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Jermaine Royster reporting

The 26th annual G1 Climax Tournament continues on AxsTv tonight as we get action from the final night of the A-Block from Sumo Hall. The highlight of tonight is the main event which puts Hiroshi Tanahashi against IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada. This was the rematch to their great Wrestle Kingdom 10 championship main event earlier in the year. Also Tomohiro Ishii battles Makabe, SANADA takes on Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Hirooki Goto battles Naomichi Marafuji.

Ryogoku Kokugikan(Sumo Hall)
Tokyo, Japan

Singles Match
Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs SANADA[Los Ingobernables de Japon]

Sanada is forced to have a second tie up because Tenzan forces him back to the ropes, Tenzan does the same again but misses the chop by the rope. Sanada tries a shoulder block and both men meet wit Tenzan taking down Sanada. Tenzan then starts with the Mongolian Chops dropping Sanada to the outside. Tenzan goes out to get him but Sanada runs back in the ring and attacks Tenzan on the ropes. Sanada sends Tenzan off the steel barrier then follows up with a gut shot with a baseball bat. Tenzan gets back in the ring but Sanada puts the boots to him then both men rise to their feet striking each other with Tenzan wins. Tenzan chops Sanada in the corner then follows a brain buster for a two count, both men then trade elbows following this again with Tenzan dropping Sanada for a two count. Sanada blocks the side slam from Tenzan then comes back with a spring board drop kick for a two count. Sanada hits a belly to back slam for a two count then teases the Dragon sleeper which Tenzan gets away from but Sanada then scores with the TKO Neck breaker for a two count. Sanada hits the back breaker but misses the moon sault as Tenzan gets away but then Sanada scores with a german suplex for a two count, Tenzan counters with a pile driver for a two count. Tenzan slams Sanada then goes up but misses the moon sault, Sanada hits a drop kick but Tenzan scores with head buts. Tenzan scores with the lariat off the ropes then another big lariat but Sanada kicks out at two, Tenzan then goes for the Anaconda Vice which Sanada gets out of just barely. Tenzan picks up Sanada but Sanada quickly counters into the Dragon Sleeper, Tenzan gets his leg on the rope thanks to Kojima on the outside. Sanada then hits another backbreaker followed by another Moonsault but Tenzan kicks out at two. Sanada then slaps on the dragon sleeper and Tenzan is down in the middle and cant get away as he is forced to tap out.

Your Winner: SANADA

Singles Match
Togi Makabe[G.B.H] vs Tomohiro Ishii[Chaos]

Both men charge right at each other locking up. Until a break is forced and both men start immediately trading blows to the head by the ropes. Makabe lays in and Ishii tries to get a shot in but cant, finally Ishii lays in a chop then combos his strikes but Makabe still retaliates. Both men continue just strike each other over and over again until both head meet and Makabe is down. Ishii gets Makabe in the corner starts blasting him with stiff chops to the throat of Makabe until he is down again. Makabe fights back from is knees but Ishii doesn’t let up but Makabe gets to his feet and scores with a shoulder block dropping Ishii. Makabe attacks Ishii in the corner then drops him with a lariat, Makabe then lays in with lariats in the corner. Makabe hits a brain buster for a two count then Makabe tries a power bomb but Ishii holds on to block. Ishii then powers out by flipping Makabe over his back, Makabe strikes Ishii again then they start trading shots again but Ishii is down. Makabe continues to blast away but Ishii backs Makabe into a corner then drops him with a lariat. Ishii then gets Makabe up on the top rope and scores with a top rope brain buster for a two count. Ishii misses the running lariat but hits a german suplex to Makabe, Makabe comes back with enziguiri dropping Ishii. Tomohiro gets up quickly and runs the ropes again but Makabe gets up as well and meets Ishii head on for a stalemate. Makabe then chops down Ishii by the ropes then both men trade double axe handles which Makabe wins dropping Ishii. Makabe hits a power bomb for a two count then hits lariats off the ropes dropping Ishii again. Ishii gets up and Makabe blast him with another lariat then picks him up and scores with a german suplex for a two count. Makabe picks up Ishii and puts him on the top ropes hitting the Spider German suplex but Makabe misses the knee drop afterwards. Both men trade lariats at the same time then head but each other several times which Ishii wins dropping Makabe. Ishii then runs and scores with a big lariat which Makabe powers out at one, Ishii hits the seated lariat then hits the vertical brain buster and Ishii gets the win over Togi Makabe.

Your Winner: Tomohiro Ishii

Singles Match
Naomichi Marafuji[Pro Wrestling Noah] vs Hirooki Goto[Chaos]

After the initial tie up Marafuji comes at Goto with kicks but Goto comes back with hip tosses and lariats Marafuji to the outside floor. Goto attacks Marafuji on the outside but Naomichi counters Goto sending him to the barricade then Marafuji smashes Goto’s face off the top of the rail. Marafuji goes to the rear chin lock to Goto, Goto gets the bottom foot on the ropes then Marafuji lights up Goto with chops. Goto comes back with chops of his own but Marafuji drops Goto with a viscous chop shortly after. Marafuji goes back to the chin lock and again Goto gets away using the bottom rope. Marafuji again lights up Goto’s chest with chops, Goto has to drop to his knees to recover. Marafuji keeps up the attack with kicks by the ropes but Goto fires back with chops backing up Marafuji but Naomichi unleashes another hellacious chop and Goto is stopped in his tracks. Marafuji chops Goto again and he tries a brain buster but Goto counters with one of his own but Naomichi counters again but Goto scores with a big kick dropping Naomichi. Goto now goes on the attack hitting an enziguiri to Marafuji in the corner then hitting a big lariat to Marafuji in the corner followed by the diving elbow for a two count. Goto tries the GTS but Naomichi hits a drop kick sending Goto to the outside and Naomichi hits the suicide dive to Goto over the top rope. Naomichi hits chops on the outside then scores with a springboard drop kick off the ropes to Goto for a two count. Both men then trade shots and Goto seems to fade but wont fall and he comes back with elbows but Marafuji scores with a back kick, Goto then stuns Marafuji hitting the back of his head on his knee. Goto then misses a corner move and Marafuji hits the jumping knee in the corner, Marafuji hits the back kick twice more but Goto counters Marafuji with a head but. Goto then hits the big kick followed by the Ushigaroshi neck breaker for a two count. Goto then goes for the GTR but Marafuji again breaks away hitting the back kick for a third time then another knee lift but Goto kicks out at two. Goto then counters Marafuji with a sleeper hold then modifies that into the Dragon Sleeper hold then into the GTR for the win.

Your Winner: Hirooki Goto

A-Block Final
Singles Match
Kazuchika Okada©[Chaos] vs Hiroshi Tanahashi
[Rematch from Wrestle Kingdom 10]

The match starts with both men locking up and switching holds in the process and break is forced. After another tie up is broken on the ropes Okada backs up but Tanahashi grabs Okada and puts him on the ropes and Okada fires back. Both men now begin to battle trading elbows then Okada hits the reverse neck breaker followed by the elbow drop from the corner. Okada does the Rainmaker pose and when he tries the move Tanahashi rolls up Okada for a two count. Tanahashi rolls to the outside and Okada follows him, Okada throws him back in the ring to the crowds applause. Okada hits a front slam followed by a senton for a one count then Okada locks the legs of Tanahashi and turns that into a surf board submission which Tanahashi has to kick out of at two. Tanahashi tries to fight away with right hands but Okada sends him off the ropes and Tanahashi tries a dragon screw but Okada counters then Tanahashi counters with a shot to Okada’s knees. Tanahashi works that knee with kicks and strikes and Okada now seems hurt, Tanahashi slaps on a leg lock to that same leg. Tanahashi elbows the injured knee then stretches the knee again mid ring and Okada has to fight out with chops to Tanahashi. Okada gets to the bottom rope and Tanahashi gets caught with a few right hands but Tanahashi attacks the injured knee of Okada in the corner. Okada then counters Tanahashi with a back body drop out of the corner then hits lariats dropping Tanahashi. Okada sends Tanahashi to the corner then follows with a DDT then a running elbow from the corner for a two count. Okada then stretches out Tanahashi using the modified STF hold targeting the back of Tanahashi. Hiroshi blasts Okada in the corner with kicks but Okada sends Tanahashi to the corner and Hiroshi blast Okada with another elbow out of the corner. Both men are down and Tanahashi gets up first but Okada scores with a right hand then both men trade shots. Okada hits a boot, Tanahashi comes back with a strike combo then Okada counters Tanahashi in the corner then Okada hits the drop kick in the corner sending Tanahashi to the floor. Okada attacks Tanahashi on the outside slamming him off the barricade then following up with a big boot. Tanahashi grabs the boot of Okada then delivers a Dragon screw to Okada over the barricade. Tanahashi then runs back in the ring and up to the top rope, Okada stumbles on the outside then Tanahashi leaps and scores with the High Fly Flow body smash from the top. Okada seems to stumble more and cant get back in the so Tanahashi comes out to throw him back in but Okada hits the Tombstone Piledriver and now both men are down on the outside. Both men make it back inside and Okada goes up to the top rope but Tanahashi side steps the missile drop kick, Tanahashi then hits another dragon screw to Okada’s leg for god measure. Tanahashi then locks on the Texas Cloverleaf hold to Okada but Okada gets to the bottom rope. Tanahashi continues to damage the injured knee but when Tanahashi runs the ropes Okada counters with the Tombstone again but Tanahashi gets away and scores with the sling blade. Tanahashi tries the german suplex and scores but can only hold Okada for a two count. Tanahashi goes back up top but Okada comes back with a quick elbow stunning Tanahashi, Okada climbs up with Tanahashi but Tanahashi knocks him back down. Tanahashi then misses the High Fly Flow and Okada comes back with a drop kick off the ropes. Okada then tries the Rainmaker but Tanahashi counters with another sling blade. Tanya’s hi runs at Okada in the corner but Okada counters with elbows but Tanahashi holds on and catches the leg of Okada again countering with a dragon screw then another dragon screw on the apron to that same leg. Tanahashi goes back to the Texas Cloverleaf hold but Okada would get to the bottom rope. Tanahashi rises to his feet and kicks Okada then sends him off the ropes but Okada tries the Drop kick and Tanahashi just holds onto the ropes and as Okada fall, Tanahashi runs to the top rope once again. Tanahashi hits the High Fly Flow to the back of Okada then tries it again but Okada gets the knees up blocking the second attempt from Tanahashi. Okada then blocks a german suplex by grabbing the ropes then Okada tries the Tombstone, Tanahashi counters and he hits the Tombstone on Okada. Tanahashi hits another neck breaker then goes for another High Fly Flow but Okada counters mid air with a drop kick to Tanahashi. Okada then hits a german suplex to Tanahashi and holds on to hit The Rainmaker and he does after Tanahashi slaps him trying to counter. Okada then tries another Rainmaker but Tanahashi scores with a german suplex for a two count, Okada then hits the Tombstone Piledriver again but Tanahashi kicks out at two. Okada picks up Tanahashi and both men try The Rainmaker and counter each other but Tanahashi scores with a Sling Blade then hits the High Fly Flow from the top rope. Tanahashi again rushes to the top rope for another High Fly Flow and he scores but as red shoes count the pin we hear the bell sound, time has just expired as Tanahashi pins Okada. The crowd is completely stunned as this match has been ruled a draw.

Your Winner: No Winner, time limit draw

After the match is over we hear generic music in the background as Red Shoes and Gedo hover over Tanahashi & Okada as they are down on the mat. The crowd at this point has not budged one bit, both men rise up and the crowd applauds in appreciation for both men.

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