jordan with a super kick. Jay throws Jordan to the outside and Gable is by himself, he gets super kicked then takes a high cross body from Jay Uso and The Uso’s hold on for the win.
Your Winners: The Uso’s retain the Smackdown Live Tag Titles
After the match is over see two men come into the ring and attack Jason Jordan, its Primo & Epico the Shinning Stars. The attack Chad Gable who is still in the ring then stare into the crowd as Smackdown goes to a commercial break.

Singles Match
Mojo Rawley vs Jinder Mahal
Jinder begins throwing right hands but Mojo fights back and drops Mahal off the ropes with a tackle, Mahal then counters Mojo targeting the knees. Jinder then slaps on an arm bar slowing down the hyper Rawley. Mojo then comes back hitting more right hands followed by a splash in the corner, Jinder then gets a shot in but goes to the outside to talk trash Mojo’s buddy Rob Gronkowski who is sitting ringside. Jinder begins yelling at Gronk but Mojo comes in for the save nailing Jinder with shots then Gronkowski returns the favor from WrestleMania 33 throwing a beer in Mahal face to the crowds delight. Mojo sends Jinder Mahal back in the ring and then Rawley blindsides him with his patented shoulder tackle and Mojo comes away with the win.
Your Winner: Mojo Rawley
Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring after the commercial break and he talks about the new direction the Smackdown Womens Division will be headed into. Shane says that as far as competition goes, Smackdown is the #1 show. Shane then thanks all the new Raw superstars who came from Smackdown then Shane brings out Carmella, Becky Lynch, Naomi & Natalya. Shane says at WrestleMaina we saw a Naomi win the title, James Ellsworth then interjects saying that Naomi wasn’t the right choice but Naomi quickly puts him in his place. Shane then gets back on the microphone and he says that the newest member of Smackdown is someone who is second generation and he brings out….Tamina! Shane also says there will be another member and the newest member is none other than Charlotte Flair, Charlotte comes out to her music and the crowd goes wild as Charlotte poses at the top of the ramp.

When Smackdown Live resumes from commercial we get the rest of the names who will now be apart of Smackdown Live
• Sin Cara
• Rusev w/Lana
Aiden English is in the ring next and he says now the spotlight will solely be on him from now on, English begins to sing his promo while the crowd applauds but English is quickly interrupted by Tye Dillinger.

Singles Match
Aiden English vs Tye Dillinger

English charges at Dillinger but Tye gets away then the crowd chants, “Ten”, English then breaks the action tying up Dillinger in the ropes. English sends Dillinger in the corner then follows up with a big elbow. Dillinger then counters English then comes back with a big chop then kicks to English who is seated in the corner. Tye then pulls down the knee brace and lifts up Aiden English and sends him down crashing on the bare knee of Dillinger(Tye Breaker), Tye covers English and gets the win.
Your Winner: Tye Dillinger

Dolph Ziggler is in the ring when Smackdown Live comes back from commercial and he is talking about the Superstar Shakeup and how all the Raw superstars will be riding his coattail. The lights go out and we hear the violins playing, Shinsuke Nakamura struts his way down to the ring as the crowd in Boston sings along to the King’s theme music. Ziggler then asks Shinsuke who he is and how he can help him, Nakamura takes the microphone and tells Ziggler who he is and Dolph teases a super kick but Shinsuke catches Dolph’s leg but Ziggler leaves the ring as Nakamura’s music hits and the crowd again sings along.

Smackdown Live Main Event
Triple Threat Match(#1 Contenders Match)[United States Championship]
Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin

All three men look for their spots but soon after all three men attack each other with Corbin suplex Ign both Zayn & Styles. Corbin attacks Zayn in the corner with strikes then Corbin clotheslines AJ to the outside floor. Zayn uses his speed and attacks Corbin hitting the hurricanranna sending Corbin to the outside. Zayn & Styles eye each other down then both men start trading holds until Zayn counters Styles off the ropes but when Zayn looks for his move we see Corbin rising up and taking out Zayn from under him, Styles then gets in the action battling with Corbin but Zayn hits a spring board moonsault to both men on the outside as Smackdown goes to a commercial. Corbin is now in control putting his boot in Styles’ face in the corner, Zayn tries to interfere but Corbin blasts him for good measure. Styles & Corbin continue to do battle in the corner with Corbin showing his dominance with kicks then a side slam to Zayn for a two count. After a big boot to Styles we see Corbin laying out Zayn with fore arms in the other corner but Styles uses his speed and tries to create separation but Corbin is just too strong, Zayn then comes in taking out Corbin from behind. Zayn then hits the Exploder Suplex to Corbin in the corner but when he tries the Helluva Kick we see Styles run in and score with the Ushigaroshi neck breaker to Zayn, Corbin then blasts Styles with a big clothesline. Corbin then goes back to work on Zayn with elbows but Styles blindsides Corbin, back in the ring we see Zayn scoring with the Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Zayn picks up Styles in the corner and Zayn goes up with him but Baron Corbin comes in and tries a super power bomb but Zayn gets away, Zayn then gets caught by Corbin hitting the Deep Six for a two count. Styles & Corbin then trade blows as Corbin hits the steel post shoulder first allowing AJ Styles to score with the 450 spring board splash but Corbin kicks out at two. Styles then hits fore arms to both men as does Corbin then Zayn but Styles scores with the Pele Kick to Zayn but Sami counters the Styles Clash. Corbin then gets up on the apron but Zayn quickly blasts him with the Helluva Kick which allows AJ the time to set up and score with the Phenomenal Fore Arm to Zayn and Styles pins Zayn for the win.
Your Winner: AJ Styles is now the new #1 Contender to Kevin Owens’ United States Championship
AJ Styles gets on the ropes and celebrates his win as the crowd in Boston goes crazy in support of Styles as Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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