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Jermaine Royster reporting

On tonight’s episode of New Japan Pro Wrestling on AxsTv we get the first round of the 2016 G1 Climax Tournament. Tonight’s show has action from the A-Block which puts Hiroyoshi Tenzan battling Tommohiro Ishii as well as Hiroshi Tanahashi taking on the Sanada of Los Ingobernables in his re debut in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Also two more matches, Hirooki Goto battling Bad Luck Fale & IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada takes on Pro Wrestling Noah’s Naomichi Marafuji

July 18, 2016
Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center
Sapporo, Japan

Singles Match-1st Round
Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs Tomohiro Ishii[Chaos]

Ishii meets Tenzan mid ring for a tie up which is broken by the ropes but Ishii lets off a big chop then follows with fore arms. Tenzan comes of the ropes with a shoulder block then trades fore arms with Ishii again before landing several Mongolian Chops finally dropping Ishii to the crowds delight. Tenzan attacks Ishii in the corner with kicks to a downed Tomohiro but Ishii fights back to his feet then blasts Tenzan with a shoulder block from the corner. Ishii lets off more chops to Tenzan backing him up until he drops to the mat, Ishii then scoops up Tenzan by the neck and goes for the deadlift brain buster for a two count. Ishii kicks at Tenzan while he is on the mat trying to get up, Tenzan screams at Ishii asking for more then Tenzan starts to fire back with right hands then he takes out Ishii with a lariat. Tenzan goes back to the Mongolian Chops to Ishii backing him into the corner then Tenzan comes right back with a corner lariat dropping Ishii. Tenzan scores with another lariat then a brain buster of his own four a two count. Tenzan head buts Ishii to no avail then Ishii hits a Power slam to Tenzan then both men trade shots and lariats again in the ring but Ishii scores with more chops in the corner. Ishii scores with his chop & elbow combination followed by another Irish whip into the corner, Ishii scores with two big lariats then covers Tenzan for a two count. Ishii lefts Tenzan up on the top rope then follows him and Ishii tries a Super Brain Buster but Ishii counters and throws Ishii back down. Tenzan goes up top and comes down hitting the diving head but to Ishii for a two count. Tenzan then locks on a submission hold then transfers that move into a side slam for a two count. Tenzan goes back up top but Ishii counters Tenzan hitting a power bomb halting Tenzan’s momentum. Both men trade head buts and fore arms in the middle of the ring then Ishii goes off the ropes hitting the big lariat but Tenzan kicks out at two. Ishii follows up with his seated running lariat but Tenzan kicks out of that at two as well. The crowd is in amazement is both men are still trading head buts until Tenzan gets the better of Ishii. Tenzan picks up Ishii and drops him on his head for a two count again, Tenzan scores with Cozy lariat then goes to the top rope and scores with a moonsault onto Ishii and Tenzan gets the three count.

Your Winner: Hiroyoshi Tenzan

Singles Match-1st Round
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Sanada[Los Ingobernables de Japon]

Tanahashi does his signature pose getting the crowd into the action then both men jockey for position then tie up mid ring which Tanahashi goes behind then Sanada counters then Tanahashi goes to a wrist lock but Sanada counters and teases the Dragon Sleeper but Tanahashi gets away. Both men lock up again with Tanahashi winning again and holding onto a head lock even as Sanada tries to run the ropes. Tanahashi works the arm of Sanada then goes back to the head lock trying to wear down Sanada, Tanahashi escapes a pin attempt by Sanada but Hiroshi still has the head lock on Sanada. Sanada breaks away then scores with a kick then catches Tanahashi on the ropes and scores with a blow to the mid section dropping Tanahashi. The action spills outside and Tanahashi sends Sanada off the steel barricade but Sanada turns the tables locking Tanahashi’s arm in the barricade and stretches the arm of Tanahashi. Hiroshi makes it back in the ring before the 20 count and Sanada begins to work the left arm of Tanahashi stomping away at it in the ring. Sanada goes with an arm bar softening the weak arm of Tanahashi. Tanahashi breaks away and runs the ropes but Sanada does tow leap frogs then blast Tanahashi with a drop kick off the ropes. Sanada continues to work the same arm of Tanahashi on the mat stomping away at it. Sanada stretches out the left arm then continues to hit it with fore arm until Tanahashi does a combo then scores with a running fore arm off the ropes. Tanahashi scores with a body slam then goes mid rope and comes down with a senton for a two count. Tanahashi then tries to take out the leg of Sanada but he misses then hits the other leg of Sanada then follows up with a Dragon screw off the ropes. Sanada goes to the outside to get some wind but this causes Tanahashi to go up to the top rope and score with the High Fly Flow to Sanada on the outside. Tanahashi catches Sanada as he enters the ring and Tanahashi puts Sanada’s leg through the second rope and he hits three Dragon Screws then gets Sanada in the ring and slaps on the Texas Cloverleaf to that same injured leg. Tanahashi continues to attack that leg while in the corner but Sanada returns the favor with a few fore arms then a shot to the wrist of Tanahashi. Both men trade shots again in the ring but Tanahashi seems to be laying in stiffer shots but Sanada counters with a big swinging neck breaker then Sanada goes for the Dragon Sleeper but Tanahashi blocks but cant hold on and Sanada gets the hold on Tanahashi down on the mat. Tanahashi tries to fight and get to the bottom rope and he does with his feet. Sanada breaks the hold then hits a back breaker and follows that with a moonsault off the top rope, Sanada goes for Tanahashi but he catches Sanada with a right hand. Tanahashi tries a roll up but Sanada counters into the Dragon Sleeper which is blocked by Tanahashi and then he hits a Dragon Screw to Sanada. Tanahashi hits a sling blade next for a two count then picks up Sanada and tries the Dragon Suplex for a two count. Tanahashi goes up to the top rope and goes for the High Fly Flow but Sanada counters with a neck breaker then a back breaker followed by another moonsault but Tanahashi kicks out at two. Sanada see’s red and he scores with another moonsault then slaps on the Dragon Sleeper again to Tanahashi, Hiroshi tries to fight it off but once they both hit the mat Tanahashi is helpless and he taps out.

Your Winner: “Cold Skull” Sanada

Singles Match-1st Round
Hirooki Goto vs Bad Luck Fale[Bullet Club]

Goto starts with blasting the bigger Fale with shots to the mid section then trying shots off the ropes to Fale but to no avail. Goto gets up and goes back to the lock up with Fale and Bad luck forcesGoto to the mat face first then Goto counters with a hammer lock but Fale gets his leg on the bottom rope. Goto then goes for an arm bar but Fale gets to the ropes again then Goto attacks Fale in the corner. Goto tries to go to the top rope but then Fale lariats Goto off to the outside. Fale slams Goto off the steel barricade twice then tosses Goto back inside the ring. Fale steps on Goto’s back by the ropes then turns him on his back and steps on Goto again for a five count. Fale scores with a big body slam to Goto for a two count then blasts Fale with chops trying to break away but Fale whips Goto into the corner but Fale misses the splash. Goto throws Fale off the ropes and this time scores with a big lariat dropping the bigger Fale. Goto hits the reverse kick in the corner followed buy the falling droop kick off the top rope for a two count. Goto tries to lift up Fale up Bad Luck counters with a splash in the corner followed by another big splash but this time its off the ropes, he covers Goto but only gets a two count. Fale signals for his finisher and Fale hits the Thumb Thrust Power Bomb but Goto kicks out at two. Fale then picks up Goto but Hirooki counters with a head butt then a big kick to Fale’s chest, Goto tries the GTR but Fale powers out of the hold and Goto now jumps onto Fale with a sleeper hold. Fale drops to one knee seeming to fade away then Goto hits the GTR to Fale and Goto hold on for the win.

Your Winner: Hirooki Goto

Singles Match-1st Round
Naomichi Marafuji vs IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada

Okada and Marafuji both lock up very slowly with Okada going behind Marafuji then both men counter each other with arm bars but Okada scores with seated head lock. Okada scores with a shoulder block off the ropes then teases the RainMaker but Marafuji gets away then a stalemate. Both lock up again and Okada forces the action to the ropes then he slaps Marafuji on the chest, does the pose but Marafuji comes back and Okada counters with a neck breaker for a two count. Okada goes back to the rear chin lock but Marafuji forces a break, Okada then tries the drop kick on the top rope but Marafuji gets away targeting the arm of Okada. The action spills to the outside and Marafuji attacks Okada with an arm bar then a big chop, Marafuji locks Okada’s arm on the steel barricade and the referee comes out to force a break. Okada barley makes it back in the ring and Marafuji continues to work the right arm of Okada with an arm bar then Marafuji gets chopped by Okada then Marafuji chops right back. Both men then start to trade chops and fore arms but Marafuji’s chops to Okada are viscous and Okada slumps in the corner. Marafuji scores with a running elbow smash to Okada in the corner but Okada counters the next move with a back body drop off the ropes. Okada scores with three elbow smashes to Marafuji off the ropes and Okada lands another elbow to Marafuji in the corner. Okada hits a body slam then climbs up to the top rope but Marafuji gets up and scores with an elbow smash and Okada goes to the outside. Marafuji then leaps over the top rope and comes down onto Okada’s arm on the outside. Marafuji continues to injure the right arm of Okada slamming it on the apron then pinning the arm against the ring post. Naomichi stomps the right arm of Okada in the ring then slaps another arm bar onto Okada, Gedo slams the mat getting the crowd behind Okada. Marafuji blasts Okada with chops on the ropes but Okada counters with a FlapJack off the ropes. Both men get to their feet then trade fore arms and Marafuji just unloads withs chops to Okada so hard that he drops to his knees by the ropes. Okada screams he wants more and Marafuji again lands a big chop dropping Okada, Marafuji then counters Okada hitting a drop kick then a suicide dive to Okada on the outside. Marafuji then hits a leg drop to Okada from the top rope for a two count, Okada then counters and hits the Hanging Neck Breaker to Marafuji then Okada does the RainMaker Pose. Okada goes for the Rain Maker but Marafuji counters with two big kicks in the corner then Okada lifts Marafuji on the top rope and teases the Tombstone Pile Driver but Marafuji lets off three quick kicks. Okada then counters and hits the Awesome Drop Kick and again goes for the RainMaker but Marafuji counters with a high knee then scores with a big kick then another high knee dropping the champion. Marafuji lifts up Okada and he hits his finishing move the Pole Shift(Fisherman Suplex/PileDriver combination) and Okada cant kick out, Marafuji score the upset win in the first round.

Your Winner: Naomichi Marafuji

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