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Mania-Fever is running hotter than a Vegas summer street. Raw was in for a major change or two.

We began, as usual, with a flashback to the closing segment of last week’s Raw. Mick Foley fired Stephanie and then got into a scrap with Triple H, which brought out Seth Rollins.

Moving on to this week, Foley’s music went off and the Hardcore Legend hobbled down to the ring. Mick had a prepared statement to share. He admitted to being a humbled man. Mick thanked HHH and Stephanie for the past 9 months. He knew that he put that position in danger when he did what he did, last wekk. He apologized to the Power Couple for applying the Mandible Claw to HHH. He then told everyone that he was going to take a Leave of Absence.

Mick tried to go “off script” but his microphone was killed. Stephanie then sauntered out to join Mick. Stephanie said she gave Mick index cards to read from because Foley always screws things up. She told him this was going to be his farewell address but he couldn’t even do that right. She knew Mick only cared about being liked and couldn’t care less about what is “Best for Business”. She then looked at Mick and said there was something she has been wanting to say for quite some time…YOU ARE FIRED!

Sami Zayn came out and told Stephanie she was wrong for doing this. Stephanie told Sami to help this broken down wreck to the back. Mick went towards the back but Sami got in the ring. He read her the riot act about how she was treating everyone. Stephanie told Sami that he was not at a level to talk to her, let alone criticize her. Sami knew what he was doing might not be the Smart Thing but it was the Right Thing. He was not going anywhere until…

Enter Samoa Joe. Stephanie put Sam vs Joe, next. To take us to commercial, Sami hit a nifty little plancha to Joe, on the floor.

Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe

The Finish:

Sami put up a good offense but he was so outmatched. Sami finally stunned Joe with the Pass Through Tornado DDT. Sami put Joe back in the ring and got ready to nail the Helluva Kick. Joe knew it was coming and countered it into the Kokina Clutch. Sami tried to get to the ropes but just couldn’t get there. Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Samoa Joe
Raw Score: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Next up, Raw profiled the feud between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. They will fight in the Main Event.

Sami and Mick have a heartfelt talk, backstage. While Mick did appreciate what Sami tried to do, it was a dumb move. Sami begged Mick to stay to stand up against Stephanie and her maniacal reign. Mick asked Sami to lead the others to stand up for themselves. Mick then made the Final Walk and into the History Books. Before his disappearance, Mick chatted with the Cruiserweights and a few others. He ran into HHH, who mocked him by telling him to “Have a Nice Day”. Mick then made his exit.

It was then time to focus on Seth Rollins. Seth reinjured his knee, last week, but it was lessened by the fact that Seth was wearing his knee brace. Seth was shown working out to make himself much stronger. There is no way that any doctor will clear Seth to compete at Mania, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be there to exact revenge on Triple H.

Charlotte Flair vs Dana Brooke

The Finish:

Dana put up a good fight. She almost pinned Charlotte after a Double Leg. An Irish Whip sent Dana to the corner. Dana got the boots up. The momentary stunning of Charlotte just wasn’t enough. Charlotte unloaded with her Big Boot o’ Doom and it was all said and done.

Your Winner: Charlotte Flair
Raw Score: 2.0

Stephanie ran into an upset Bayley, backstage. Stephanie taunted the Women’s Champ by asking if she needed a hug. Bayley wanted nothing like that from Stephanie. Bayley admitted she grew up admiring Stephanie as a Strong Woman. Over the past 7 months, Bayley has seen the real Stephanie, a person that only wants to hurt others. Stephane decided to show Bayley just how she CAN hurt people. She put Bayley in a match against Nia Jax. If Nia wins, she will be put in the Women’s title match at Mania.

The Highlight Reel:

Chris Jericho wanted to interview the “Real Kevin Owens”. Chris didn’t need Owens’ friendship because he has tons of friends, right here, in Brooklyn, New York. (Yep, even though he is gone, the Foley Pop lives on). Chris made fun of Kevin by showing the 16-year old Owens sporting a “Y2J” shirt. Jericho figured Kevin must be a big fan of his. Chris relayed that Kevin actually reached out to Jericho, for advice, when Kevin joined the WWE in 2014. Chris wants the same Kevin Owens that he saw at Fastlane: a nervous, scared Owens. Chris looked dead into the camera and told everyone that he and Kevin could never be true friends, as that would imply that they were equals. Jericho is and will always be so far above Owens. In less than 2 weeks, the world will learn that when Jericho’s music hits and he is announced as the winner of the battle between himself and Kevin Owens.

Samoa Joe came out to distract Jericho. That allowed Owens to jump Chris, from behind. Joe never got in the ring and just strolled to the back. The two, in the ring, slugged it out. Owens nailed the Pop Up Powerbomb and then tore up Jericho’s List. Whatever.

We see highlights of the fight between Roman and Braun, from a few weeks back. That sent us to break.

T.J. Perkins vs “The” Brian Kendrick

The Finish:

The two had been on the floor but Perkins put Brian back in the ring. TJP went to the penthouse and then flew off with a Crossbody that almost ended this one. Brian blocked the Detonation Kick by using Perkins’ hair. He also used the hair to pull TJP into Sliced Bread #2. Done deal.

Your Winner: “The” Brian Kendrick
Raw Score: 1.75 (Just too short a match for a higher score)

After the match, Brian cut a promo on Akira Tozawa. He showed off Akira’s Passport, which he found lying around the locker room. Supposedly, Akira can’t get back in the country without it. Brian joked that Akira should have been careful about wht he left lying around. Jeez.

After a quick video rewind of Shawn Michaels’ appearance on Raw, last week, Roman Reigns was interviewed. Roman said he was totally focused on Braun Strowman, tonight. In 2 weeks, he will be at his most focused when he destroys The Undertaker! Bold Words. Only one person has been able to back that up, so far. We will see…

To push Mania, even more, we get a video package about Goldberg, his Universal Title and the pending war with Brock Lesnar. I can’t imagine them letting Goldberg dominate Brock, again. His loss back at Survivor Series hurt Brock’s cred and a dominant defeat at Mania could do damage that Brock just might NOT be able to come back from.

Stephanie approached Sheamus and Cesaro and said they would NOT just be given a title shot at Mania. She forced them to “earn” it by facing 4 men, later tonight.

Bayley vs Nia Jax
If Jax wins, she becomes part of a Fatal Four Way for the Raw Women’s Title at Mania.

The Finish:

Bayley showed why she is a good fit as Women’s champ as she rocked Nia to her core. She caught Nia with the Corkscrew Back Elbow and a Clothesline that brought her a near fall. Bayley booted Nia and went up top. Nia yanked Bayley off the turnbuckles. Nia finished off Bayley with a hard Samoan Drop.

Your Winner: Nia Jax
Raw Score: 3.0

Charlotte and Sasha are shown backstage. They both look upset that Nia is now a part of the title picture.

Michael Cole is up in the ring to talk with Triple H. Cole did a quick recap of what got us to where we are now and then invited The Game to join him. Hunter immediately corrected Cole by saying Seth’s injury was Seth’s fault, not HHH’s. Seth’s big mistake, according to HHH, was when Seth stopped listening to Hunter and tuned in to the fans. HHH knew the pull of the fans’ was an addictive thing but it is dangerous…as Seth now knows. HHH compared Seth to Mick Foley and warned Seth that he might end up broken and such like Foley now is.

HHH thought Seth was the future of wrestling but he knows now that he was mistaken. HHH drew Seth the roadmap to success but Seth wouldn’t follow the correct path. HHH officially stated that he was done with Seth Rollins.

HHH gave Michael Cole a couple of Comp Tickets to Mania for Seth but then took them back. (Can WE have them? Please!) HHH wondered if there was a way to still have the fight. Cole reminded HHH that Seth would not be cleared to compete. HHH offered a “Hold Harmless Contract”. If Seth signed it, they coulds still fight. HHH asked the crowd if they wanted it. Of course, they erupted at the idea. Trip gave Seth a week to think aout it. If he comes out, next week, it’s on. If he won’t sign it, Seth would prove he is a coward.

Sheamus and Cesaro vs Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
4-on-2 Handicap Tag Match. If Cesaro and Sheamus win, they will be put in the tag team battle at Mania.

Luke and Karl took out their partners, before the match. Not the most wise of ideas. Oh, well. On to the action, as it was…

Karl hit a Corner Boot. Cass got back up and pulled Luke off the apron. Brogue Kick by Sheamus. Hart Attack-like combo by EuroClass (Sheamus and Cesaro) to earn their spot.

Your Winners: Sheamus and Cesaro
Raw Score: 1.0

Enzo and Cass attacked the tag champs, after the match.

It was time to visit with New Day. They basically did a “New Day Talks” about the pending matches at Wrestlemania.

Austin Aries vs Tony Nese

The Finish:

Aries stunned Nese with a Gutbuster and STO. Pendulum Elbow and slam set up a Missile Dropkick. A Running Elbow was the set-up for the Roaring Elbow. Call it a day for Mr. Nese.

Your Winner: “A-Double” Austin Aries
Raw Score: 2.75

With all the concern over concussions, I guess WWE askd Aries to eliminate the Brainbuster as his signature move. Understandable.

Neville joined Aries in the ring, after the match. Aries didn’t have an interview set for this segment. Neville wasn’t out there to do an interview. People have warned Neville about Aries but Neville now knew that Aries is beneath him and no threat to “The King”. Neville considered Aries to be on a Downward Spiral and the defeat at Mania will be simple. Aries mentioned that words come out of Neville’s mouth but they don’t mean a thing. Aries accused Neville of living in a fantasy world. Aries knew he is way above Neville and Facade of The King will come to a bitter end, at Wrestlemania.

We have another look at the Brock Lesnar vs Bill Goldberg war.

From there, we went to an interview with Braun Strowman. Braun talked all big about how he was going to destroy Roman. He sent a message to Undertaker that he would need to bring a shovel to scrape up what is left for the match at Mania.

Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns

The Finish:

Roman used a Samoan Drop to almost take the win. They went to the floor. Drive By but Braun recovered and sent Roman into the ring steps. Braun broke the steps apart and put part of them in the ring. He lifted them to strike Roman. Reigns saw what was about to happen and hit the Superman Punch Roman got in position for the Spear…

The Gong of the Deadman sounded. The lights go out and went they come back on, Undertaker is in the middle of the ring. He surprised Braun with a Chokeslam. Strowman rolled out to the floor. SPEAR! Roman left the ring after hitting it. Suddenly, Undertaker did his Rise from the Dead thing and got to his feet. He stared daggers at Roman and did his traditional Throat Slice to bring this one to an end.

Peace and Love
–Jay and Lottie Shannon

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