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Smackdown comes to us live from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and with all that went down last week this should be a good night. After the Styles/Orton match last week on Smackdown we saw AJ Styles go ballistic while walking through curtain backstage. Michael Hayes & Jesse James try to get in between the two but Styles is red hot while Shane seems to have a cooler head, one would think AJ Styles would have something to say tonight. The Miz & Maryse had a very interesting exchange with John Cena & Nikki Bella after they faced Carmella & James Ellsworth plus more from Baron Corbin & Dean Ambrose.

Daniel Bryan starts the show backstage and he says Miz Tv should be good tonight and he is interrupted by AJ Styles and he’s asking for Shane McMahon. Bryan says Shane isn’t here and AJ says he is tired of being screwed every week and he’s going to let the WWE Universe know what he thinks. AJ’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, the crowd chants for AJ then he says he’s tired of being messed with by Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan. He compares himself to a Circus monkey then brings up how John Cena came back and automatically got a title shot because Daniel Bryan is his brother in law. AJ says he never got a real rematch because he was part of the Elimination Chamber. He then brings up breathing Luke Harper after the Battle Royal but because Randy Orton burned down a building he gets to wrestle for the title at WrestleMania. AJ says he is the reason butts are in the seats and he is the reason everyone subscribes to the WWE Network. Styles says he doesn’t even have a match at WrestleMania, he says since Daniel Bryan cant compete then he will have a conversation with Shane McMahon about his career if he even has one.

Women’s Division
Singles Match
Natalya vs Becky Lynch

Both women lock up and Lynch scores with a drop kick then she proceeds to pound on Natalya but the ref breaks the action. Natalya counters on the break with a shot to the gut dropping Becky, as Becky fires back we see Natalya in the corner calling for timeout. Becky then slaps Natalya then tries a leg lock but Natalya gets to the bottom rope. Natalya goes to the outside to recuperates Smackdown goes to a commercial. Next we see Becky attacking with clotheslines then hitting the exploder suplex followed by locking Natalya into the Dis-Armher for the win.

Your Winner: Becky Lynch by Submission

After the match we see Becky Lynch get attacked from behind by Carmella in the ring as she gets her hand raised.

The camera’s are following AJ Styles backstage to see where he is going as he says he wants to find Shane McMahon.

Carmella is shown backstage with Ellsworth and she says that anyone can compete for the Smackdown Women’s Championship and she is one of them.

Next is another special edition of MizTv and The Miz introduces his guest as himself and his wife Maryse. Miz says they are the guest this week because of all the reactions they have gotten because they are exposing Nikki Bella & John Cena. Miz goes to a highlight clip from last Tuesdays Smackdown Live where they attacked Cena & Bella then Miz talks about Talking Smack where Miz trashes Cena. Miz says everything Cena says is crap and his rise to the top has been given him while Miz is the real one who has never given up. Miz says Nikki & Cena are the fake people and they manipulate everyone, Maryse then brings up a situation where she was supposed to be on Total Divas but because of Nikki Bella she was erased from the show. Maryse said that Nikki Bella promised her she would be back on the show because she dates John Cena and she is untouchable. Maryse also says that when Total Divas began she called Maryse to rub it in and Maryse says she was hurt because of this and now she will make her suffer. Maryse says she will expose her for being a backstabbing lying bitch. John Cena’s music hits and he comes out with Nikki at his side and the two dash into the ring with Miz & Maryse heading outside. Cena goes for the microphone but Nikki picks one up instead and she says to Cena that she wants to speak this time. Nikki says if she could block her job then why is she even here, Nikki also says they were never friends. Bella says she would never steal any money from her and tells Maryse to come into the ring so she can kick her ass. Miz says Nikki doesn’t get to make matches because shes not John Cena, Miz then says MizTv is over but then Daniel Bryan’s music hits. Daniel Bryan says all Miz has done tonight is run away just like he does all the time, Bryan says because he showed the clip from Talking Smack he wants to punch Miz in the face and because he didn’t deliver on his promise to give a good MizTv segment he should get punched in the face also. Bryan says he wants to punch Miz every time he imitates him in the ring and the fact that Miz takes advantage of him makes him want to do it even more. Bryan says he cant hit Miz but Cena & Bella can and Bryan then makes the match for WrestleMania, Miz & Maryse vs Cena & Nikki Bella.

AJ Styles is shown still looking for Shane McMahon backstage but to no avail.

Womens Division
Singles Match[Non-Title]
Mickie James vs Alexa Bliss©

Both women start off in a shoving match then a collar and elbow tie that reaches the ropes. Both women fall to the match still holding onto each other until the ref breaks the action, Bliss chokes James by the ropes but Mickie throws Bliss to the outside. Bliss swings James off the apron and onto the floor as Smackdown goes to a commercial. Bliss comes back with a chin lock but James counters with a single leg crab then Bliss gets to the bottom rope. James scores with two takedowns and a seated drop kick for a two count. James hits the fisherman’s suplex for a two count but Bliss counters slamming James and laying in with kicks. Bliss swings James to the other corner but James scores with a back elbow then a hurricanranna in the corner. After a pin attempt by Bliss we see Mickie countering Bliss for a rollup but James followed with a counter then Bliss stuns James with a right hand. Bliss goes for a big move but she somehow gets countered again by Mickie James and this time she hits the Mick kick and James gets the win over Bliss.

Your Winner: Mickie James

We go backstage again and we see AJ Styles in the parking garage pacing back and forth, Renee Young shows up to ask a question and AJ says he will get his thrill where he can get them. Right then we see Shane walk out of his car and AJ assaults him with right hands then throws Shane against the car doors. AJ then talks trash to Shane as he beats him up then Styles runs Shane’s head through the drivers side window shattering it completely. Styles leaves with Fit Finlay shows up to save Shane McMahon, we see Renee Young came back into the shot and she says Shane is bleeding. AJ still comes back for more blows to the head until he decides to leave, Shane is still on the ground being attended to as Smackdown goes to a commercial.

Shane is shown getting treatment with a clear gash on the side of his head as the EMT’s help him into the ambulance. AJ Styles is shown back in the locker room getting into a shouting match with Jimmy & Jay Uso and when he leaves he runs into Daniel Bryan who has security behind him. Bryan says he has lost all respect for Styles and just because he is great at what he does gives him no right to do what he did. AJ tells Bryan that its not like he will fire him and Bryan does just that. Daniel Bryan fires AJ Styles then tells security to get him out of the building.

Singles Match
Mojo Rawley vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler gets Mojo in the corner and taunts him but Mojo lifts up oops sending him back into the corner. Mojo then tosses Dolph high in the air and he comes crashing to the mat, Dolph leaves the ring to regroup. Dolph gets back in the ring and scores with a drop kick to Mojo for a two count then Dolph tries to trash talk Mojo. Rawley gets mad and throws Ziggler to the outside, Dolph takes his time getting back up to the apron but Dolph then just drops down getting himself counted out for the loss.

Your Winner: Mojo Rawley wins by count out

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and he wants to discuss his status & discuss his meeting with WWE Champion Bray Wyatt. Randy says you can learn a lot from a viper and he has been waiting like snake in the grass for his opportunity. He said he needed to hit Bray Wyatt where it hurt the most and that’s why he joined the Wyatt Family. He says he earned that trust and each time he did his fire burned deeper and deeper and sooner or later he knew he knew he would screw him. Randy said since he made his statement Bray is now alone and that’s what Bray is scared of the most but the job isnt done yet. Orton says at WrestleMania he swears he will take everything from Bray Wyatt. The lights then go out and we see Bray Wyatt on the big screen, Bray says Randy is right about him but he didn’t actually burn the spirit of Sister Abigail because her heart still beats in all of her apostles and they have given that power to Bray. Bray says he will consume all off Abigail’s wickedness and he will be born again in her ashes. Bray picks up the ashes of what seems to be Sister Abigail and he rubs it onto his arms, Bray then screams Follow the Buzzards.

Smackdown Live Main Event
Tag Team Match[Non-Title]
American Alpha© vs The Uso’s

Jimmy starts with Chad Gable and The Uso’s immediately go for the double team but Gable gets away then tags in Jason Jordan. Jordan takes down Jay uso mid ring then slaps on a head lock, as the match is going we see Shane McMahon backstage with Finlay & Jamie Noble and it seems they’re headed to the Hospital. Jay gets tagged back in and Gable comes to help Jordan and the Alpha’s hit stereo drop kicks to Jimmy & Jay knocking off the apron. Jordan gets attacked by Jimmy & Jay in the ring then both Uso’s attack Jordan on the outside. JBL then lets the audience know that Shane McMahon has said he does not want to go to the Hospital. Jimmy tags in Jay and he hits a top rope move for a two count then tags Jimmy back in. Jimmy scores with a rear chin lock to Jason Jordan mid ring and Jason tries to get the tag to Gable but Jimmy uses his strength braking him back down. We see Shane McMahon again backstage and he is refusing to leave the building a word is that he is on his way to the ring. Gables gets the hot tag and he hits German Suplexes to both Uso’s and another to Jay for a two count. Jay rolls up Gable for a two count then Jason Jordan gets the tag and he sets Jimmy up on his shoulders for a double team but Gable gets caught in the ropes and Jimmy blast Jordan with a super kick. Jay rolls up Jason Jordan and The Uso’s get the big win over the tag champs.

Your Winner: The Uso’s

Quickly after the match is over we see Shane walking back through the guerrilla position in the and he grabs a microphone. Shane walks to the top of the entrance ramp and says that AJ Styles doesn’t have an opponent for WrestleMania but he does now, right after Shane says this Smackdown Live goes off the air.

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