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PRESS RELEASE – March 14 2017



On New Year’s Eve 2016, British wrestling returned to ITV for the first time in almost three decades.

A TV audience watched as modern-day British wrestlers followed in the footsteps of 80s legends Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.

The World of Sport revival was followed by the phenomenal WWE UK Championship Tournament and suddenly Britain was the talk of the pro wrestling world.

But 10 years ago things were very different.

Now a new book reveals how Britain’s new golden generation of grapplers battled towards a TV comeback during a turbulent decade of tragedy and triumph.

Ropes and Glory: The Emotional Rise of British Wrestling is the inside tale of a passionate group of men and women fighting to emerge from the underground into the global spotlight.

Written by wrestling personality, commentator, former promoter and journalist Greg Lambert, Ropes and Glory chronicles some of the key moments of this historic period in British wrestling.

The sequel to Greg’s smash hit book Holy Grail: The True Story of British Wrestling’s Revival, Ropes and Glory picks up the story in 2007 with British wrestling still in the doldrums, then follows the twists and turns of the next 10 years through Greg’s own eyes and experiences.

Ropes and Glory covers the creation of Greg’s own promotion the XWA, the comeback of the FWA, the rise of ‘The Ultimate Underdog’ Rockstar Spud, the influence of the North West scene, the success of NGW, GPW, FutureShock, WAW, All-Star, Southside, Alpha Omega Wrestling and many other UK promotions, the brave comeback of Adrian ‘Lionheart’ McCallum from a broken neck suffered in an infamous bout with AJ Styles, how TNA British Boot Camp shone the spotlight on UK stars, an inside look at Mark Dallas’ ICW and Steven Fludder’s Preston City Wrestling, the inspiring courage of the late, great ‘Shooting Star’ Kris Travis, the prodigal son Drew Galloway’s return to UK wrestling, how Revolution Pro and PROGRESS shot to prominence, the ups and downs of Dann Read and Pro-Wrestling:EVE, and the heartwarming story of Grado, the chubby wee chancer who became Scotland’s and indeed Britain’s most unlikely wrestling superstar.

With a foreword by Impact Wrestling’s Rockstar Spud and further contributions from a who’s who of UK wrestling names including ‘Bollywood Dream’ RJ Singh, Chris Renfrew, Rampage Brown, El Ligero, Alex Shane, Jack Jester, Nathan Cruz, Drew Galloway, Dave Rayne, Andy Quildan, Grado and many more, Ropes and Glory is the essential story for anyone who loves pro wrestling – and especially British wrestling.

So find out how UK wrestling rebounded from years on the ropes to achieve its greatest glory.

Buy Ropes and Glory:The Emotional Rise of British Wrestling.

Out now on Amazon Kindle, priced £5.49. http://amzn.to/2n6uhBb
Available in paperback from Lulu priced £15.99 plus p&p. http://bit.ly/2lKpPI2


Greg Lambert has been active on the British wrestling scene since 2002. He has worked as a manager, commentator, promoter or Master of Ceremonies for many of the top UK wrestling promotions. He is currently the commentator for PCW and 5 Star Wrestling, and storyline writer for PCW. Previously he was the founder and booker of XWA, head booker of the FWA and promotions he has appeared for include Southside, IPW:UK, NGW, RQW, GPW, FutureShock, LDN, WAW, PAID Promotions and Alpha Omega Wrestling.

He is also a fully qualified journalist who wrote for Power Slam magazine from 2002-2014 and has also written articles for Fighting Spirit Magazine.

His first book Holy Grail: The True Story of British Wrestling’s Revival was released in 2012.

Greg is available for interviews, book signings, appearances and Q&As relating to Ropes and Glory: The Emotional Rise of British Wrestling.

Review copies for media are available on request.

Contact Greg at greglambert72@me.com .



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