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Raw got a new General Manager, this week. Who would it be? Also, who would Seth Rollins choose as his partner for the main event tag match against Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe?

We began with a look at the Roman Reigns vs Undertaker match from Mania. Roman won and Undertaker surrendered his hat, jacket and gloves to signal that his career is done. That was the only match we got to see live and it was heartbreaking to say the least.

The live crowd was deafening with their chant for Undertaker. They were hoping for him to show but instead…they got Roman Reigns. He was about as popular as Negan coming for afternoon tea. (JBL isn’t the only one to pull a Walking Dead reference. Smile.) Roman is finally living up to his “Most Hated” award from PWI. Michael Cole mentioned all the speculation if last night was Taker’s last match.

Roman asked for a house match but the fans just kept booing him. Roman tried to act all strong and tough but you could see the nerves in his look. There was a huge “F*** You, Roman” chant that the censors didn’t bother to cover up. Then they started a “Delete” chant (yep, The Hardys are back). That changed to “You Suck!”

Roman couldn’t get the words out due to the rabid crowd calling him an “*ssh*le”. (Mr. Anderson/Kennedy is sitting somewhere similing). “Roman Sucks” was the next chant. Roman went to speak but was booed down. Wow!

“Shut the F*** Up” was the next chant. I guess the censors decided to let it all go. The fans chanted for Roman to Go Away. I can’t remember ever seeing someone get booed like this. Roman only said one thing “This is MY yard now!”

The announcers accepted that the fans were going to be wild and crazy, all night long.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs Matt and Jeff Hardy
Tag Team Title Rematch

The Finish:

The Hardys are now 7-time tag champs. Matt has changed from his ‘Broken” persona. No Reby or Maxel.

Hot Tag to Jeff and he did his traditional Inverted Atomic Drop to Dropkick combo. Jeff flew off the steps for a wild Poetry in Motion. Karl tried to push Jeff off the ropes but failed. Luke set up Jeff for the Boot O’ Doom. 1-2-Jeff Kicked Out. They went for the Magic Killer but Matt blocked it. Twist of Fate to Luke. Twist of Fate by Matt. Swanton!

Your Winners: The Hardy Boyz
Raw Score: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Chris Jericho was set to be Seth’s partner. Seth defeated HHH, on Sunday. Seth hit a wild Phoenix Splash. Stephanie got sent through a table and Seth used the distraction to put away The Game.

Neville came out to anger the crowd. He managed to retain agaisnt Austin Aries, Sunday. That one truly surprised us both.

Neville went after Aries bad eye and then nailed the Red Arrow to retain.

Neville cut a promo about what he did at Mania. Neville bad mounthed his foe, Aries. He was cut off by the arrival of Mustafa Ali.

Neville vs Mustafa Ali
Non-Title Match

The Finish:

Ali hit a wild Rolling Neckbreaker. Neville kicked out at two. Neville rammed Ali into the corenr. The fans chanted that they wanted Taker. Neville choked Ali in the ropes. Ali flipped out of a German Suplex. Ali went to the ropes and fell to the German that Neville had wanted. Wicked Clothesline by Ali. 2 count. Neville stomped away on his foe. A beach ball went flying around which got more attention than the match. Spanish Fly by Ali. Both men were hurt. The champ fell to a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT. Fortunately, he was right next to the ropes. Ali missed the Inverted 450 and Neville faked out the Red Arrow. Instead, he got down and applied the Rings of Saturn.

Your Winner (By Submission): Neville
Raw Score: 3.25

Vince McMahon showed up. The fans just exploded for the return of the Chairmanof the Board, Mr. McMahon. He Power Walked down to the ring. Vinny Mac was looking pretty darn good for a man in his 70s. Vince had to say something: Thank You. He appreciated the passion of the WWE Universe. Vince said Mania WAS the Ultimate Thrill Ride. Next week, there will be a Superstar Shake Up. Vince showed some footage of where Stephanie went through a table. HHH caused it. Stephanie will be out of action for some time. The fans cheered that. That ticked off Vince. He accused the fans of being blood thirsty. Vince was ready to name the new General Manager. Teddy Long came out when Vince said it was someone who just got put in the Hall of Fame. Vince told Teddy to stop his dance. It was NOT Teddy that got the job. Teddy was surprised to hear that. “My Bad. Holla Holla Holla”. Long went to the back as the NEW GM showed up…Kurt Angle! Vince had to introduce him, three times, before he came out. The fans were seriously into Kurt being there, even though they cut loose with the “You Suck” chant of old. So, Raw is turning into TNA Light?

“Welcome Back” rang out as Kurt waved at the fans. Kurt felt it was great to be back on Monday Night Raw. “It’s True…It’s Damn True”.

Michael Cole thanked Orlando for their hospitality over the past week.

New Day came out to party with the crowd. They had the Pop Cart with them. Big E talked about what a great night Wrestlemania was. Xavier was thrilled that they got to host the show. Woods said they were disappointed that they didn’t get to fight at Mania. Kofi said they wanted to send out an open challenge to ANY team. Bring out the Authors of Pain, PLEASE!

New Day vs The Revival

Oh Hell Yeah! The Revival tipped over the Pop Cycle adn stomped it. Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson got a Hell of a pop.

Woods and Scott started the match. Dash did the Turnbuckle Flying Stomp to Woods’ arm. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Woods. Blind Tag to Scott. Flying Arm Bar by Scott. Break time.

Short Arm Clothesline by Scott to Woods. 2 count. Tag to Dash. Woods was sent into Dash’s knee. Dash clubbed away on Woods. Dash worked over Woods’ injured arm. Dash put Woods on the top rope but Xavier fought out. Woods pounded on Dash’s back and then nailed theMissile Dropkick.

Hot Tag to Big E. Belly to Belly Overhead Suplexes by E. La Bandera Clothesline to Dash. Woods foolishly tagged back in. Woods clubbed away on Scott. Forearm by Dash but Woods answered with the Roaring Elbow. Shatter Machine to Woods as Xavier went for the Honor Roll.

Your Winners: The Revival
Raw Score: 3.75

The duo attacked Kofi, after the match. They did an attack on Kofi’s ankle. They did that, more than once, in NXT.

Kurt was setting up his new office when Enzo and Cass showed up. Enzo did his typical intro to let Kurt know who they are. Enzo told Kurt that they weren’t doing so good, after last week. They wanted gold. Enzo needed to know why the Hardy Boyz are the new tag champs. Enzo needed answers. Kurt put them in a Number One Contender match against Sheamus and Cesaro. Kurt chickled and said “That’s not how you spell SOFT”.

Bayley came out to a great reaction from the crowd. I am amazed that she won, Sunday, but I’m thrilled about it. It was time for a Six Woman Tag Team Match.

Bayley, Dana Brooke and Sasha Banks vs Charlotte, Nia Jax and Emma

The Finish:

Dana and Sasha used a Double Dropkick to send Nia to the floor. Charlotte went for Natural Selection but Sasha converted it into the BankStatement. Tap Out!

Your Winners (by Submission): Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke and Bayley
Raw Score: 2.0

Charlotte went off on her partners for the loss. Nia attacked Charlotte. Hip Toss by Nia and Running Elbow Drop. She warned Charlotte to never talk to her like that again.

Kurt was talking with Sami Zayn. Sami mentioned his relationship with Mick Foley and he wanted the same with Kurt. Sami knew he might get sent to Smackdown but he didn’t want that. Kurt knew Sami was intelligent and had Intensity and Integrity. Kurt knew Sami would do just fine, whatever he ended up doing with his career. Sami was so thankful to hear that. Sami knew he wasn’t one of Stephanie’s favorite people.

Jinder Mahal came in to complain. He got into it with Sami. Kurt stopped it and said they would fight it out, in the ring. He excused them both.

Raw ran more stills from Mania. I am going to enjoy my days off watching the replay of both Takeover and Mania.

Brock Lesnar came out with Paul Heyman. Brock did the impossible and defeated Goldberg to become the NEW Universal Champion. I so called that one wrong. Brock walked around the ring and then entered the squared circle. Paul did his usual intro thing. Brock just grinned as the fans chanted along. Paul said Brock allowed him to be a bit more personal. Paul wanted to share a special bedtime story. It was a dig at Goldberg. Paul should do voice overs for Looney Tunes cartoons. LOL. Paul mentioned how Goldberg entered South Central Suplex City. Paul laughed at how Goldberg got his *ss kicked by The Beast (Brock). Paul knew Goldberg was gone. “Thank you, Brock!”

Paul suggestd that Brock needed new challengers. Paul brought up a few names: Seth Rollins, Matt and Jeff Hardy and Roman Reigns. Paul threw out a challenge to Roman to face Brock for true possession of The Yard. The fans screamed “We want Balor!” Paul ignored them. Any mention of Roman brought big boos. Brock will bring Animal Cruelty to the Big Dog (Roman). Brock had something special to give to the fans.

Braun Strowman crashed the party. Strowman marched to the ring as Paul looked nervous. Braun had a microphone and something to share. Braun said he wanted Brock’s attention instead of Roman having it. Braun said Brock definitely had his attention. Brock put the belt down between them and stood his ground. The fans chanted fro Brock. Braun back stepped adn left the ring. That DOES suck. That started the “B*llSh*t” chant.

Chris Jericho was interviewed. He will get a rematch, at Payback, for the United States title. Chris was pumped for Beach Ball-Mania. Jericho threw out all kinds of different languages to mention the ‘Friends of Jericho”. Chris wanted to start his revenge on Owens, tonight. The tip of Kevin’s finger made The List. Kevin came out of nowhere to brutalize Jericho. Samoa Joe joined in to destroy Y2J.

Kurt didn’t look happy as he left the Trainer’s Room. Kurt told Seth that Jericho was in no shape to fight. Kurt promised to find Seth a partner.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Sheamus and Cesaro
Number One Contender’s Match

The Finish:

Enzo converted the Celtic Cross into a DDT. Tag to Cesaro. European Uppecut into the Swing! Cesaro applied the Sharpshoter. Big Boot by Cass. Sheamus was sent out to the floor. Hot Tag to Cass. Shoulder Tackle to Cesaro led to a series of Big Splashes. Sidewalk Slam into the Empire Elbow. Running Boot and tag to Enzo. Brogue Kick to Cass. Sheamus threw Enzo into a European Uppercut by Cesaro.

Your Winners: Sheamus and Cesaro
Raw Score: 2.75

Jinder Mahal vs Sami Zayn

Mahal attacked Sami, before the bell. Mahal beat Sami senseless and then threw Sami into the ring. Corner Clotheslinse led to more brutal shots. Sami kicked out of the pin.. Rear Chin Lock by Hardbody. Mahal threw Sami down and then hit a Knee Drop. The fans began to chant for Sami. High Knee by Mahal. Corner Exploder by Sami. Helluva Kick!

Your Winner: Sami Zayn
Raw Score: 2.5

Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins and ?

The Heels came out first. Seth then arrived for this Beat Down Party. Who would Kurt Angle put in the ring? It was…FINN BALOR!

Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins and Finn Balor


As loud as the fans got against Roman, they were twice as loud , in the positive, for Finn’s return.

Kevin tried to take out Seth but Rollins would not be denied. Shoulder Tackle by Owens. Kevin rolled out of way of a Superkick. All four of these men are former NXT champs. Joe took the tag and it was a Hockey Fight. Seth unloaded on Joe but the big Samoan came back with punches and kicks.

Tag back to Owens. KO worked over the ribs of Seth. Corner Buster by Seth. Tag to Finn. KO didn’t want any part of Balor. Finn ducked a punch and tore into KO. Sunser Flip but Finn rolled through and hit a Dropkick. Enziguri by Finn. Owens rolled out of the way and went to the floor. Running Dropkick by Finn. Tag back to Seth.

Double team failed as KO wentt to the floor. Suicide Dive by Seth. Flip Dive onto Joe and Kevin. Seth clutched his bad knee. Seth put Kevin in the ring and said he was fine. DDT by Kevin. 2 count. Joe punched away when he tagged in. Seth answered every shot he took. Joe dropped Seth and got a two. Kevin came back in and worked over the injured knee. Kevin punched away and hit the Backsplash Senton to pull a two. Rear Chin Lock by KO. KO threw Seth down to the mat. Tag to Joe.

Joe punched the face and kicked the right knee. Spinning Toe Hold by Joe. Seth kicked with the good leg. Seth wanted a tag but just couldn’t get the tag. Knee Capper by Joe. Kevin stomped away when he tagged back in. Joe came back in and hit a Senton and missed one. Sleeper by Joe. Seth ran into the ropes to stun Joe. Enziguri by Seth.

Tags on both sides. Finn took out both foes. Dropkick to Kevin’s face. Whip and Knife Edge Combos by Finn. Back Elbow by KO. Finn nailed a Jumping Enziguri. Finn took out Joe and then went up top. Missed the Coup De Grace. KO hit a variation of the Black Hole Slam on Finn. Finn blocked the Pop Up Powerbomb and hit the Sling Blade. Joe applied the Kokina Clutch but Seth hit the Flying Knee Trembler. Finn caught kO with the Coup de Grace!

Your Winners: Finn Balor and Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 4.25

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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