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The Raw Score
by Jay and Lottie Shannon

Wrestlemania Week is here! The final pieces of Raw’s side of the Big One were put into place. Would Seth Rollins face Triple H? How, exactly, do Goldberg and Brock feel about their huge match, on Sunday? Let’s take a look…

The opening WWE video package morphed into an Undertaker video. Then, Raw did the regular opening montage.

We were live in Philly, this week. The announcers discussed the events coming up, tonight.

Bayley bounced out to start the show. The Bayley Buddies expanded to make all the little kids smile. Bayley has one Hell of a match on Sunday. She will have to face: Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks AND Nia Jax in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match. Bayley was feeling it. She said the Wrestlemania sign gives her butterflies. Bayley knew the odds were staked against her…

Charlotte came out in an awesome red robe to stop Bayley’s rambling. We both liked the addition of a mini-replica of the old WCW belt centerpiece as the center clasp of the robe. Charlotte called Bayley a “Paper Champion”. She accused Sasha of using Bayley as a pawn. Charlotte felt Bayley was naive. Charlotte warned Bayley that Sasha was NOT her friend. Bayley wasn’t about to believe anything coming out of Flair’s mouth. “C.M. Punk” broke out. Charlotte said Sasha only believed in herself and winning, not anyone else.

Sasha came out when Charlotte claimed Banks would stab Bayley in the back. Charlotte announced that she saw through Sasha’s game. Banks and Bayley both knew the differences between friendship and business.

Nia Jax decided to come out and give her thoughts. She knew the other three girls were acting all cute, which was pathetic. Nia promised to eliminate the other three and give the Women’s title a “permanent home”. Sasha went after Charlotte. Bayley jumped Nia. This led to a tag match…

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax

The Finish:

Bayley got the Hot Tag and tore into Charlotte. Reverse Flying Neckbreaker. Flair hit a High Knee by the champ led to a modified Twist of Fate, in the ropes. Flair got the knee up. Snap Side Suplex by Bayley brought in a two. Bayley headed up the ropes but got caught. Flair went after the knee. Sasha saved Bayley fro the Figure 8. Nia tried to drive Sasha into the ring steps but Nia ended up hitting the ring post. Bayley to Belly to Flair!

Your Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 2.75 out of a possible 5

Nia bashed and battered both Sasha and Bayley. She then Steam Rolled Charlotte! As much as I adore Bayley, I really would love to see Nia take the belt.

Raw looked back at Seth Rollins’ last appearance on Raw. HHH reinjured the bad knee during that little skirmish. HHH used Seth’s crutch to smack the knee.HHH then applied an Indian Death Lock.Will Seth sign the contract? We would find out, shortly…

Can’t wait until Friday to see the Hall of Fame ceremony. We have that night off. Sadly, Jay has to work both Saturday and Sunday. Going to watch NXT, and Mania after the fact. It is so much more fun to watch it together.

We got to see Mick Foley get fired, last week. Dang, Stephanie did the “You’re Fired!” so much better than her dad ever did.

Sami Zayn was asked how he felt about Mick getting the ax. Sami said we should honor Mick’s legacy and stand up for what is right. Sami said he was going to be part of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and he would dedicate his win to Mick. Stephanie came in and got in Sami’s face. She told Sami that he would have to earn his way in. She put him in a No DQ match against Kevin Owens. IF he wins, he’s in. If he loses, he gets fired.

Neville joined the announce team for the next match.

Noam Dar (w/Alicia Fox) vs Austin Aries

The Finish:

Dar rolled up Aries, after Fox distracted Austin. Rolling Five Arm by Aries led to the Last Chancellory (glad to see that move return).

Your Winner (by Submission): Austin Aries
Raw Score: 2.5

Michael Cole sent it to the video flashback of HHH offering the Hold Harmless, Non-Sanctioned Match. HHH said if Seth didn’t sign, it would prove he was a freaking coward.

Seth limped through the backstage area. Would he sign? Up next, we got our answer.

Seth hobbled his way out to sign or not to sign. Cole knew Seth would be insane to sign the contract. Seth glanced up at the Mania sign and then invited HHH to come out and get this done. The music hit and HHH emerged in an emerald glow of lights. HHH was carrying theHold Harmless contract as he strolled down to confront his mortal enemy. HHH wanted Seth to know that if Rollins attacked him before signing the contract, there would be no match at Mania. Also, HHH would defend himself (which might not be good for Seth). HHH ordered Seth to sit down and listen to what he might be facing. When Seth refused to sit down, HHH threatened to cancel the match. Seth finally plopped down in the chair. HHH explained what was going to happen to Seth when he signed. HHH told Seth that he might use the crutch to finish off the knee and destroy what he created. Seth understood and told HHH to sign it and hand it over. HHH mocked the fans for messing with Seth’s mind. HHH accused the fans of being jealous of those who are making money. Trip cut loose with one of the harshest promos that he has ever given about grabbing the world by the throat and taking it all. Trip then taunted Seth by saying how much Rollins would be giving up on all he has. Triple H said there was never a One Legged Man to win an *ss Kicking contest (guess he forgot about Zack Gowan). HHH promised Seth would not walk out of their match, on Sunday. Seth drank it all in and told HHH he was spouting Bull Crap.

Seth mentioned that he liked himself, before meeting Triple H. Seth said he didn’t mind working for a hot dog and handshake (been there, done that). Seth didn’t care bout fame and fortune or even Wrestlemania. He wanted this for redemption. Seth gave up all of himself to stand by HHH, only to be screwed over. Seth said nothing would stop him from tearing apart HHH and gaining back his own identity as Seth Freakin’ Rollins! He signed the contract with determination. HHH went right after the bad knee. HHH took off the jacket and tie. He picked up the crutch and then got Enziguri’d by Seth! Seth wanted the Pedigree but HHH nailed a Chop Block tot he knee. HHH tried for his own Pedigree and got flipped over the ropes and to the floor. Seth then blasted HHH with the crutch. HHH backed up the ramp. Man, I hope that match runs during my lunch half-hour, Sunday.

We then went to video footage of the Brock Lesnar/Goldberg feud. Goldberg took out Brock in less than a minute and a half, at Survivor Series! I remember Lottie’s reaction to it and Heaven Knows I can NOT type it here. Grin.

Over the Top Rope Challenge

Big Show and Jinder Mahal started. Mahal was eliminated in seconds. Bo Dallas rushed down to be next to fight. Show lifted Bo up but couldn’t dump him over. Bo tried to tossed out Show but Dallas went out, instead. Next up, The Shining Stars came out. Epico and Primo double teamed Show but didn’t get much done. Show bashed both with hard Elbows and flipped them out, together. Goldust, R-Truth and Curtis Axel all rushed down. They all ganged up on Show to send him out. Show was sent tot he floor. Darn it.

Show rushed back in but got assaulted by seven men. Choke Slams and KO punches all around. Doulbe Chokeslam to the Shining Stars. Goldust and Truth backed off.

Braun Strowman came from the back to play in this little party. Show stared down the Beast Among Men. Braun said he could come down and kick Show’s *ss but that is what everyone wanted to see. Braun said he would wait until Mania to do it. Show invited Braun to get his “Big *ss” down to the ring. Braun just backed out of the arena to mess with Show.

Your Winner: No Actual Winner
Raw Score: N/A

We flashed back to last week’s 4-on-2 Handicap Tag Match. Sheamus and Cesaro won it.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were interviewed. They mocked Enzo’s “You Can’t Teach That” tag line. They promised to retain the tag belts, on Sunday.

A video aired of Undertaker digging a grave. Creepy.

Pitbull will perform at Mania. Lottie loves his music and I’ve started to appreciate him, as well.

Roman Reigns was interviewwed about his fight with Undertaker. Roman was on his way out to the ring to send a message to the Deadman.

We saw New Day at the New York Stock Exchange. They rang the opening bell. Then they went around Philly, pushing their new New Day Pops. They hung out around the Rocky statue and then ran the famous steps. Well, Kofi and Xavier did…Big E just walked them. Somehow, Big E beat the other two to the top. Fun stuff.

Mike interiewed Sheamus and Cesaro. EuroClass were attacked by Luke and Karl. It was quick and decisive brutality.

Neville vs Jack Gallagher
Non-Title Match

The Finish:

Jack rocked Neville with a nasty Headbutt. Both men were down and stunned. Neville rolled out to the floor. Jack grabbed his umbrella, William III, and did a Mary Poppins-like jump from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Thanks to Cole for the Mary Poppins quip. Smile. Jack threw Neville back in the ring. Superkick by Neville after the champ sent Jack into the corner. Superplex by Neville! Rings of Saturn!

Your Winner (By Submission): Neville
Raw Score: 2.5

Raw seemed to be playing rather safe, this week, to avoid anyone getting hurt going into Mania. Wise move.

Austin Aries broke in, after the match, to do a fake news report. He brought in the New Day to have a little fun, at Neville’s expense. They got Aries to do the Rolling HIp thing. New Day were confident that A-Double would win the strap. Hope so…

Roman came out to discuss his epic battle with Undertaker. He was stopped by Taker, who aired a wicked video about burying Roman in a different area of Hell, away from all the other victims. Roman wasn’t all that impressed but that all changed when Taker showed up in the ring,, almost magically. This will be Taker’s 25th appearance at Mania. Could it be his final one? Hard to say. We would have preferred to see Taker vs Cena but John is in a mixed tag match against Miz and Maryse. Al Roker, of the Today Show, will be the special guest ring announcer. Yawn.

Taker cut a promo where he promised that Roman would Rest in Peace. Taker called upon the Lightning and Thunder to erupt. Roman stood stone faced as the lights dimmed. The gong sounded to send us to break.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Non-Title Match

Enzo did his “You Can’t Teach That” thing. That intro is starting to get a little stale, to be honest. Heck, the New Age Outlaws are STILL doing their version, decades later, so don’t expect it to disappear, any time soon. Enzo promised tag gold for themselves. Cass took over and got the crowd going about Practice. Enzo took back over and said they always Crossed the Line. Luke and Karl cut off the SAWFT line…

Sheamus and Cesaro jumped Luke and Karl on the ramp. They bashed the champs with a ladder. EuroClass then rushed the ring and took out Enzo and Cass. Cass sent the ladder into Sheamus. He then Booted Cesaro. Chop Block, by Karl, to Cass’ knee. They used the ladder to crack Cass and Cesaro. Enzo was knocked off the top turnbuckle by the Ladder.

Your Winner: Another No Match
Raw Score: N/A

This is getting old, quick. Let them Fight, dang it. It si called wrestling.

It was time to honor Maya Angelou, as part of National Women’s Month. We both have massive respect for her words. She was possibly America’s Greatest Poet. Nice to see her receive honoring, even though she has absolutely NOTHING to do with pro wrestling.

Kevin Owens was then interviewed. Kevin corrected the interview girl by saying Chris Jericho was NEVER his best friend. Kevin admitted that he used to be a fan of Y2J. Kevin stated that Jericho fans were morons and if Kevin had known who Chris really is and was, he would never have wasted a single dollar for Chris’ merch. Kevin then promised to tear apart Sami and send his former buddy home, for good. Kevin promised that KO-Mania 2 Would be Jericho’s Ultimate Demise.

The announcers discussed the WWENetwork. Corey Graves has done a great interview with Kurt Angle, which is available in the On Demand area.

Just got an early Tuesday morning Breaking News update on my phone. The Raw Triple Threat Tag Team Match has been changed to a LADDER MATCH! Awesome!

We got a video profile of Seth Rollins. Seth was the first NXT Champion. We heard Jim Ross announce it. Again, we want to send out our deepest sympathies to Mr. Ross on the loss of his beloved wife, Jan.

It is a massive shame that WWE couldn’t say something to the man who gave so many years to the company.

Raw ran down the updated Raw side of Wrestlemania. Shane McMahon will also battle A.J. Styles and Bray Wyatt will fight Randy Owens for the WWE title for Smackdown. The show will begin way early, Sunday.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn
No DQ, Career Threatening (of Smai’s) Match

The Finish:

Things really looked bad for Sami, as Samoa Joe came down to get involved. He was neutralized by the arrival of Chris Jericho. Jericho jumped Joe, from b ehind, and then unloaded with a chair. Roll Up by Sami to pin Owens!

Your Winner: Sami Zayn
Raw Score: 2.5

All four men battled, post match. Jericho stood tall as Joe and Owens retreated. Chris put Kevin on “The List”!

Brock Lesnar came out with Paul Heyman for the final segment of the night. Paul got on the stick and introduced themselves to the home town crowd as the “E-C-Dub” chant rose. Paul was certain that Brock would defeat and destroy Goldberg, on Sunday. The “Goldberg” chant stopped Paul, cold. It was countered with a “Suplex City” chant. Brock nodded in agreement with that chant. Paul claimed that things would get settled, one way or another, o Sunday. Paul knew that the Universal title was the Holy Grail of the WWE. Paul brought up Brock beating Taker, at Mania. Paul stated that Brock was lusting after the title. Paul gave his respect and admiration to the “Real Life Superhero, Goldberg”. Paul swore the Beast (Brock) would chew up and do really bad things to Goldberg. Paul wanted to give the fans a reason to tune in. “Goldberg goes to Suplex City!” was the prediction. Huge round of boos. Brock seemed to feast on the energy from the crowd. Paul started speaking Yiddish to the fans.

Goldberg came out to discuss if he could “Survive the F5″. Brock grinned as his pending foe emerged from the fog and fireworks. Bill stayed on the ramp. Goldberg knew the fans wanted to see them fight, not talk. Goldberg was ready to start Wrestlemania, a little early. Brock got Speared, on the floor. Goldberg then got in the ring to pose. Goldberg ripped off his shirt to show just how great a shape he is in. Brock and Paul moved up the ramp as Raw went to black.

Peace and Love

–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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