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What Happened @ 205 Live
Mohegan Sun Arena
Uncasville, CT.
Air Date: March 21, 2017

The feud between Cruiserweight Champion Neville and Austin Aries heats up as we move closer to their showdown at WrestleMania. We take a look back at last week when Aries wins the Fatal Five Way match then go to an interview with Neville who is facing Mustafa Ali tonight.

Neville took this match because he wants to punish Ali for standing up to him, a move Neville sees as disrespect. Neville annihilates anyone that disrespects him. He expects Aries to not pay attention to what will be happening but he will be forced to call him “King” after he wins.

The show opens and we see Tom Phillips and Corey Graves behind a shattered announce desk. Mauro Ranallo is out sick tonight. They hype the main event and Aries’ WrestleMania address. TJ Perkins makes his entrance. Tony Nese comes out and we get ready for the first match.

Match 1: Tony Nese vs. TJ Perkins

Nese tries to use power while Perkins tries to gain the advantage with speed and high-risk offense. Nese counters a crucifix into a gut buster then follows with a body scissors. Perkins powers out of the body scissors only to get hammered by Nese with a running lariat. They go into a long stretch in a rear chin lock.

Perkins gets back in the match after Nese telegraphs a backdrop and Perkins scores with a kick followed by a jumping neck breaker. Perkins tries to put him away with a wheelbarrow DDT. Nese rolls to the floor to break momentum and catches TJ across the ropes trying to drag him inside. Nese goes to the top and hits a moonsault for a two count.

Nese tries to hit the German suplex in the corner to set up the running knee but Perkins blocks the move and tries to follow up on the top rope but Nese knocks him off into the corner. Nese goes for the running knee but Perkins blocks it by picking up Nese to set him up for the detonation kick but Nese smartly grabs the ropes.

Nese finishes the bout by blocking another detonation kick and catching Perkins with the German in the corner followed by a running knee for the win.

Winner: Tony Nese.

Drew Gulak is backstage and is interviewed about his comment from last week that 205 Live needs to change. He believes that the competitors take too many chances and blames the WWE Universe for cheering reckless behavior. Graves and Phillips hype Talking Smack after 205 Live as the show heads to break.

We come back to see Akira Tozawa make his entrance. There was a flashback video from last night’s Raw where Bryan Kendrick had Tozawa’s passport. His opponent is already in the ring.

Match 2: Akira Tozawa vs. Alex Reynolds

Short and sweet, a very upset Akira Tozawa hits a German into the three count.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

After the match, a fired up Tozawa called Kendrick to the ring for a fight. When he didn’t show, he decided to go look for him. Tozawa gets blindsided by a security guy who turned out to be Kendrick. Kendrick laid out Tozawa at ringside with Sliced Bread No. 2. Kendrick mentioned lesson eight: appearances can be deceiving.

Jack Gallagher and Rich Swann were in the locker room. It looked like Swann was getting tips on how to dress like a gentleman when Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari interrupted them. Dar was holding a gift box that contained a ladies nightgown. Dar looked at Swann and says this will be the last gift that Dar gives his girlfriend. Dar makes a challenge for next week which Swann accepts. The show goes to break.

We come back as Austin Aries makes his way to the ring. He said the interview segment with Neville didn’t go too well last time so tonight, he is going to interview himself about Neville. He answered a couple of questions before Neville comes out to the stage. Neville believes Aries has run his mouth too much. Aries disagrees and tells Neville that if he didn’t like that, he will really hate that he is on commentary for his match.

Mustafa Ali makes his entrance and we are ready to go.

Match 3: NXT Champion, Neville vs. Mustafa Ali in a non-title bout.

Neville invites Ali to leave but he refuses. Neville has the decided power advantage in this match while Ali tried to counter with speed and got dropped on his face. Neville looks to Aries at the commentary desk to gloat. Ali takes the opportunity to try to catch a distracted Neville but he fires right back.

Ali was able to string together some moves to get Neville out to the floor. Ali flies on him with a flying cross body. As the action gets back to the ring, Ali fires up and hits a neckbreaker as he starts to string together some offense. Neville fires back and takes Ali to the top rope. Ali reverses Neville’s attempted move into a standing Spanish Fly for a near-fall.

Ali was able to keep the pressure on with a beautiful spike DDT for another near-fall. Neville recovers with a nice German suplex from the top rope with for a near fall of his own. Neville sets up the finish by swinging Ali into the ring post then dragging him in front of the announce table so Aries gets a good look. Neville takes Ali back inside the ring and locks in the Rings of Saturn for the tap-out victory.

Winner: Neville

After the bout, Neville slides to the floor and he and Aries jaw back and forth. The show closes as Neville gets back in the ring to stand on Ali. Neville and Aries continue to banter back and forth before the show fades to black for this week.

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